anunpatchedglitchinthesystem submitted: My dash did this last week. I thought I’d share it with you.

This is AMEEEZING in so many ways, the most of which is that I am beyond delighted to share this screenshot with someone using Liz from PubLIZity as their icon, I used a similar one for a while and my personal blog’s icon is still Nick Kroll (with the lovely Jessica St. Clair) and everything is wonderful :)

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Pffft VMAs 2015 are for CHUMPS. I worked the VMAs WHEN THEY WERE RAD–IN 1995! Taylor Swift was “shaking off” paste-eating! And Miley Cyrus was also naked a lot, but mainly because she was an infant. Look at mah sweet hair drapes! Look at that barely post pubescent cheek sheen! And I rocked a bow tie BEFORE The Doctor! Dennis Miller hosted that year. I don’t know much but I know one thing–KIDS. LOVE. DENNIS. MILLER. (Was he on this year? Did Miley host after he turned it down?) Performers included Hole, REM, Live, White Zombie, Michael Jackson, Rod Goddamn Stewart, Green Day, Silverchair, Bon Jovi, Hootie & The Blowfish…AND FUCKIN’ ME. Suckit Kanye! #1900s #ImNotHootie #GetOffMyLawn (thanks to @liezlwashere for sending me this gold nugget) (at Radio City Music Hall)

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