May 3rd 1915: ‘In Flanders Fields’ written

On this day in 1915, Canadian Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae wrote the famous war poem ‘In Flanders Fields’. He wrote it sitting in an ambulance after presiding over the funeral of his friend who had died at the Second Battle of Ypres. Originally he was not happy with his poem, but once it was published it became very popular, and still is today considered one of the greatest poems of the First World War. Its references to red poppies growing over the graves of soldiers led to the use of the poppy as a symbol of remembrance for fallen soldiers.

“In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.”

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(Omg you reblogged the thing too!!) Edwin wiiith 5 or 20? ^^

EEP! Thank you, Jessica! <3 
I chose 20 because I actually thought it would fit really well with a scene from @pahndah​ and I’s Hunger Games AU. 

[This AU is just a compilation of drabbles and one-shots set anywhere in the Hunger Games timeline. So installments are posted out of order, for the most part. You don’t have to read them all to read one since a lot of them have direct context within the books’ canon. A lot of it is role reversal!]

This one is set sometime in the Catching Fire timeline, during the Quarter Quell.

I hope you enjoy :D

20. “You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”

“How much farther until we reach the edge of the arena?” Winry asks.

She walks toward the front, awkwardly gripping the hilt of a sword that looks unbalanced in her hand. Its black blade forms a wicked curve that Ed shudders to imagine Winry ever having to wield for attack.

“Not sure,” says Roy. His damp bangs stick to his forehead, either from the ocean water, sweat, or both. He exhaustedly combs his hair back. “But it feels like we’ve been moving for days.”

If not for the long sleeves of his wetsuit, Ed would likely be feeling the blistering heat at the joints where his metal limbs meet his skin. Even so, his leg grows stiffer the longer they trudge through the jungle. He’s desperate for a break, though he’ll never admit it out loud.

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Do you ever think about Killian and Emma’s sword-fight in Queen of Hearts? Do you ever think about how Killian Jones is a 300 year old pirate and a former lieutenant in the navy ? Do you ever think about how much experience he would have had in battle? Do you ever think about how Emma Swan literally picked up a sword like 4 days prior to that fight?

Do you ever think about the fact that Killian Jones completely and totally threw that fight (maybe cause he liked her, maybe cause he admired her dedication to returning to her son, maybe because he wanted, on some level, for her to trust him)?

Cause I sure as hell do.

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Imagine being the new lieutenant so you have to do the common work; get people's paper, clean up after your superiors, & get your superiors coffee. You're requested one day to get General Hux coffee, but you're all clumsy & flustered before getting his coffee running late. You get his coffee in the cafeteria, & run smack into a wall. You're about to scold the storm trooper, but all you see is a black chest. You ran into General Hux. What do you think General Hux would do to punish the reader? 😉

Your face pales when you recognize his scent–something you’re embarrassed to remember. You raise your head to his menacing scowl and you feel yourself die inside.

Hux snatches the cup from your hands before it spills on her perfect uniform and snarls down his nose at you, “If you’re finished milling around I suggest you get back to work.”

Yes, yes I can.

So here it goes.

Earthlands are the planets that are habitable and it’s various Ships that are in charge of transporting animals to other planets that are lightyears away, but, thankfully, technology has developed since then and it only takes a few days to travel to a planet 50 lightyears away. There are Captains of those ships, such as Captain Oogway, the one who made everything possible. And he has five disciples to choose from. Lieutenant Tigress, who has been on the ship with her father since she was ten. Lieutenant Monkey, who Oogway had found on a messed up planet. Lieutenant Viper, daughter of a previous captain. Lieutenant Crane, someone no one thought would ever make it. And Lieutenant Mantis, who never let anything big get in his way.

And then there’s Po. The chef’s son. Po has been on the ship for as long as he can remember with his dad, cooking for passengers and the captains and lieutenants. One time, when he was teenager, he caught a glimpse of what Lieutenant Tigress had done to save the ship from an uncharted blackhole. That’s when he realized he wanted to be a Lieutenant too.

One fateful day, Oogway decided that his captainship was up, so he would pick a new captain. He predicted that they would be the best captain that ever lived. Everyone thought he would pick Shifu, but Shifu had explained that the universe never intended for him to be the next captain, but to train the next captain. So, as Oogway’s finger pointed at the next captain, a clumsy panda fell from the second story of the ship right in front of Lieutenant Tigress. And this is sort of how it goes.

