traumatized lieutenant is traumatized

Captain Phasma: Lieutenant Mitaka. Are you alright?

Mitaka: I just walked in on General Hux and Kylo Ren. They were…..they were…..

Phasma: *sigh* I can imagine……

Mitaka: The general was eating a muffin off Kylo Ren’s 8 pack. He’s actually shredded under those robes……

Phasma: Why can’t they do this stuff behind sliding doors?

Mitaka: I didn’t know that this sort of behavior existed!

Phasma: I will have a quiet ~ respectful ~ word to them. Get back to work, lieutenant.

BTW, what flavor was the muffin?

Mitaka: ?? I’m not sure. Blueberry I think.

Phasma: ………I’ll pop down to the canteen first.


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My 2 cents on the Discourse I keep seeing:

Garnet is already a relationship, but is also a person herself. She tells Jamie that because she is already technically a relationship, she is not interesting in being in one herself.
It is entirely possible that Garnet is aroace.

Garnet is also a relationship between two LESBIANS and is an embodiment of f/f love.
It is entirely possible that Garnet is a lesbian.

The only canon thing we have about her sexuality is that she’s not attracted to men and that’s pretty great in itself. Either way it’s good representation.

mryddinwilt asked:

CS Revolutionary War AU? Please?

  1. Emma disguises herself as a man and enlists in the Continental Army with her brother David, leaving Henry with Mary-Margaret. She’s hoping to make it through as much of the war as she can as “Aaron” and claim a land bounty at the end as his surviving wife Emma, which would allow her to support her son.
  2. Killian was a lieutenant under General Gage who became a double agent for the Sons of Liberty after Parliament rescinded Massachusetts’ right to self-government.
  3. They meet when Killian calls in a favor to try to find out what happened to his brother Liam during the Siege of Savannah and he is given permission to take Sgt. “Aaron” Swan south with him as a French Translator/Escort.
  4. Killian falls for her before he finds out she’s a woman. This does not trouble him in the slightest.
  5. They part ways after extracting Liam and getting him to safety, vowing to meet again in Trenton, New Jersey after the war if they both survive. They traded sporadic letters when they could, but lost all contact 6 months before the Battle of Yorktown.
  6. Emma was successful in her claim to “Aaron’s” land bounty and built a small farm outside of Trenton, where David set up his new law practice. She did not travel into town often, but made certain that Mary-Margaret kept an ear open for any news of either of the Jones Brothers.
  7. In reality, Killian had just stopped writing to Emma after he lost his left hand. He thought it would be better if she assumed he was dead. Liam called him an idiot and urged him to go to Trenton anyway.
  8. Liam was the one who finally wrote to Emma (c/o David’s law practice), explaining what had happened and asking her to meet them when he took Killian to Philadelphia to petition for the right to a military pension since he was wounded in service to the Continental Army.
  9. They finally meet again on July 14th, 1790 in Southwest Square in Philadelphia, and are married 3 weeks later in Trenton.

Send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it.

Nobody really asked for this, but I realized when answering last night’s ask about Poppy Shepard and her family that I apparently never posted a thing I wrote in which Poppy’s brother John visits her while she’s in custody.

It’s not particularly edited or anything, but I thought I’d stick it here just for fun. It’s about 800 words long, just a little vignette.



“Just Shepard,” she said, again. She’d lost count of how many times she’d told Lieutenant Vega she’d been stripped of her rank.

He shrugged his massive shoulders, again, and shot her a grin. “You have a visitor.”

“A visitor?” She turned toward the door, startled, and smoothed her hands nervously down the front of her uniform. She got taken out to talk to the defense commission and the investigative committee and a dozen other committees, but nobody had come to see her except Anderson, and she knew he wasn’t due back to Earth for at least a week. She had an inkling of who else might be permitted to see her, but she wasn’t quite sure who it would be—or what they’d think once they got here—

Vega straightened to at attention another man swaggered into the doorway, looking just like always: tall and rugged and perpetually stubbled. “At ease, Lieutenant.”

Shepard smiled, even while her eyes were growing wet. “Hey, Johnny.”

