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Selling stickers 

  • Price: $2.00 each (this includes shipping for USA)
    • International: Add $1.00 to your total
  • 10 designs (so far more will be added when i have time….all star wars characters basically…suggestion?? Let me know.)
    • First row: Grand Admiral Thrawn, Director Krennic, Zeb/Kallus, Clan techie, Lieutenant Mitaka
    • Second row: Agent Kallus, Grand Moff Tarkin, Fox Techie, Agent Kallus Flower Crown, and General Veers
  • These are printed on photo paper and have an adhesive back
  • They are roughly 4inches in height (width varies by the design)
  • You can only pay through PayPal or Vemno

If you are interested please send me a message here or email me at

Just realised a HILARIOUS thing of my own CV today as I had to fill in some stupid papers, I’m actually goddamn lieutenant junior grade, Lieutenant Fox! almost went rofl mode. Just have the rank on paper though, never been to army a single day in my life ‘cause I’m a medical supply specialist in reserve, no one needs us unicorns on field unless we can be paramedic (which is totally not my case). Although had some tactical gibberish training at 1st year uni, the most tactical part was skipping that tactical training.
I fuckin forgot about it 'cause never was important.
Stil lolz, Lieutenant Fox.


Soon to start work on a original tittles BAD WOLF where the characters represent a certain animal and have both clothes and a name to go with said animal(One’s wolf, hence the name bad wolf)

getting on with it, here’s Wolf!Kylo and Fox!Hux to the right and Coyote!Caesar(My OC) and Ram!Mitaka in my BAD WOLF au now … apparently.

Feel free to ask more about it(I guess) as well as make art and such, just tag me please, I’d love to see anything.



  • Price: $8.00 (Purchase more than 1 and save)
    • (For example) 2 = $ 15.00,3 = $22.00, 4 = $29.00, 5 = $32.00
    • 6 + = An additional $6.00 per item 


  • Price: $6.00  (Purchase more than 1 and save)
    • For example: 2 = $11.00, 3 = $16.00, 4 = $21.00, 5 = $24.00
    • 6+ = An additional $5.00 per item


  • USA = $3.00 to your total
  • International = Please contact’s $13.50 but if you buy in bundle i can cut you a deal. (It’s not worth buying one item unless you want to…it’s your call.)

 You can choose either have a white background or black background for your pin or keychain! (Look at the Fox Hux and Clan Techie for example)

Only accept payments through PayPal 

 Custom keychains or pins (as in me drawing your character or other characters) please contact me as these items will be a different price. (Starting rate for pin is $15.00 and keychains is $20.00)

☆ If you are interested please send me a message here or email me at  (I will be creating an INVOICE through Paypal so it’s official and all. So please don’t send money until you received that INVOICE!)

The year is 20XX, a once fabled year that many players jested about, in which Fox is the only viable character, and all players are able to perform multishines in excess of 70. No one thought this day would come, but after Leffen gathered the 6 pieces of the holy hexagon for himself, he became an immortal man, and appointed himself ruler of the world. He became the sole dictator of the planet, and his first decree was that by law, everyone must play Fox, and anyone who disobeyed would be subjected to a swift jv.5 in the stadium, for the entire world to see.

Many players gave in to the dark side of Leffen’s rule, including the progenitor of 20XX himself, Hax$, who became Leffen’s fiercest Lieutenant. An army of Fox players, many top players from thousands of years ago, had defected to Leffen’s side just to survive. However, one player, a loose cannon named Mango, decided to rebel against the New World Order using a weapon that was forbidden to even think of in Leffen’s army.

One night, Mango escaped from the army barracks, and fled to the countryside to train in the arts of the Falco. He swore upon the grave of his fallen friend S2J: “Lmao someday I’ll be the FalcoMaster.”

Centuries after Mango went into hiding, a band of freedom fighters had formed, fed up with the oppression they were living in under Leffen’s rule. Their names were HungryBox, Wizzrobe, Armada, and PewPewU, with their leader being the eternal cyborg, Mew2King. None of these players were in support of the 20XX order, although one of their own, Armada, was tempted constantly by the dark side.

