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I never liked that one elevator banter with Wrex with Kaidan/Ashley about fighting Shepard, because they say the same damn thing and Wrex “wins” that conversation, to foretell the Citadel coup in ME3.

Maybe Kaidan would say he’d never fight Shepard, but Ashley should’ve said something like, “Well Shepard is my commanding officer, but I’m better with a rifle and I’ve got a mean uppercut, I think I could take them in a pinch,” and it takes Wrex way less time to like and respect her than it does Shepard.

It’s bad enough seeing the same shitty opinions on Ash, it’s also frustrating that she shares a name with another fictional character, an athlete, an actor…and I think a fashion model, too.

Like I get that her name is a reference to the Evil Dead character, but…why? It doesn’t seem to have any impact besides the one “boomstick” line.

I wish they had named her something else, if not just to make searching for her easier.

If I could somehow change her name, I think she’d make a good Camilla. It fits with her faith and sense of duty, and it’s not terribly common.

And for last name, I think Vasquez would have been a much more appropriate reference, since it’s to another woman soldier and in another sci-fi series.

So…I guess if you ever pick up a novel years from now and see a Camilla Vasquez and think “hey this character reminds me of Ashley Williams from Mass Effect”, you’ll know…

“Bastian (Shepard)’s usually unmoved by Christmas, but Ashley’s glee when the holiday lights start coming out is infectious. She tugs him over to a mobbed eggnog vendor and pulls a flask from her jacket, spiking their drinks with brandy. When he kisses her she tastes like heat and nutmeg, and he thinks the holiday’s not so bad after all.”

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ashley williams + home decorating

Ashley never cared for it, never saw the appeal or the reason. Just one of those boring, silly, girly things that didn’t matter to her. Mom and Sarah did all that stuff; even for her own bedrooms, they’d have to force choices out of her. So a room was never really a reflection of what she liked, rather, what she hated the least. Not like it made a difference; dad would get stationed somewhere else, they’d take everything to a new house, things would always get lost or scrambled between the sisters.

And that was just fine by her. For Ashley, beauty was an inner power. If you could only express yourself in fancy clothes and tacky home decore, you probably weren’t that interesting, anyway.

“Decorating”, in the traditional sense, isn’t really something an on-duty marine can do. But Alliance bunkers were so cold, plain, and sterile; little more than boxes with beds. Mom would send care packages, and sometimes they’d include little odds and ends to dress the place up; a framed family portrait, a few doilies for a counter, a few flowers in a vase. Ashley would open them up and sigh. But… they’re within Alliance regulations, and what is she going to tell her mom, she threw out the things she took the time to give her?

So in the bunkers they’d stay. Since it was just Ashley doing the moving, nothing got lost. Little by little, Ashley had amassed a substantial collection of nicknacks and such, until the rooms became her room. Until there was no doubt this was not simply Gunnery Chief Williams’s quarters, but Ashley’s room.

Granted, it was still pretty bare bones by civilian standards, but you can say a lot with a “minimalist approach”.

So when Ashley and Shepard move in together, she takes great care in what every room looks like. The things her mom sent her are strategically scattered throughout.

“I didn’t think this would be your thing,” says Shepard when they go shopping from that special thing to fill the empty space in the living room. “It’s… not all that important, is it?”

Ashley gives her Shepard a shove on the shoulder. “It’s what makes a house a home, so yeah it is important. Now get your ass in there and help me pick this up…”

I have it in my mind that, in the destroying of the Crucible, Bastian Shepard loses his arm. He gets a prosthetic one, makes a full recovery, retires, marries Ashley (she doesn’t retire, so there’s no confusion), happy ending. Shut up I’ll take my happy ending if I want. 

So what if, after some time has passed, the two of them are enjoying some quiet in a Presidium park, and a…maybe little turian girl runs up to them. She looks up at Shepard, eyes wide, mandibles flared. 

“You saved my family! You’re my hero!” she cries while wiggling her little leg. It makes a slight jangle that turian “skin” does not make on its own. “And look, you’re just like me! We’re the same!”

Bastian stares at the girl, the wrinkles framing his eyes twinging as he tries not to blink. “Yeah… we are the same.”

Her parents scoop her away, though she waves frantically all the while. Ashley kisses him on the cheek and rubs his back. “You handled that so well,” she says softly before noticing the film of mist on his eyes. “Bas, are you okay? Are… are you crying?”

“Men don’t cry, Ash,” he says while rubbing his face with his forearm. “They only weep.”

“…Uh huh. Touching moment destroyed.”

I get the same sinking feeling in liking both Ashley Williams and Sebastian Vael because in both fandoms, there’s this constant presence, this voice that says, “Those are the wrong choices, you should have let them go. You’re just keeping them because you romanced them!”

And, depending on my mood, my internal response varies from “Yes, and I get my choice isn’t right for everyone, I’m not trying to push it,” to, “You can fuck right off because these are my babies and I must protect them,”. 

Inconsequential hair headcanon, here we go:

Ashley’s hair has always been the envy of her family. Her mother and sisters would all frown and grunt at how perfect it was with so little effort and time. Water, wind, whatever is was, Ashley’s hair bounced back with a minute of combing.

