Lies I tell my students

Yeah, I’m totally going to take the classroom pillows home this weekend and wash them. Yeah, that will get all the boogers off of them. No, the Boy That Barks Like a Dog will never put boogers on them again. Yes, this is the most effective use of my time at my parents’ house.

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I really hope Zayn doesn't expect to come back to 1D if things go wrong for him. The way he left,acting as if being in 1D was a nightmare and the band's music and their fans are not good enough for him have left a bitter taste in many fans mouth. The only one thing that whole mess makes me think is he lied for years about how he had a sick time being in 1D while he hated it. He lied pretending the other boys were bis best mates,his bros when he actually couldn't wait to ditch them.

well i think you can like the people but hate the situation. i do think he cares for the boys…but he sounds like he really wanted out of the situation. 

i do think it will be sort of bad if his solo career doesn’t do good and then he goes back to 1d (but i’m not even sure 1D will exist in the same sort of thing by that point).


Sterek AU: Derek has been Stiles’ bodyguard for two years and there’s always been a tension between them. Just when Derek finally thought they were getting somewhere, the press got hold of some photos of them in what looked like an intimate moment (unfortunately for Derek looks could be deceiving). He expected Stiles to laugh it off like he had with so many other scandals but Stiles flipped out. Next thing Derek knew he was getting a call from his boss “strongly suggesting” that he use up some of his holiday days and take a leave of absence. The next time he sees Stiles he’s coming out on national TV. It’s a bold step for Stiles and Derek should be proud, he is proud, but it stings to know that it wasn’t his sexuality Stiles was ashamed of. Seemingly it was just Derek. 


120: "When I was young, Grandfather told me I must have a thankful heart. Being able to become a celebrity today, I am especially fortunate. I am able to receive so much love from the fans and have some small fame, so all the more I must be thankful. When I received news of this, no matter what, I must attend this charity event."