A Poem My Lovely Friend Wrote About Me

She lays down with her hair spread out

in the grass and its like an ocean

covering the ground

I wonder how many people think that

someone who can bear all the weight of

the ocean would be unburdened by the

weight of cruel words

So they throw their insecurities on her

Instead of sinking she manages to float

upon the ocean

And her heart can travel the world

Because her paintbrush is the fastest 

form of transportation I’ve ever seen

And I hope that provides escape from

the criticism of a small town


Everyone was crying this time and I saw Kade cry for the first time when I left the other day.  It was truly heartbreaking to see him cry.  I miss him so much already.  I was extremely sad to leave him, but I am glad to be back to visit my family and all my wonderful friends that I’ve missed so much.  Can’t wait to have all night Just Dance competitions, poorly bake various desserts, and gossip all through the night about pretty much everything.