Green Day songs for when you are feeling ________

Joy/hopeful: 99 Revolutions, 21st Century Breakdown, Carpe Diem, Forever Now, Good Riddance (Time of your life), Holiday, 21 Guns, King for a Day, Last of the American Girls, Minority, Ordinary World, Outlaws, Revolution Radio, See the Light, Somewhere Now, Still Breathing, Sweet 16, Waiting, Welcome to Paradise, ¡Viva la Gloria!

Love: 1,000 Hours, 80, 2,000 Light Years Away, Dry Ice, Fell for you, Hearts Collide, Last Night on Earth, Missing you, Only of you, Redundant, Scattered, See you tonight, Stay the Night, Sweet 16, The one I want, Whatsername, When it’s Time, Youngblood

Anger: Bab’s Uvula Who?, Brat, Christian’s Inferno, East Jesus Nowhere, Letterbomb, F.O.D, Ha Ha You’re Dead, Having a Blast, Horseshoes and Handgrenades, Kill the DJ, Know your Enemy, Platypus(I Hate You), Say Goodbye, Take Back, You Lied

Confusion: A Little Boy Named Train, Are We the Waiting, Armatage Shanks, Coming Clean, Going to Pasalacqua, Jaded, Knowledge, Loss of Control, One for the Razorbacks, One of my lies, The Static Age, Too Dumb to Die, Walking Contradiction, Why do you want him?, X-Kid

Sadness/Pain: Amy, Give me novacaine, Macy’s Day Parade, Misery, No one knows, Outlaws, Pulling Teeth, Restless Heart Syndrome, Wake Me Up When September Ends, Whatsername, Words I Might Have Ate

Pity/Desperation: Brutal Love, Church on Sunday, Emenius Sleepus, Hitchin’ a Ride, Lazy Bones, Misery, Murder City, Oh Love, Paper Lanterns, Pulling Teeth, The Forgotten, Walk Away, ¿Viva La Gloria? (Little Girl)

Disgust: 86, All the Time, Jackass, Nice Guys Finish Last, Platypus (I hate you), Prosthetic Head, Reject, Sick of Me, Stuart and the Ave., The Grouch

Bored: Christie Road, Last Ride In, Lazy Bones, Longview, Rest, Rotting, Sassafras Roots, Tired Of Waiting For You, When I Come Around

Afraid: 16, Don’t wanna fall in love, Don’t leave me, No Pride, Peacemaker, Road to Acceptance, Troubled Times, Warning, X-Kid, Working Class Hero

Anxiety: Basket Case, Brain Stew, Burnout, No Pride, One of My Lies, Panic Song, Stuck With Me, Suffocate, Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?

Alone: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, Castaway, Disappearing Boy, Jesus Of Suburbia, Misery, Missing You, Suffocate, Walking Alone

Jealousy: Chump, In The End, Nice Guys Finish Last, Paper Lanterns

His || Jungkook || 0.6

Member: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

Teaser | 0.1 | 0.2 | 0.3 | 0.4 | 0.5 | 0.6

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A new start - Hybrid!Au

Originally posted by sosjimin

Pairing: Jimin x reader

Genre/Warnings: Fluff, tiny bit of angst. Smut, Hybrid!au Panther!Jimin

Summary: You were looking for a change in your life and all he wanted was a clean slate. A new Start someplace where even if it were for a brief moment in time he could feel human.

(credit to original owner of gif)

My feet hurt.
My feet really hurt.
Like holy shit someone please cut off my feet it’ll be less painful.

These were your thoughts as you made what felt like the millionth trip around your office for different little jobs.
You wanted to be a vet, your mother was one and you were desperate to follow in her footsteps life didn’t always through opportunities your way. So you kept Vet school to the back of your mind, more focussed on living life than living a dream.

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Why do people make out Will Solace to be this sunshiny optimistic character like just li s ten-

This boy has probably had people die in his arms, he’s probably been the only person there when multiple demigods died. He deals with severed limbs and gushing wounds every. single. day.