And after this, Shifu has to pair him up with Tigress, cause it takes two to handle a ship, there’s the captain and there’s the Second in Command. Shifu tries to make it confusing as possible so that the panda can quit. But it doesn’t work. And there’s this one adorable scene that I thought of that would be so cute. Like, there are these rare four times the size of bluewhales animals that look like sharks but act like dolphins that roam through space and Po wants to stop the ship to let them pass but Tigress is being stubborn about it.

“We can just go into hyperdrive,” she seethed as she started preparing to go. “The worst it’s gonna do it confuse a Laktar(that’s what I’m calling them at the moment) as to why it moved back a bit.”

“Tigress, no, there’s not enough time! We need to stop the ship!”

“Well figure out what you want to do and quick! We have thirty seconds before this plan doesn’t work anymore!”

“We’re stopping the ship!”

“Hyperdrive to start in 24 seconds,” said a feminine computer voice.

“Tigress, those creatures are very rare, and they cannot breathe in the gas that comes out of this ship. We need to stop!”

“Hyperdrive to start in 14 seconds.”

“They’ll be fine! I’ve done this before.”

Po didn’t really want to do this, he really didn’t. But those creatures were more important. “Tigress, I am your captain, you listen to me!” He said it. Oh, goodness he was a dead man.

Tigress froze. He was the captain. And whether or not she wanted to, she had to listen to him. It was the Lieutenant rule. He was the captain…And she was not. “Hyperdrive to start in 3 seconds. Hyperdrive ready to start.” Tigress left her hand hovering over the button. “Hyperdrive ready to start…Hyperdrive ready to start…Hyperdrive deactivated.” Tigress let her arm fall to her side as she took a step back from the controls.

Po took this as a chance to stop the ship and he did just before it even touched the laktar pass. He turned on the speaker. “Hello, Passengers.” He started nervously. He wasn’t really sure how to say what he needed to say. He wasn’t sure anyone wanted to stop their trip just for an animal that hadn’t equal intelligence.

Tigress pushed him out of the way and leaned in to the microphone. “Hello, Passengers, this is Lieutenant Tigress here to say that we will be having a short delay to let the laktars pass through. We will start moving again in two hours or when the laktars pass, whichever comes first. Enjoy the delay, we will be opening the window barriers so that you all may see them. Have a nice day.” She turned off the speaker and pressed the blue button, opening every window barrier. Before Po could even speak she exited the control room. After she leaves the room, she goes down to bottom passenger deck to get a good look at the laktars. She hadn’t seen any since she was twelve. They really were beautiful creatures.

After that moment she starts to respect him a bit. Shifu had taught her that the passengers destination was more important than anything and that it was very important that she got them there as soon as possible. He defied all that. And not a single animal complained.

Miles away, Tai-lung, one of Oogway’s disciples who had gone crazy and hell bent to control all of the Jade Ship, also Shifu’s son, had broken out of Galactic Prison 700 lightyears away. After hearing this, Shifu runs to Oogway, who had been resting in his room, wondering how they’re going to stop him this time and Oogway says they’re not but the new generation will. Shifu ponders on what that means and misses Oogways last breath. Oogway chose that Panda to be captain and he was going to be captain if it took him a hundred years to prepare that damn panda. Calculating in his mind, Shifu had only four weeks to train that panda. All passengers had to leave the ship first.

Tigress, not believing that he is ready, takes one of the largest cruisers and goes off to stop him herself, shortly followed by the rest of the Lieutenants

They all come back on auto pilot, all roughed up, at the same time Po is done training. Shifu decides that it’s time to show Po the Captain’s Manual, the thing Oogway based his whole life off of. Po opens it only to find that it’s blank. And Shifu is devastated. He decided that he would have to fight his son alone.

Po ends up talking to his dad, that finally showed him his recipe book. Which happened to also be blank. Turns out, to be a captain, whether it be for a ship or a kitchen, you make your own rules. And he was going to do just that. I imagine the scene where he goes and grabs Tigress a bit like this.

“It takes two to run a ship.”

“It takes a crew,” she corrected as the rest of the five came up behind her, totally ok with the plan.

So they use these outdated rocket ships that were made so long ago, like in 2012(this is litterally a thousand years later, so like, in the 3000’s) to get to the Jade Ship, just before Tai-lung can demolish it. And they do everything in their power to keep Tai-lung at bay.

Tai-lung knew it was 6 against one, but he didn’t care. He worked better alone. He never knew, though, that the one thing that Oogway always said would be his downfall. It takes a crew to run a ship.

