lies i regret everything!

Whoever thought of Nicole Haughts character must have  been obsessed with Toy Story’s Jessie when they were younger.

I mean just look at them

Oh, what’s that I don’t hear you ask? you want to see a badly edited picture of Nicole Haught wearing Jessie’s outfit?

Well here you go:

I regret nothing.

BC ballisticducks suggested hoodies and thigh highs KNOWING FULL WELL I WOULD BE TOO WEAK TO SAY NO

life is strange:  kill chloe off! let’s just kill her off! everyone! kill!! chloe!!! price!!!

me: no

life is strange: if you don’t kill chloe, all of arcadia bay will BLOW AWAY

me: that’s fine

life is strange: if you don’t let chloe die, all of those people the storm offed will TURN INTO ZOMBIES

me: ready for the apocalypse, shaka brah


me: nice, nice

The Picture: Part 4


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A/N: Too all the wonderful people that messaged me for a happy ending and to the ones that gave me a few ideas for it also! I love you guys! Thank you all so much for reading! :)

“Melissa said that everything is going good. How are you holding up?” Stiles asked as he sat down next to Liam in the waiting room. Liam was biting his nails and listening to your heart beat. It was still a bit off, but it helped keep him grounded. Liam looked over at Stiles and sent him a sad smile. Stiles nodded and wrapped an arm around him, “Scott’s still back there. Said something about making sure the bite took. Melissa was able to get her in a room an—”

“I didn’t want this to happen. Not to her.” Liam blurted sadly and hung his head. “There’s so many things I could’ve and should’ve done differently. I should’ve just told her everything two weeks ago. Or I should’ve left her alone and just accepted the break up. I should’ve let her go. But I couldn’t. I loved her too much to let things end like that. I was selfish and I almost got her killed. I-I didn’t—”

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1D Pref; He finds out you used to send hate to his ex-girlfriend (Liam & Zayn) part 2




You knew, not to encounter Liam when he was angry or upset. It would just make your situation worse. 

Currently, you were sitting on a bench nearby the ice cream truck. 

Sighing, you licked your ice cream once more before throwing away the now, melted pool of ice cream on your cone. 

Where would you go tonight? Harry and Niall were out of town visiting old friends and family. Zayn is literally no where to be seen, and Louis was on a getaway with Eleanor. 

You had recently moved to London with Liam, so you had no friends here besides the lads. The two of you were still adjusting to your move in together.

You got up and decided to explore London since you haven’t been out much, due to Liam being busy all the time. You walked around discovering so many new things and trying new food.

By the time you finished your dinner, you walked out of the restaurant to find that it’s getting quite dark now. 

You began walking around London again, not noticing that there was a guy in all black following you. 

Well, not until you felt someone grab your arm pulling you close.


“No, beautiful. I’m George! Would you like to join me tonight? For a drink and in my bedroom?” He slurred, his breath stunk of alcohol.

“N-no thanks.” You muttered, trying to pull away. “Please let me go." 

"Now why would I do that?” He laughed.

“Let me go!” You screamed, stomping on his foot and pulling away with all your might.

“Y/N!” You heard a familiar voice yell. 

“Liam! Help!” You shrieked as you felt the hand of the man going towards your bum.

“Get your hands off my girlfriend!” Liam shouted, throwing a punch at the man.

They begin going back and forth and you tried stepping in to pull Liam apart but he would push you away, not wanting you to get hurt.

“Liam stop! You’re going to kill him!” You cried, pulling Liam up.

“That’ll teach you to never touch her ever again!” He furiously yell, giving the man one last kick to the stomach. 

“I’m sorry I came so late, are you okay?” Liam breathed, “Did he hurt you anywhere? God I’m such a terrible person. Why didn’t you call me? What happened? Where were you-”

“Liam, calm down.” You ordered, “I’m okay.. Just a bit shaken up, but I’m okay." 

"Good. I’m so sorry-”

“It’s okay, I should be the one apologizing. I’m sorry Li. For everything, I still regret it.. I’m sorry.” You mumbled.

“No.. I’m sorry. I know you’re not like that anymore. I shouldn’t have yelled at you like that. I love you so much, please come home." 

You nodded and smiled. The way home, Liam explained how he made your favorite meal for dinner as an apology.

Oh Liam.. Always so sweet.


You looked at Zayn, his eyes full of fury and his face was flushed red from anger. 

You have never seen this side of Zayn before, let alone experience it. 

Slowly, you began to sober up and realize what was happening. "Z-Zayn.." 

"We need to talk.” He demanded, his grip on your wrist tightened. 

“You’re hurting me.” You winced. “Please let go." 

Zayn softened up and looked at you with regret. 

"Shit.. I’m so sorry, baby.” He apologized, grasping your hand and holding it in his. “I’m sorry.. I don’t know what got into me." 

You let out a breath, "I’m just so tired. I can’t even think straight right now." 

"I know you are, love.. but can we just talk about Perrie?” He sighed.

“Why would we be talking about Perrie for?” You frowned.

“You used to send hate to her..” He muttered.

You froze. “Zayn.. I was stupid and jealous. You know I wouldn’t do that now." 

"Exactly, Y/N. It’s the fact that you did it.” He huffed, “I just thought you were different.." 

"And I am different, Zayn! I swear, it was one time. I was jealous and would never thought I’d ever meet you. I’m sorry, please forgive me.” You plead, about to give up. 

Zayn hesitated and sigh. “Only because I love you so much and I know you’re not like that anymore." 

You felt a ton of relief as you attack Zayn in a hug, inhaling his scent. "Thank you, Zayn. I promise I will never do it again-”

“I know.. Now let’s get you to bed.” He replied, kissing your forehead. 

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