lieutenant cera

Bold and fierce, she’s the bravest Dino-soldier you’ll ever meet. Packed with a portable giant gun, she’s ready to go kick some butt before any of you can say waffles. 

This is a character development overview of Lieutenant Cera who is the hero of my original story called The Fallen Star 

Story Summary:
Towards the end of the Mesozoic Era, the Dinosaurs had won victoriously against an Alien invasion, but their celebration was cut short when an infection spread among the Dino-Soldiers. Quickly half the Dino nation became brain-craving DINO-ZOMBIES! Too big and too strong, it was up to their hero and an eager researcher to find an ancient spell that would summon a fallen star to end it all. 

Lieutenant Cera & Story © The Kao/Scruballz