And they defeat him.

Tigress finally turns to him and salutes him. “Captain,” she says, the others following suit. Then they all go check on Shifu(like they shouldve done in the first movie cause that’s all their master why would they not go check on him WTF!!?? But anyway) and then everything is fine and Po is now Captain.

Anyone is allowed to take this idea because I’m never writing this. Ever. I don’t really know much about space things like Star Wars and Star trek. Also, I’m literally working on five other stories, I don’t want to stress myself out too much. So, here’s your Au, Anon. Hope you enjoyed it.


【Director Nomura’s Introduction Corner 8】Presenting Kaminaga. Episode 5 “Robinson” will be broadcasted on AT-X, TOKYO MX, MBS, TV Aichi tonight. BS11 will broadcast tomorrow. #ジョーカー・ゲーム 

Kaminaga is bit of a mischievous playboy.

By smoking tobacco with his jacket over his shoulder, he puts up a cool front.  

Whether or not if he’s a contrary character, due to lieutenant colonel Yuki’s touch on the matter, he and Miyoshi showered harsh criticisms onto Sakuma. 

In this week’s ep 5 “Robinson”, Kaminaga will fall into a predicament.  


While performing in Sweden with her stepfather’s circus, Elvira Madigan met a Swedish nobleman and cavalry officer at the Royal Scanian Dragoon Regiment, Lieutenant Bengt Edvard Sixten Sparre af Rossvik. Sparre and Madigan fell in love, but their love was impossible since Sparre was from a different social class. He was also married and the father of two children, but his marriage had been unhappy, according to his father. After exchanging love letters for more than two years, they ran away together.

However, when no financial help was forthcoming from his family, they went out to the Nørreskov (“North forest”) on the Tåsinge and had a last meal, after which Sparre probably shot Madigan and himself with his service revolver on 19 July 1889 (the place is marked by a greyish pink granite stone at 55.00506°N 10.63377°E). Madigan was 21 years old and Sparre 34 years old.


Long way home.

Today, the body of Senior Lieutenant Alexander Prokhorenko carried from Moscow to small home - the village towns Tyulgansky District Orenburg region. The funeral will be held tomorrow.
He died, probably 17 March this year, the death was officially announced March 24th. The body is able to take away from the militants, apparently, only in the end of April, helped the Kurds.

Lost in Translation

Thought I’d just leave this little snippet of the next chapter of Lost in Translation right here for your perusing pleasure!

‘Fuck,’ Mia thought, why was he twisting the knife. Why couldn’t he just accept her apology and let her keep what little dignity she had left? Meeting his brown eyes with her sky blue ones, she countered, “What do you except me to say Lieutenant?”

“Just tell me the truth,” he said, still standing in front of her, “And why do you keep calling me Lieutenant?”  

Abruptly standing, she walked across the room and turned away from James, facing the wall and letting her long dark hair cascade forward, hiding her tears. She’d never be able to face him after this but if he wanted the horrible truth, she’d tell him. “Fine,” she whispered, just loud enough for him to hear her, “You want me to repeat it,” she swallowed her tears and continued, “I meant it, every word. I was attracted to you and I listened to someone else’s encouragement and I approached you.” With a sad laugh she said, “You made your feelings painfully clear on that score, to everyone in the room.”

James cringed at the reminder of his behavior but with her back to him Mia couldn’t see it. 

Wrapping her arms around her torso, 
she explained, “And I’m calling you Lieutenant because it is inappropriate to call someone under your command by their first name and I figured I’d been inappropriate enough for one night.

Tilting his head back and closing his eyes, James pinched the bridge of his nose. God, he was a pendejo! He’d inadvertently made a huge cluster fuck of the evening and hurt the one person in this galaxy he was coming to care about more than any other. How in the hell could he fix this?

*Hugs* Hope you enjoyed it!


【Director Nomura’s Introduction Corner 7】Presenting first lieutenant Sakuma   #ジョーカー・ゲーム

As Sakuma transferred to the D Agency as a soldier, we written him out to be militaristic and sincere.  

Due to his upbringing as a soldier, he has a habit of looking straight into his senior officer’s eyes whenever he talks to them.

As he had to grow out his hair before his temporary transfer, he was slightly bashful before the Hanabishi’s proprietress, who was an acquaintance in his army days.
Why Kate and Wills did not sign a pre-nup agreement

(another article from 2011)

Senior royal sources said no legally binding document was drawn up before the wedding to safeguard his wealth or ensure she is maintained in regal style if they split.