And she would always have it tied up as a kid/young woman, too. A shame, they’d think, for such strong and silky hair to be tucked away like that.

Sarah was always trying to get Ash to do things with it. She’d even offer to brush and braid it herself. Normally Ashley would decline, but every now and then, she’d grant her baby sister the privilege. 

She’d never think to spent a credit more than necessary on care products because she’s never needed them. Plus there’s always something more worth her money, like that armor piercing mod…

Then she’d let it grow out. At first, she had just forgotten about it. After Shepard died, the original Normandy went down, she just didn’t think to do anything with it, and it did a good job shading her sad eyes. When duty called, it just took another rolling to keep it all out of the way. Just put it all behind, tuck it all away, don’t let anyone notice…

That’s not to say she wasn’t proud of it. She had lustrous locks that carried a faint cinnamon spiciness that turned heads and she knew it. 

“She’s a lot of fun when she lets her hair down,” says Vega, oblivious to the fact that if she let it down too much, nobody (including him) would get anything done. She was all business and neatness on the clock, if only out of necessity; for the good of the mission, perhaps for the good of all mankind!

And sometimes, when she’s about to leave the room, she’s give a very smarmy, very knowing smirk and a flick of the hair, knowing it drove Commander Shepard crazy (she’s caught others staring, too, human and otherwise).

Bastian Shepard signs off for the last time, and he and Ashley get married. They live in a far off, quiet colony for a while, to decompress. But after the Citadel’s rebuilt they move back, and that quiet little place is a vacation spot for them. Bastian retires, Ash stays with the Alliance. So they still have time apart, but all the happier when they see each other again.

Also Bas grows a beard and it’s glorious.  

I have to admit, part of the reason I like Garrus/Ash so much is because, in my experience, the most virulent Ash haters were all Garrus/turian lovers. At worst, Garrus… the alien characters in general, were reserved for their Shepards that liked to look down on Ash like their collective shit didn’t stink. Only Shepard was good enough for aliens, the “boring humans” has only themselves.

At best, Ashley would just be kept around to act as an accessory to Shakarian (as in the line about kissing turians would only be used to further Shepard’s relationship with Garrus… it came out of Ashley’s mouth, yet fans just like to remove her from this equation) as if she has nothing better to do than ship on the sidelines.

There’s just a lot of satisfaction in this.

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Im confused. What did ashleys grandpa do

First Contact War. General Williams surrendered to the turians. If I remember right, his soldiers were exhausted and civilians would die if they continued the fight on Shanxi. That’s why I said it wasn’t an unethical thing he did; he made what he believed was the right call.

But it made the Alliance look weak or something stupid like that, so from then on the Williams were blacklisted. Ashley’s own father never made it very far, for as hard as he worked. She never even believed she’d make it far herself. She never believed she’d be good enough for them. But she tried anyway.

Also, because the Alliance didn’t want her to succeed, she never got any offworld (that is, away from any human planets/colonies) missions before Eden Prime, hence her limited experience and mistrust of aliens. Not “space racism”. 

See, that’s part of why I think Garrus and Ashley would make a good couple, or even good friends/partners. If anyone was ever going to call out Garrus for being a Shepard fanboy/yes-man, it’d be Ashley.

I know overall the writers didn’t do Ashley a lot of favors, certainly not as much as they could have…There were times where it felt like they loved characters like Garrus, and shunned Ashley, their bias clear (which is an awful thing for a writer to do).

I mean, maybe the fact that Garrus becomes that would have been more okay if it were actually addressed. Yeah there’s a note in the Shadow Broker about his leadership skills being stunted under Shepard’s shadow. But it was just that; a note, an aside; in DLC, no less. It’s not like anyone ever said to him, “Garrus, you know you’re allowed to have differing opinions from Shepard, right? You’re not less of a friend for disagreeing.”

Still, Ashley came into her own by herself. Shepard helps, of course; they’re a huge factor in her life. But Shepard can’t shoot away Ashley’s problems or insert themselves between her and them. Not the way they can do for Garrus.

It would just make an interesting parallel. Garrus representing faith, Ashley representing doubt; both are unhealthy in large doses, but you need both to stay grounded.

That also kind of factors into why I’m not too keen on Talibrations. I just felt like it didn’t…go anywhere. I didn’t learn anything from their “blossoming” relationship. They talked about working on human ships and the monsters they’d fought but…it was all rehashed information. Maybe I’m thinking too hard about that one, and it’s just…hey sometimes people get close after being around each other for so long but…it felt empty to me, I’m sorry.

And while many people seem to detest the idea of anyone daring to defy the PC in these games, Shepard in not infallible and should be called out when they screw up.

I know anyone can take two characters and say they should have interacted more, but… considering these are two of the more significant recurring characters, you’d think…

Anyway, it’s just my dumb opinion.

There’s this one fancomic I see every now and then where Garrus says this basic scene

And I know he’s referring to Shepard, but seeing it end with, “have you ever been with a warrior woman?”

I just can’t help thinking that it could apply to Ashley just as easily.