So here is a plot for a "LietPol" fanfic i read

So Lithuania arrives at Poland’s house and stuff, and they fall in love etc etc, your typical LietPol fanfic right? So yeah like in every other lietpol fanfic i’ve read, they have sex, oh but then later Hungary arrives in the picture and Lithuania is all like “Omfg , she is so hot, i’m going to have sex with her while i’m dating Feliks” And Hungary was dating Austria but in love with Prussia but had sex with Lithuania? So Poland found out and was like “Omg you fucking slut etc etc etc” and then Poland did it with Russia which made Lithuania jealous etc. So at the end i have no idea if either Lithuania somehow stabbed Poland and ended up together again? Or they forgave each other and ended up together again.

My conclusion: WTF DID I READ.