He has canonically stated he acts calm for the sake of others.

You’re actually going to try to convince me the boy that practically had a mid life crisis when he was like 15 because a cute guy didn’t visit him in the infirmary is a ball of sunshine??

Will Solace is legit about to fall apart from stress at any given moment alrigjt

Let’s take a moment to appreciate Racetrack Higgins

I’m not talking about Ben Cook. Y’all appreciate him enough already. And I’m not talking about Max Casella or Ryan Breslin or anybody else who’s played the character either.

I’m talking about the actual real-life Racetrack Higgins. The boy who lived in Brooklyn in 1899. (That’s right, Brooklyn. Not Manhattan. Disney lied to you.) The boy who lived on the street, making pennies a day, and then risked everything to strike for a better life for himself and everybody around him.

I’m talking about the street kid who went up to the chief of police of New York City and told him “Mr. Devery, don’t call me a slob. I’m trying to make my living. I ain’t so high in office as you, but some day I may be higher.”

I’m talking about the kid who warned an entire theatre full of kids not to sell out the strikers no matter how much the papers paid them because “the Journal refused to contract to pay hospital expenses.” Translation: “if I see a paper in your hands I will personally kill you.”

I aspire to the courage and sheer level of sass acheived by Racetrack Higgins.

anonymous asked:

Can you recommend some of your favorite manhwa? Preferably translated ones since my Korean is sucky but non-translated is fine too lol


Window to Window (BL)

it’s about childhood friends Ginu and Yubin and man do I love these boys. Like, if I was stuck on an island and I had to pick two webtoon characters to be with me, I’d be with Ginu and Yubin (although Sangwoo and Bum would be a close first).

Ginu’s handsome, tall, but very cuddly and clingy whereas Yubin is more moody and dark, trying to hide his torch for Ginu.

Read it in:

  • Korean - a portion of the money will go to the ones who contributed to this chapter
  • English - a portion of the money will go to the ones who contributed to this chapter
  • Fan Translated English

What Lies at The End (BL)

So Taemin, this really rad dude got into an accident and suddenly he woke up as this high school student named Siwon, a weak and often bullied kid. Taemin, meets his old friend Woojin who disappeared from his life and somehow, he figures out Taemin’s little body swapping secret. 

I actually feel like jumping into this manhwa and like fighting every ugly mug there because I don’t like bullies and I DON’T LIKE JOOHOON. That mf can find me in the alleyway of McDonald’s. 

Read it in:

Lover Boy (BL)

Eunho has been in love with Jaeha, a man several years older than him. After Jaeha got married, the love Eunho had for him was smothered as he grew up and moved on with his life. After coincidentally meeting Jaeha again at a cafe, Eunho tries to make his love come true.

So this is less of a plot, which is surprising that I like it considering that I get really bored if it’s only smut and no substance. But honestly, the character development is so sweet and pure that I end up liking it anyways because the author is less about some antagonist in the story ruining shit up but more of the emotional growth between Eunho and Jaeha. 

Read it in:

What Does the Fox Say? (GL)

Seongji has just joined a mobile game company. Her face is stoic and she appears displeasing and even scary at times but her heart is very pure and she tries her best. Sumin, on the other hand, is her manager and a hot blooded woman who doesn’t hesitate to be crafty with her work and her workers.

OMG the art is so good and the story is a kind of slow in the beginning but the intense curiosity of Seongji and Sumin really keeps you on edge. This is probably one of my favorite GL webtoons ever not only because of the art but all of the characters so interesting. 

Read it in:

I’m sure there’s more but these are some of my all-time favorites. 

Red Balloon (紅色氣球)

Taiwan // 2017 // 8 episodes

Xia Zi Chen, a serious and hard-working student, develops feelings for the carefree Li Xiang Wan. The boys have to face opposition from Chen’s gangster father, their families and classmates. More than 13 years later they meet again: Wan is now a photographer and Chen is divorcing his wife.

