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have there ever been any natural areas on cybertron mentioned? i know theirs some references to a sea of some kind in robots in disguise

One of the most famous “seas” in Transformers is the Sea of Rust. When it was originally introduced, it was as a region of unstable planetary matter, a sort of metallic equivalent of our liquid oceans, but just… not made of liquid:

But more recently, things like the Fall of Cybertron video game, the Prime cartoon, and the IDW comics have depicted it as… just a big, heavily corroded expanse.

There are the Sonic Canyons, where the noise of Cybertron’s internal mechanisms roars loudly, and which serve as the “ears” of Primus…

And the Acid Wastes, where RiD Grimlock says the sunsets are amazing!

Check out our “Cybertron” category for a list of other locations, buildings, cities, and concepts connected with the planet!

  • Koumyou: What’s wrong?
  • Ukoku: Nothing. It’s just that adults are boring and I hate them. And I don’t want to buy all this stupid, boring adult stuff and become boring adults.
  • Koumyou: Hey, listen to me. Yes, we’re going to get a dish rack and shower curtains and a cutting board.
  • But if you think for a second that I’m not also gonna get that marshmallow shooter, so that I can shoot you with marshmallows when you’re asleep, then you’re the dumbest man I know.
  • Ukoku: You’re gonna make me cry

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It’s Maedhros.  His name literally means “the sexy one”. 

WELL Maedhros is a strong candidate, but then we also the following…

Fefe: “For Fëanor was made the mightiest in all parts of body and mind: in valour, in endurance, in beauty, in understanding,” etc etc.

So he was like the prettiest of all elves ever? Ok Mr Tolkien, gotcha.

Finarfin: ‘Was said to be the fairest and wisest of Finwë’s sons”

Soooo actually the blonde one was the prettiest?

Galadriel: “A sister they had, Galadriel, most beautiful of all the house of Finwë”

So actually it was Finarfin’s kid? MAKE UP YOUR MIND SIR

Then we also have Celegorm The Fair, though the meaning behind that is very much down to interpretation but I’d still consider him a candidate.

All in all Tolkien is probably like “they’re all pretty goddmanit don’t make me choose”

bedtime sketch of Lieutenant Hurley <3 

i don’t know if it was the similarity in their names and professions, but the image that my mind conjured of Hurley was pretty much identical to my headcanon of Captain Holly Short from the Artemis Fowl stories


the many faces of Captain Killian ‘Hook’ Jones

Lieutenant Jones | Captain Hook | Prince Charles | Deckhand (AU) Hook | Dark Hook | Wish Realm (old) Hook | Hero Killian Jones