lies down... rolls to side


A/N So I said I was going to do a drabble and then I liked two particular prompts and it turned into this… thingie…

Pairing: moxiety (Morality/Anxiety) - can be read as platonic

Genre: fluff, hurt/comfort

Word Count: 980

Warnings: self-deprecating thoughts


Virgil doesn’t like himself. Patton loves him regardless.

He stares into the mirror and his reflection frowns back. His eyeshadow is thickly applied today so, if he does decide to drag himself out of his room, the others won’t notice the dark bags sinking into his skin. His hair is a mess and he shrinks into his hoodie to compensate for this. The more things he hides about himself, the better he looks.

Virge sighs, and turns away from his own glare. It’s no secret that he isn’t exactly… fond of himself. A better description would be just ‘he hates himself’, but he never really had been as dramatic as a certain other side. It takes another minute of staring blankly at the bathroom tiles before he gives up and decides that today is just going to be one of those days where he doesn’t leave his room.

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thinking of you || isaac lahey part two

word count: 1629

warnings: none

prompt: based on this song part two of this imagine

author’s note: repost bc my original blog was deleted

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Summer Rain [Okieriete Onaodowan x Reader]

Summary: what else are you supposed to do but run in the rain after finding out you’ve been in love with your best friend?

Word count: 2,334 (the longest one yet!)

Warnings: cursing, alcohol… 

A/N: The fluffiest of fluffs for Oak, because he deserves it. Thanks to the hamwriters groupchat, I finally had inspiration to write for Oak and I’m pretty happy with the result. I hope y’all like it!

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You could give a million excuses to why you showed up on his doorstep like this, at that time. You could say the storm caught you by surprise, or maybe you were around and your umbrella broke and you remembered he lived close by.

Blatant lies to cover a moment of courage with no limitations.

It was 1 a.m. when you woke up that night, the storm making the New York you knew your whole life just a gray scenario outside your window. Your forehead covered in sweat, but a smile across your face.

You were in love with your best friend and the dream you had just proved everything you suspected for weeks.

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AU to distract myself again

Lotor joins the Paladins and explains his past in doing so, and Shiro relates since he, too, was a gladiator and tells Lotor that, if he ever needs anything to come to his room and talk. After just the first night Lotor begins having nightmares of his past actions, traumatic moments, and awful fights in the arena. He shakes and he sweats and he doesn’t know what to do. He remembers Shiro’s words, walks to his room and knocks on the door. Instantly he breaks down crying.

Shiro hugs Lotor in his arms and brushes back his hair. He attempts to reassure the Galra prince, tell him it’s going to be ok. But Lotor can’t sleep and Shiro, being such a big person has a large bed enough for 2. He gives half of it to Lotor for the night, figuring sleeping alone isn’t good for either of them after something like this.

Lotor watches Shiro go back to sleep. He realizes he wants the Paladin to wake up again, he just wants to hear his comforting voice. He reaches a hand out to his back but draws it away and makes himself think he’s being irrational.

Every time after this, when Lotor has a nightmare, he goes into Shiro’s room and the two share the bed. Sometimes the two say nothing, and they just nod and share the bed after Lotor enters the room. They do this numerous times, and Lotor every time attempts to touch Shiro’s back or arm or hair–something to let him know Shiro is real and he is there and he is truly that close.

Several months pass. Lotor’s nightmares slow, and he’s able to handle them on his own so it’s been ages since he slept near Shiro. But one night he remains awake and cannot fall asleep in his own bed. He rushes down the hall to Shiro who asks if it’s a nightmare, but Lotor just walks to his side of the bed, lies down, and rolls onto the side facing Shiro’s back and wraps an arm around him.

Shiro smiles. He presses his hand to Lotor’s and tells him, “I was wondering how long it’d be.”

“I don’t want to sleep alone”

Summary: It’s late at night and you’re struggling to sleep, Tossing and turning and it’s not getting better. You notice Braun isn’t there, you look around the house and finally found him and beg him to come sleep with you.

