lieutenant jeff moreau

Flight Lieutenant Jeff ‘Joker’ Moreau: Hey, Commander, we got Garrus back! You know, he was always my favorite… with that pole up his ass…

Flight Lieutenant Jeff 'Joker’ Moreau: I’m glad Garrus finally worked that stick out of his ass… But now he’s trying to beat people to death with it.

—  Mass Effect 2

I have all these bits and pieces that have been sitting on my drive so I thought I’d give them an airing.  This one is Shoker, an early out-take from my larger work Out of Destruction.

First glance.

Commander Arelia Shepard stood on Alliance dock B65 and stared in absolute awe at the docked ship.  She’d been on ships before, even prototypes, but this … this was beautiful.

‘Pretty, isn’t she,’ a voice spoke beside her and she jumped.

‘The sexiest thing I’ve ever seen,’ she whispered reverently.

‘A woman after my own heart,’ the voice chuckled.

She turned and met the most brilliant green eyes, even hidden under his cap they sparkled with passion.  She struggled to breath and he seemed to notice if the smirk that graced his face was anything to go by.

‘Flight Lieutenant Jeff “Joker” Moreau,’ he held out a hand and that’s when she noticed the crutches.

‘Commander Arelia Shepard,’ she grinned at the wide eyed stare he gave her.  She couldn’t blame him for being surprised, she was in civvies.

‘Commander,’ he went to salute but she grabbed his hand and shook it.

‘I’m not in uniform lieutenant.’ She reminded him, ‘no need for formalities.  It’s nice to meet you and can I assume you’re the lucky bastard who gets to fly her.’  She glanced back at the ship and he laughed.

‘Yes, ma’am.’

They stood in silence for a moment absorbing the sleek, shiny frigate that was the Normandy SR-1.  Eventually Joker shuffled and moved and the spell was broken.  She watched him straighten and position his crutches before he grinned at her.

‘I guess I’ll see you on board,’ he nodded and she found herself grinning back.

‘Yes, you will,’ her eyes met his and he didn’t look away, in fact he held her gaze without flinching or without the hero worship she was so used to.

He nodded before breaking his gaze and moving away.  She found herself watching him go, amazed at how quick he moved considering he was on crutches.  She sighed as he disappeared into the airlock.  This was certainly going to be an interesting flight.  A sexy new ship and a pilot that wasn’t the least bit intimidated by her.  She picked up her duffel and walked onto the ship that she had no idea would become so much a part of her life.