The band of freedom fighters were planning to make their assault on an upcoming major that Leffen and his army were about to claim. The tournament was called “AFox 20XX”, an event that had risen from the ashes of a fabled tournament in the ancient Smash community known as “Apex”. The tournament would be held in the ruins of a demolished parking garage, with Leffen’s pack of Foxes powering the CRTs and GameCubes being used for the event. It was here that the freedom fighters would take a stand.

For pools, the freedom fighters forced themselves to use Fox, enduring hand injuries but ultimately squeaking out into bracket. Notably, Armada performed exceptionally well, garnering perfect games in every set during his pools. His performance was almost frightening to his fellow freedom fighters. When it came time for bracket, Armada found himself facing Leffen’s feared Lieutenant, Hax$. The battle was horrifying to those watching the destruction. Women covered the eyes of their children, and even grown men turned their heads in fear. When the smoke cleared, Armada was victorious, but at a price. His soul was completely tainted by the influence of Fox. He turned on his fellow freedom fighters, swiftly jv.5 stocking the young PewPewU, ending his life. “There are no more hero kings, only Foxes…” growled Armada, eyes glowing red with rage.

The bracket continued on, and the situation looked more and more hopeless, as player after player was destroyed Leffen and his underlings. Despite the destruction, The remaining three freedom fighters had managed to make their way to top 8, with Leffen, Armada, Hax$, and Colbol taking the other seeds, but everyone had wondered who was in the 8th seed. Nevertheless, the bracket continued.

In Winners quarters, Armada was pitted against Leffen in a Fox ditto. The shines were swift, and the lasers were many, but Leffen just seemed invincible. After taking two straight games, Leffen stood up, raised his hands in the air, and commanded that everyone in the crowd bow to his might. Things were looking grim for the Swedish sniper. Knowing he could not defeat his superior, he forfeited the tournament, and ran off into the hills to find PPMD, where maybe he could meditate and find peace within himself.

The violence continued to roar through the ruins of what was now being called “The Strife Dome”, until winners finals was upon the few remaining players. Wizzrobe and HungryBox were both slaughtered by Leffen’s Lieutenants, but after a gruesome quarrel over who should be the victor in the match before, Leffend deemed both Hax$ and Colbol useless to his cause, and jv.5’d both of them at the same time. Everyone thought the immortal cyborg, Mew2King would be their only hope of deliverance from the terror of 20XX. As the two sat down and plugged in their controllers, a beam of light burst from the heavens, as a man wearing a blue tank top and a beard descended in an Arwing. He jumped out and removed his glasses.

“Lmao sorry I’m late to my match guys, am I DQ’d? Lol.”

Mew2King was astonished to see that the GOAT was still alive and well, but before he could ask him for assistance, Leffen attacked him, beginning the fight. Things were looking grim for the cyborg, as Leffen began landing perfect waveshines into up-smashes at every opportunity. After three games, Mew2King fell to the stage floor, barely functioning. Leffen stood up as the crowd reluctantly applauded for him. But while the applause began to slowly crescendo from the crowd, Mango plugged in his controller and challenged Leffen to battle. Moving the cursor over Falco, the audience gasped in shock while Leffen burst into maniacal laughter.

Then, it happened.

Mango burst into a frenzy, performing pillars that no mortal man had ever seen before, breaking Leffen’s shield everytime he pulled it up with perfect multishines, and ending Leffen’s final stock swiftly with a double down-air, with a loud shout from D1:

“This could be it! THIS IS IT!”

The crowd erupted with cries of victory, as the GOAT had returned once again to save them from their oppressive dictator. In the aftermath, Leffen looked at his hands, and saw them whither away like dust in the wind, followed by the rest of his body. His controller materialized into the aether, and the magnitude of the battle was enough to resurrect every fallen smasher that had been massacred during the tournament. Taking his trophy, Mango handed it to the reconstructed Mew2King and uttered the last words that man would ever hear from him before he retreated back into the mountains.

“Lmao, Leffen sucks.”

Thus, the new era dawned, an era known as 20XY.