  • Warning: Fluff
  • Word Count: 814

Tagging: My two Braun lovers @hardcorewwetrash and @screamersdontdance

A/N- This one is dedicated to my fellow Braun loving boos they are the best and we had practically 24 hour long discussion about Braun and i loved every second of it! I tried my best to make this the cutest fluffiest/little story ever so bleeh >.


You couldn’t seem to keep your eyes closed for nothing and it was haunting you. You turn over to look at your clock and it was just barely 3am. “Braun..” you whisper in the dark. You place your hand on the other side of the bed to feel an empty blank space. You wondered if braun had just left to the bathroom but after 15 minutes passed, then an hour, you decide to get out and look for him.

You checked the bathroom but the light was off and shower curtains were closed. You creep downstairs slowly and look around the living room, still no sign of Braun. Its rare that he’s up and around especially at this time, you began to worry.

You peek into the kitchen to see Braun sitting at the island that you guys installed after moving in. He had a glass of milk to the side of his arm and the carton in front of him, you heard him let out a long sigh. You make your way behind him and wrap your arms around his waist, You placed your head against his back. “why are you awake baby?”  He slightly turned his head towards you. “ I was struggling to sleep, I don’t want to sleep alone..” you mumble against his skin. “ Why are you awake?” You tapped your fingers lightly against him. Braun was silent for a brief moment before clearing his throat. “cmere”.

He removed your hands from around his waist and turned towards you and pulled you close. “ I just hate leaving.. I know how you get when I have to go.”  Braun sighed again. You look up at him and pinch his cheeks.  “I’ll be okay i promise. Every time you come home to me i treat it as if we haven’t seen each other in 100 years. I’m glad to have you come home to me.” You stand on your tippy toes and kiss him softly. “Now come back to bed with me please or at least come lie down with me until you do have to go.” You grab his big hand and guide him from the kitchen.

He stops for a second and looks at you with a funny look, He walks closer and picks you up. “Braun!?” You struggle to get ahold of him for a second. It’s been awhile since he picked you and carried you around, it surprised you causing blood to slowly creep to your cheeks. He made it to the room you both shared and lies you down on the bed. You roll over so you’re on your side facing him, waiting for him to get in, When he does you couldn’t help but roll over on top of him making him laugh. “ And she goes in for the pin 1 2 3 and the crowd goes wild for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” you giggle. Braun smiles at you and kisses your forehead. “ you know if i tell jbl you were doing that he’s gonna get you.” Braun’s country accent slipped. “Tell him! I don’t care..” you giggle and lie your head on his chest. “I love you (Y/N)” Braun held you until you heard his breathing even out until it was light snores and soon followed suit.

You woke up to sight of braun drying off from his shower in front of you. You stared at your giant man for a good minute before getting up and hugging him. “I’m gonna miss you” You mumble into his chest. “I know baby girl I’m gonna miss you too.. I’ll try to be back as soon as possible okay?” He picks you up so you can wrap your legs around his waist.

As you both make it to the airport gate you turn into a weeping mess upset that he’s leaving but you give him his hugs and let him go. He stops just a few feet away. “Oh i almost forgot” he opened his bag and pulled out a tiny teddy bear. “I asked Bayley to send me one last week and i’m happy she did” He hands it to you, grabbing it you snuggle it closely. “I gotta go.. I love you.” Planting a kiss on your forehead, You watched as your giant teddy bear walks away.

“It’s not that hot out.” Tanner lied as a bead of sweat rolled down the side of their head. They were wearing shorts, sandals, and a long-sleeve shirt. Obviously the heat of the shirt was ruing out anything else. “I’m fine, really.” They tried to convince the person they were talking to, and themself.

kagehina; the complexity of things

a/n: They’re dorks.

series/pairing: haikyuu!!/kagehina
rating: t

Hinata is aware, more or less, on how boyfriends treat their girlfriends. It’s something he’s seen in movies and television dramas and school.

Whether he knows how boyfriends are supposed to treat their boyfriends is, in short, a completely different story.

