lieutenant commander worf

Worf on a Bicycle

Had a dream about Worf basically being a stubborn ass. Realism! The set-up was some kind of away mission or perhaps a diplomatic trip. Rather than being in a stuffy building, he was out in a huge marshy field, marsh grass and water as far as the eye can see. Sort of hilly but watery everywhere. And he and this local alien are on bicycles. Big, fat-tired mountain bike type things.

The alien guy is plowing ahead on his bike, through the water, seemingly effortlessly, and Worf is behind him pushing as hard as he can but seriously, how are you supposed to bike through a foot of water mixed with grass? But like Worf is going to say anything.

As he falls behind, his host asks if he’s OK and Worf says he’s fine, he’s fine… until finally he has a cramp or hits a rock or something and stop. The other guy comes back and looks him over, watches him get back on and then says “Ah, I see your mistake!” Then demonstrates that first of all, there’s a little button you switch before you ride, not a motor, but a sensor, and second, there’s a whole method of riding that allows you to zip through the water. You use the grips on the handlebars a certain way, lean a certain way. It’s not about brute force pedaling at all. Worf is like, “I thought this was a bicycle.” The other guys says it is only superficially a bicycle.

From this point on, Worf has a new understanding. He gets on the bike and once he masters the controls, he tears off at about 100 miles an hour, master of the water bike.