lieutenant helga katrina sinclair


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What is your name?

“What’s it to you?”

What is your real name?

“…Lieutenant Helga Katrina Sinclair.”

Do you know why you were called that?

“No idea. Don’t particularly care.”

Are you single or taken? 

Widowed. Now fuck off.”

Have any abilities or powers?

“I’m a black belt in multiple disciplines. Does that count?”

What’s your eye color?

“Don’t have one.”

How about your hair color?

“No preference.”

Do you have any family members?

Seven of them. Parents and five younger brothers.”

Oh? What about pets?

“Impractical for my lifestyle.”

That’s cool, I guess. Now tell me about something you don’t like.

People who are nosy.”

Do you have any hobbies/activities you like to do?

”…I like reading and listening to music, but I haven’t much else.”

Ever hurt anyone before?

“Look me in the eyes and ask me that again.”

Ever… killed anyone before?

“… You’re a different breed of stupid, aren’t you?”

What kind of animal are you?

I’ve been likened to that purring white Persian cat that villains tend to own.”

Name some of your worst habits.

“Getting attatched to people.”

Do you look up to anyone at all?

"My father…”

Gay, straight, or bisexual?

That is none of your god damn business.”

Do you go to school?

“Homeschooled, but I spent multiple years in military academies, as well as training in the Philippines.”

Do you ever want to marry and have kids one day?

“I was married once… never managed kids. But I’m not holding my breath for anything else.”

Do you have any fanboys/fangirls?

“What the fuck are those?”

What are you most afraid of?

“Repeating my mistakes and being hurt for it.”

What do you usually wear?

“Whatever is practical, really.”

Do you love someone?

“Yes… ”

When was the last time you wet yourself?

“I was tiny kid. That’s all I know.”

What class are you?

“I don’t fucking know. I bounce between them with paychecks.”

How many friends do you have?

“Maybe a couple, but I try to avoid those relationships.”

What are your thoughts on pie?

“Pie? Cheese and pepperoni, lots of it. With a really good crust. ”

Favorite drink?

“Whiskey and coffee.”

What’s your favorite place? 

“Don’t have one.”

Would you rather swim in the lake or in the ocean?

“Ocean. It’s where I cut my teeth with the Navy, after all.”

What’s your type?

“I… don’t think so? Becuase it reall depends. I’ve liked nice guys, and then… oh God, have I liked some terrible people…”

Any fetishes?

“Why haven’t I shot you yet?”

Top or bottom? Dominant or submissive?