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Schoolboy Luke smut

You feel sympathetic as the class nerd, Luke Hemmings, strolls into your calculus class. Wearing the usual, tucked-in-too-tight white collared uniform shirt, dress pants, his blonde hair gelled back, thick-framed glasses over his eyes, and a digital watch over his wrist.

“Hi.” He smiles at you. You smile back vaguely before he sits down behind you.

“Excuse me, (Y/N), do you have a pencil I could borrow? I always forget mine in my locker.” You reach back and hand him your extra pencil, starting to scribble down notes of what your teacher is talking and writing about on the blackboard. You spend all period learning about different algebraic equations and how to balance formulas and such. Often enough, you can feel Luke’s heavy gaze on you, which you just shrug off. You’re not popular, but you don’t want to be classified as a loser too.

“Hey, (Y/N), do you wanna hangout sometime?” Luke asks in a whisper after the bell rings you rise to your feet and face him, smiling.

“Umm… I have plans this weekend.. Sorry.” You mumble, turning away. He gently places a hand on your shoulder.

“Please. I’ll surprise you, I promise.” He leans over to whisper in your ear.

“And I’ll make sure you never forget it.” Shivers run down your spine as you walk out of the classroom, his words replaying over and over inside your head. Maybe I’m not busy this weekend after all, you think.

You are a bit thrown off when you see Luke isn’t in his usual seat behind you the next day in calculus. You keep questioning where’s he’s gone off to all period rather than focusing on the algebra homework on the blackboard up ahead.

You knock on the door lightly, tugging your tight, ass-grabbing jeans down a bit so your hips aren’t so constricted. You shove your hands in the back pockets just as the door opens. A lovely woman answers, beaming.

“Hello! You must be (Y/N)! Luke’s waiting upstairs in the living room for you.” She says, gesturing to the staircase behind her. You nod shyly.

“Thank you.” You say as you untie your shoes. You walk up the stairs, careful not to trip and fall on your face. Questions furl around in your head over and over. What kind of surprise is it? Maybe it’s tutoring? That’s a terrible surprise, but maybe that’s his way of surprising people. What if he—you’re completely thrown off when you enter the Hemmings’ living room. A boy sits on the couch, watching the tv with a dull expression. He’s clad in ripped jeans and a dark Nirvana tank top. His eyes are like ice, bold and blue. His hair is gelled up in a quiff, feathering off to the side of his head. Something glistens on his lip as he cranes his head in your direction. A lip ring? The minute his eyes meet yours his lips pull up into a nervous smile.

“Hi, (Y/N)…” How does he know me? Is that… Luke?, you almost squeak when his hands land softly on your shoulder.

“You look.. Different.“ You manage to whisper without your voice cracking. Luke smiles, tugging his lip ring between his teeth sexily.

“Good different?” He approaches you, hands sliding down from your shoulders to your hand, tangling with your fingers in his playfully.

Very good different.” Your voice crackles as you try to choke out your words.

“I think it’s about time I showed you the real surprise, yeah?” You blush furiously and nod as he takes your hand.

“Mum,” He shouts.

“Yes dear?”

“(Y/N) and I are just gonna go study in my room, okay? So try not to interrupt us.. She’s failing calculus.” He smiles apologetically at you and your heart melts.

“That’s quite alright then, dear!” Luke almost yanks you into his room. He locks the door behind you two. You are really nervous when he lies you down on his bed on your back.

“W… Where’s the surprise..?” You squeak nervously, just as his hands land on your hips.

“It’s right here.” You bite back a moan as his hand slips into the back of your panties, resting between the cotton and your skin. His fingers are cold against your skin, causing goosebumps. You try to suck in air and remember how to breathe when he stares at you with those fucking blue eyes filled with such gentleness and care.

“If I knew this would happen I would’ve dressed a little nicer.” You joke, gasping as he kneads your cheek. He teasingly pulls his hand out of your jeans and tears his shirt over his head, revealing his muscular abdomen and torso. He looks like a perfect, beautiful, chiseled statue, with his toned biceps, heavy muscles, and very prominent jawline.