‘For him to refuse, it would have had to have been suggested to him by someone and it was not,’ said a well-placed source. ‘There is no prenuptial agreement in place for this wedding.’ 

William, 28, earns £37,170 a year as a flight lieutenant in the RAF.

But he was left £6.5million by his mother Princess Diana, which through investments is likely to have grown substantially since her death in 1997.

In addition, Prince Charles pays the costs of William’s household. Last year he spent £1.6million on personal expenses for himself, his wife and his sons.

And eight years before her death the Queen Mother reportedly placed two-thirds of her money in trusts for the benefit of her great-grandchildren. But the newly-titled Duchess of Cambridge has no income.

She quit her job at her parents’ online party supplies business in January to throw herself into planning the wedding. She had previously worked for retailer Jigsaw.

Without a prenup, it is left to lawyers to battle out a settlement if a couple divorce. The Duchess of York received £15,000 a year from Prince Andrew when their marriage ended after ten years in 1996.

But Princess Diana’s lawyers got her a £17million pay-off when she divorced Prince Charles.

After William and Kate’s engagement, Princess Diana’s former private secretary Patrick Jephson said: ‘If she was my sister, I’d tell her to get a good prenup.’ And he warned: ‘Kate’s not just going into a marriage, she’s going into a business.’


Feel this needs repeating -  ‘Kate’s not just going into a marriage, she’s going into a business.’

and still feel not having a prenup is a bad idea

Broysc in Drabble

A while back @brightephemera wondered about Force Persuade and whether there were lasting effects or maybe it was just whether dementia existed in the Star Wars universe, and I got a fantastic terrible idea of why Moff Broysc was so insane. Then it fermented in the back of my mind because knew I could never do as well as Flowers for Algernon.

But it’s Spring Cleaning, I need to make room for some other fermenting ideas, plus I thought the idea of telling the story in tiny snapshots might be better than longer form. 

So here it is:

“My Lord,” Lieutenant Broysc began, “with all due respect, the men will be slaughtered. May I suggest an alternative?”

The Sith waved her hand, “You will order your marines into the canyon.”

Broysc blinked. “I will order my marines into the canyon,” he repeated.

“You will fire!” intoned the crimson-cloaked figure.

Pressure built in Captain Broysc’s forehead like a spike forcing its way into his brain. He turned to weapons control, “Concentrate fire on the Republic hospital ship. Configure missiles to target and destroy all escape pods.”

Broysc read the log record. Did he give those orders? He did not remember giving the orders. He did not not remember giving the orders. He thumbprinted the record and handed it back to the ensign without comment.

“Broysc!” called the admiral, “Broysc! What did you mean by warping out? You left two transports behind without protection! We were routed!”

Broysc halted. The pain was back, the one in the center of his forehead. “They were destroyed, sir. No survivors.”

The admiral’s fists clenched. He said nothing.

“That’s him,” said the first.

“Broysc?” the second asked with a soft whistle, “you’d never know to look at him.”

“Doesn’t even need Sith around anymore,” the first whispered. After a pause she continued, “We can’t leave him in place.”

“Well we can’t very well get rid of him either,” the second hissed, “he’s too well connected. His medical record is clean.”

There was a longer pause before the first spoke again, “I have an idea, but you’re not going to like it.”

Captain Broysc met his new first officer at the airlock. He was a fine young officer. Cut a fine figure. Reminded Broysc of himself as a young man. “A pleasure, Lieutenant Quinn. Fleet speaks highly of you. I was fortunate to get you assigned here.”

“I shall do my best to exceed your expectations, Captain,” Quinn replied with a crisp salute.

“Excellent, excellent,” Broysc said. A fine man, very fine. Sure to be a fine officer. Reminded him of himself in his younger days. “What was your name again, Lieutenant?”

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I heard from Ulquiorra that you were um... /involved/ with Douchesuke. Can you tell us why he talks so damn much?

Involved? INVOLVED?!

We were NEVER involved in any type of relationship other than Captain and Lieutenant, @karinsuggestions!! I have no idea where @ulquiorraschiffersuggestions/
@ulquisuggestions heard that, but I can assure you it is completely false.

As for the reason he talks so much, I suppose @aizensamasuggestions just loves to hear himself speak. Considering he’s in his timeout chair, I doubt there are people just lining up to listen to him rabble about tea (or something equally as dull).