Google Engineer’s Home Project Is A Futuristic Device With Real Life Applications

Showing a proactive nature, Google engineer Max Braun has taken it upon himself to create a hi-tech futuristic device that also serves as a sleek and sophisticated mirror in his bathroom. Thinking ahead of his time and the existing products available in the market, Braun has devised a mirror which also serves as an interface for customised and relevant information, like weather updates and news notifications.

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Stunning Mediterranean Sculpture Pottery by Shayne Greco

American artist Shayne Greco creates stunning handmade ceramics, which pay homage to the beauty of the Mediterranean sea and its creatures. Earthy and rustic, each creation is a surreal example of the entity of each oceanic figure. Greco beautifully depicts the critters’ complete invasion of ceramic goods, including vases, plates, sinks, and candle holders, among others; as their tentacles, legs and alienesque exoskeletons seize the space.

Composed of clay, kiln, fire, fired, and stoneware, each sculpture is a functional decorative piece and homeware object. Placed on a ceramic white plate, each sea critter is given an antiquated look, which accentuates the sandy feel and texture of the beach and its natural color. Inspired by vintage majolica palsy style plates, each animal is a 3D representation and extension of each sculpture. Their character and life movements are impressively portrayed in a lifeless sculpture.

As his favorite muse, every inch of the octopus is sculpted beautifully. Known for their obscurity, and symmetrical beauty, Greco skillfully captures the complexity of the invertebrate’s fascinating tentacles and its suction cups.

A creature with a relatively short life expectancy, lasting for as little as six months, Greco immortalizes the beauty of the wild sea animal in a range of pottery work. A graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design, Greco insists in the liberty his high school art teachers allowed him to create. The surreal sensibility of his work is a development of his creativity. Although each piece may contain a 3D sensibility, its elegance stands. The shabby, but sophisticated appearance is a mindful reflection of the sea. You can find his collection in his Etsy shop

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Compartmentalized Sofa Turned Into An All Inclusive, Dog-Friendly Family Furniture With Modern Touches

Studio Deesawat has finally introduced a dog-friendly furniture with both functional and visual appeal as a modular sofa which can be compartmentalized according to the owner’s preferences. Deesawat is a leading furniture company that thrives on creating diverse furniture pieces with unique concepts.

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