“Nah, you’re fine. Beautiful, as always.” Luke leans down softly and presses his lips to yours delicately. You kiss him back, arms wrapping around his neck. Your teeth clack noisily as they come into contact with his lip ring, making you laugh.

“This lip ring is really hot.” You murmur against his lips. Luke laughs.

“I knew you’d like it.” You open your mouth slightly, granting his tongue entry.

“God, (Y/N). You’re so beautiful.” He groans huskily, kissing down your jaw and neck. He nibbles gently at your skin, suckling on it. His actions are very different than you had in mind. You thought he’d be so demanding and rough, but he’s so gentle and sexy, and you love it.

“Do you like it when I’m like this?” He whispers, blowing cool air over your newly wet skin.

“Yes.. It’s unexpected, and kind, and gentle… And sexy.” You giggle and Luke leans back to stare at you with his icy, dilated blue eyes.

“Do you want me to go slow or fast?” He asks, gently tracing over your bottom lip with his thumb.

“Whatever you’d like, Luke.” He nods and nuzzles his face into your neck again, nibbling a bit harder. You gasp as his teeth scrape against your skin harshly. He leans back, straddling your hips.

“Can I.. Undress you?” He murmurs shyly, cheeks turning a faint pink. You laugh softly and pull your shirt over your head to answer his question. He pouts and you sit up.

“I wanted to do that,” He moulds his lips into yours lightly, arms wrapping around your torso to your bra clasp. You nervously slide the straps down your arms, dropping the dark fabric to the floor. Luke ogles you lustfully and you desperately want to cross your arms across your chest to hide yourself from the shyness you feel and the intensity of his stare.

“You’re so beautiful.” He whispers, pecking your lips. He trails down to the valley between your breasts with kisses. He cups both breasts in each of his hands, massaging soothingly. Your eyes flutter close and you moan softly.

“Shh.. We gotta be quiet now, (Y/N).” Luke murmurs, kissing your navel. You smile softly, biting the inside of your lip. You love how he calls you beautiful every time he moves along your body, and how he treats you like the most important person in the world.

“I love the way you make me feel, Luke.” You muster as he unbuttons your jeans.

“Tell me how I make you feel.” He stares up at you with a penetrating gaze while fumbling with your zipper, slightly smirking at the dark fabric concealing your soaking heat underneath. He tears your jeans off and throws them to the floor.

“You make me feel I’m the most beautiful girl in the world. Like I matter. And that makes me really—” Luke cuts you off by placing a forceful hand over your mouth as he slips his fingers into the front of your panties, finger sliding into you. You widen your eyes and moan against his sweaty hand as he begins pumping in and out. He adds another finger once you’re grinding down against the first one, eyes closed calmly as you drift off into pure bliss. You gasp innocently against his hand and he finally removes it. You huff wearily as Luke leans his forehead down against yours. His eyes almost look black, the glint in them from his nearby lamp and the sunlight through the blinds being the only light.

“(Y/N), do you want me?” He whispers, panting against your ear as he ruts against you, bulge digging into your hip. You nod once, biting your lip so hard that you taste blood. Luke jolts up to his feet when he heard footsteps by the door.

“Luke, I forgot that your father and I have to go out! Do you think you could drive (Y/N) home after you finish studying?” His mother questions.

“Perfect. For the rest of the night I get you all to myself.” Luke kisses your ear, brushing any loose strands of hair away from your face.

“Yeah, mum. That’d be perfect, actually.” He murmurs back, trying to regulate his erratic breathing. As he sits up, you can see the beads of sweat glistening against his pale, bare chest.

“Okay, dear. Have a good time!” You hear clacking heels fade in the distance and focus back on Luke’s body. You sit up as well, leaning your forehead against his.

“If I knew you looked like this underneath those ratty uniform shirts before this, I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off you.” You murmur, sliding a hand up his firm chest from your seat on the bed. Luke takes your hand and slowly brings it up to his lips, kissing each of your fingertips.