“Hey, Poppy.”

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Bunch of useless Han Solo headcanons

He has so useful though sometimes unexpected skills like:

  • sewing ( “Kid do you think that you can buy a vest with so many hidden pockets? No! And give me your robe, sleeve barely holding up the rest)
  • ball dancing ( “Your Worship I was Imperial Navy lieutenant, they tried make us typical ‘officers-gentlemen’. )
  • cooking even from scratch ( “If I came to dinner, I usually did breakfast too”)
  • illusion tricks ( “Once was a girl…”)

After battle of Endor willy-nilly he started to likes Ewoks (”Sith Chewie… As if I see bunch of baby wookies…”)

Truth be told, if they are intelligent furry warrior-like alien and have problem with Basic, sooner or later Han Solo will befriend with them.

Han and Lando was thing in past and they chill about it.

Han is panasexual but truth be told he hasn’t have sooo many relationship like everybody thinks (He likes to have sex with feelings, not necessarily love, but liking, respect or admiration)

Twins are in “his” category, he love them and he could do for them almost everything ( usually with his normal ‘grumpiness’)

Write the following: “Private missive, from Lieutenant Master-Sergeant Field Quartermaster Pores, to Fist Kindly. Warmest salutations and congratulations on your promotion, sir. As one might observe from your advancement and, indeed, mine, cream doth rise, etc. In as much as I am ever delighted in corresponding with you, discussing all manner of subjects in all possible idioms, alas, this subject is rather more official in nature. In short, we are faced with a crisis of the highest order. Accordingly, I humbly seek your advice and would suggest we arrange a most private meeting at the earliest convenience. Yours affectionately, Pores.” Got that, Himble?’
‘Yes sir’
'Please read it back to me.’
’“Pores to Kindly meet in secret when?”’
'Excellent, Dispatch at once, Himble”    

It both hurts me (in a good way) & makes me so proud about how much my lil’ pilot grew up to be exactly like his mom even though he only has memories of her up till he was eight. That he got her sass, her wit, her flying skills, her stubbornness, her admiration of General Organa, her relating to other people’s troubles and trying to spare them additional grief, and her being feeling guilty about leaving the fight - even if it was for a perfectly valid reason. Poe Dameron is Shara Bey personified in a new generation; he’s carrying her spirit and I couldn’t be more pleased. 

The following excerpts are from the Star Wars: Shattered Empire comics written by Greg Rucka.

Lieutenant Bey, what did you do to my A-wing?
Shara: It’s not what I did to it, Wiley. It’s what the Empire did to it. I keep telling them they lost, but they don’t seem to be getting the message?

L’ulo: I heard you flew assist for Rampant Squadron. 
Shara: Mhm? Yeah, the Beltire Liberation.
L: And three days flying part of the screen for fleet command.
S: L’ulo, we’re all working hard.
L: But not everyone is working as hard as you.

Shara: No, I just took a hit…losing starboard hydraulics, got two TIEs on me tight… Listen, Princess, I want you to do me a favor… I have a husband and a son… I don’t… I don’t want you to write that letter okay? … I don’t want you to have to do that…

Shara: You think that this is never going to end?
L’ulo: Ah, Shara, you can’t think that way. Otherwise we’re just fighting for the sake of the fight, right? I understand your husband put his paperwork in and that it’s been approved. I took the liberty of submitting yours.
S: You shouldn’t have done that, Captain.
L: Shara, you and Kes have done more than your fair share. It’s mustering out. It’s not desertion, besides, it’s already done, should be cleared within the week. It’s past time that you and your family got to live the lives you’ve been fighting for. Time for you to pick out a world to settle on, Lieutenant.
S: Yes, Sir.

Luke: Artoo overheard your conversation with Captain L’ulo… something about mustering out of the service?
Shara: I’m still trying to decide if that’s what I want.
L: Search your feelings.
S: I’ve got a son I’ve barely seen since he was born. A husband I get to see for an hour at a time every couple of weeks, if we’re lucky. I’m tired, and I feel guilty for even saying so… I feel like I’m abandoning the Rebellion.