lieutenant smith

i couldnt stop smiling when writing this its so fluffly

AU in which the group is taking a day off, and 10k is being needy and cuddly (AKA doc is high, murphy is moody, and theres mattresses involved)

requested by @stawmay12

“I vote we take a chill day.” Doc says, nodding his head.

“A chill day?” Warren asks, brows narrowing.

“We’ve been going nonstop for a while, Warren. Doc’s got a point. We all need to rest.” Addy says.

“It’s just one day, Warren. We could all use it.” Mack says. Warren sighs, and drops her bag to the ground. You’re outside a mattress store, and she nods her head.

“Fine. We head out tomorrow morning.” She says.

“Yes!” You exclaim, tugging 10k towards the door. There are a few Z’s inside (which are easily disposed of), and there are only a few mattresses that aren’t ruined, but it’s like Christmas and Halloween and your birthday rolled in together. Mack and 10k shove the remaining ones together by the back wall, making a giant square of comfort. Everyone climbs up, even Warren, though she’s last. Everyone passes around canned veggies and gets comfortable, something you havent done in ages.

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so i was thinkin bout the lieutenants

and i decided hmmm why not try to think up some headcanons

they’re all under the cut pshooooooom

jensen steals all the covers

palomo does too

smith is an insomniac and when he does sleep, he sleeps on his back, in a straight line, taking up as little space as possible

bitters sprawls out, taking up as much space as possible

jensen, the lil cutie that she is, is a panromantic demisexual

palomo is a rlly awkward bisexual 

smith is grey-aro & ace

bitters doesnt give a fuck what’s in your pants, they’ll have sex with you anyway

jensen sucks at stealth and ground fighting, but she’s a freaking amazing pilot (too bad they dont have any pelicans ;^;) and techie

palomo is just bad at everything but he’s still around bc he boosts morale

smith is good at everything

bitters is good at everything, too, they’re just too lazy to care

jensen & palomo suck at cooking

smith is, predictably, amazing at it

bitters just eats. nobody’s ever seen them cook.

jensen identifies as a demigirl.

palomo is a trans male.

smith is a cis male.

bitters just. does not give a single fuck. if asked, they likes they or he pronouns, but doesnt really care.

sorta kinda really shippy headcanons yay

no one shares bunks, since they’re on different teams, but they find ways into each other’s beds, regardless

jensen sneaks into smith’s room once a week, every wednesday, like clockwork, clutching the same light blue giraffe that she’d snuck into the camp on the first day of basic.

smith becomes something of a confidante for all three of them, his door always open to anyone who needs it (but especially these three because. well. when one became two, and two became three, and he could tell they would love to be four, they never, ever pushed it. and he’ll always love them like family for that.)

bitters ends up being the one to make the first move, on jensen, to absolutely no one’s surprise .

jensen makes the move on palomo, to everyone’s surprise.

jensen and palomo bond over shitty vintage 21st century romcoms.

bitters always “forgets” when their movie night is and just so happens to always be there.

palomo comes into smith’s room the night after the run in with locus at fuck-you am, purple splotches smeared under each eye, and smith takes one look at him and instantly tells him to “get your ass over here and under these shitty, thin blankets and tell me what happened”. they’re still awake at dawn, smith having rigged up a personal coffee maker in his room.

bitters loves sparring with smith because it’s one of the few times where they’re actually challenged (without getting their ass beat by that fucking goddamned merc prick

jensen likes to leave love notes for palomo on his door and stolen sandwiches from the mess for bitters.

after really tough days, the three of them will all pile into one of their rooms (usually bitters’s, they have the biggest bed and best window ventilation) and cuddle each other.

the night after the reds and blues leave, they all pile into smith’s room and cuddle him, too, because they’re all feeling more than a little left behind by the people who’re supposed to guide them (and the company isn’t quite so bad, if a little cramped).

palomo is very, very loud.

jensen and smith bond over their shared love of androids and robots and “omg, i totally want a robotic arm, wouldn’t that be so cool”

palomo likes to help jensen paint her nails . smith is really good at doing hair (he has three sisters). bitters is the master of winged eyeliner (if they can be assed to even do makeup).

~~~[this list is incomplete and will be added onto later when i think of more]~~~

this is way longer than i intended it to be whoops

AU in which you meet 10k and the group in the middle of S1 (this is pre Garnetts death) 

i wasnt given a lot of specifications so i just rolled with it i hope you like it

requested by @notdreamingnow

the word count 2.4k its so long im so sorry

You hear the truck pull up. You climb to your feet, grabbing your knife. Peeking through the front door, where you have 13 Z’s chained up, you see them get out of the large black SUV. One of them looks like a Z, but he’s talking to them, so he must be alive.

You back up, scooting behind one of the aisles, breathing slowly.

People usually walk away. With the dozens of Z bodies littered out front, and the 13 chained in front, most people are turned away. They don’t want to deal with it. A crushed box of cereal, which is the most they believe is in here, isnt worth the effort.

But these are different.

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