You and I, 你和我

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→ Reader x Baekhyun

→ Fluffy, a little angsty, smutty, friends-to-lovers vampire AU

→ Warnings: Brief mentions of blood and rape. Smut.

Word count: 4,9K

Legend has it that there were six original families of vampires, whom all now living vampires originate from; the family of Kim is the most common kind with a normal thirst for blood. The family of Byun who exclusively drinks animal blood. The family of Zhang, who’s thirst for blood is humongous and almost unquenchable. The family of Do, a family who very rarely needs to feed. The family of Park is a kind that doesn’t limit their diet to only blood, but very often eats the organs and skin of the human they’re draining as well.

And so far, the mentioned families only have one difference: the diet. But the last family, the small family of Hūn Náo, is described as passionate, turbulent, restless and violent when their thirst is awakened. Hūn Náos have stronger senses and reflexes than the other kinds and their diet is limited to “bad blood”: the blood of extreme sinners. Because of their nature when exposed to the scent of the rare bad blood, the Hūn Náos became a feared kind, and further on, the kind turned shy and held back to avoid keeping the negative label. 

As a Hūn Náo, you always used to turn heads with your strong and sassy personality, and maybe it was exactly that which attracted Byun Baekhyun to you?

It was odd, you and everyone knew it - no, forget that; everyone would have thought so if they knew.

Yet, somehow it had come to be. Your relationship with Baekhyun, that is.

One day, as you were walking down the hallway of the school building, your whole body itching to return to your dorm, rip off your bra and exchange the short checkered skirt for a pair of nice, comfortable sweats pants, when a shoulder lightly bumped into yours. The owner of the shoulder was no passerby, rather, he was walking right beside you. Your schedule let you leave school earlier every Wednesday when most of the other student still had one class left, and because of that the hallway was not crowded at all, but somehow this boy still chose to walk so closely with you. 

So, you had looked over at him and scoffed. “Come closer.” Earning a surprised laugh from the boy, which at a closer, a more focused look was beautiful. He had dark, hooded eyes, a small pout and light brunette, tussled locks that gracefully fell over his cold forehead in a way you couldn’t quite describe. And then, he had had this rectangular grin to add onto his dazzling features.

A sniff of the air had surprised you, your stronger senses revealing the identity of his wonderful boy who found your sarcastic tone funny - a Byun. Along with the discovery came a clump in your stomach, and you swallowed, preparing to tell this Byun that you were a Hūn Náo and therefore probably not the best vampire to associate with. But just as you opened your mouth to tell him, your body tensing at the disgusted look you were sure you’d receive, the Byun had stuck his hand out into the air in front of you.

“I’m Byun Baekhyun, and you?” 

You had reluctantly taken his hand, your mouth open wide as you told him your name, quickly and awkwardly followed by;

“I’m a Hūn Náo, Baekhyun, you may not want to speak to me.”

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anonymous asked:

Everyone keeps mentioning the Hiddleconda and stuff.. am I the only one who thinks that his willy is not so big? I mean, looking at the gif where Oakley (in Unrelated) is running naked to the pool and at those cring-worthy pics with the grandpa white panties....I only saw rainbows and lies.. :( will Tommy boy disappoint us also in terms of willy size?

Oh my, are we opening this can of worms?

Personally,I think it has to be noteworthy because I have never in my life been able to see the bulge in every pair of pants a dude wears like you can with Hiddles. Maybe we need other visual aids?

It was someone’s job in “Kenneth Branagh’s Thor” to blur this monster bulge.

The blessing of the slo-mo snake hips + his hatred of underwear shows a clear and impressive dick print.

He sits like a man-whore because it’s uncomfortable for him to smush his considerable junk together in his tight ass pants.

Notice here how his hand bounces from the movement of the Conda?

We can’t forget the blue suit of Cannes!

In his favorite jeans

Another vision in  blue

And I’ll just end with this pic- which MAY be a manip but who gives a fuck.

I rest my case LOL