“I want to feel every part of you.” He pants, sprinkling kisses across your palm. You raise your free arm up to cover your exposed chest shyly. Luke forcefully tugs it away with his other hand.

“Don’t hide from me, (Y/N). You’re beautiful, and you deserve to feel and know it.” You blush furiously and let your arm fall by your side when he releases it, kissing him softly when he lies you down on the bed. He rolls onto his side and opens his nightstand drawer.

“Fuck, I forgot condoms.” He groans in annoyance as he rummages through the drawer.

“All our clothes have to be off first. Then you can worry about that. I still wanna see what’s hiding underneath those jeans, Hemmings.” You whisper, straddling him. He turns fully to face you just as you place your lips over his, tongue swiping over his lip ring. The sharp coldness of the metal makes you jump a little and sends goosebumps all down your body.

“Fuck,” You whine as Luke thrusts up against you through his jeans.

“Take me. Please. I just… Feels so good.. Ahh.” You break off when Luke kisses your bottom lip and wraps his arms around your bare waist. His large, warm hands feel good against your skin. Luke’s erratic breaths hitch his throat as he sits up, tangling his fingers in yours. You rest your forehead against his.

“I love you, Y/N. I have for a while. I just didn’t think you’d wanna get to know me if I looked like… That. I only dressed like that because of my parents. But I really like my look better like this. I feel.. Sexy. I feel good about myself. And my parents are okay with that. I just wanna get to know you after this and I would be very grateful if you were my girlfriend.” You close your eyes and shudder softly at his words.

“I’d love to be your girlfriend. But can we just.. Mmm.. Focus on the task at hand?” You manage, kneading Luke’s hard-on through his jeans. He groans softly and throws his head back onto his pillow, gently squeezing your hip.

“Do you want me to…?” You stare down at the monstrous bulge protruding from his jeans.

“I want you to feel good.” He breathes, fisting the comforter around you. You gently tug down his jeans and his hands land over yours.

“You first.” He gently nudges your shoulder with his nose, thumbs stroking soothing circles over the backs of your hands. You nod once, lying down with him. He gently flips you over and pins your wrists above your head, pecking your lips. He leaves a trail of kisses from your lips, to your jaw, to your neck, and stops down in the crook of your shoulder, sucking another love bite into your skin. You wince as he constantly tugs at your skin with his teeth. You gasp as his fingers once again slip into your panties, blushing as he giggles breathlessly into your neck.

“You’re so cute when you look surprised and turned on.” He murmurs, pecking your skin. You softly hum as he hooks his fingers in the waistband of your panties, looking up at you for approval. You nod and he gently tugs them down to your ankles, letting you kick them off to the side.

“Can I admit something?” You groan softly as Luke kisses down from your navel, to your left hip and across to your right one.

“Course, love.” He looks up at you playfully, waiting for you to talk before continuing.

“Every kiss from you feels.. Electric.“ You huff, trying to breathe. Luke places both hands at the sides of your head, nose nudging yours.

“And you… You take my breath away.” You sigh contently into his lips once they come crashing down on yours, savouring the taste of them.

“I love you.” The words to flow naturally from your lips when Luke looks at you the way he always does.

“I love you, Y/N.” You smile up at him, cupping his cheek and just admiring his beautiful face.

“You’re just so beautiful.” You whisper, gaze flickering from his eyes to his now chapped lips. His eyes are watering and you frown, forehead against his once more.

“What’s wrong, baby?” You huff sadly, the tears welling up in his eyes making your heart drop to your stomach.

“I never thought you would ever love me back.” Luke sniffs, smiling weakly at you. You wipe away a stray tear that falls to his cheekbone with your thumb, running it back and forth over his cheekbone.

“Well, I do. I thought you were really sweet even bored you changed the way you look. I’ve heard you singing and playing guitar in the music room while passing to go to class. You were amazing,” you giggle, hand sliding to the back of his neck to gently guide him even closer.

“You were flawless, even!” He laughs shyly, blushing at your words while tugging his lip ring between his teeth.

“You’re a really amazing and talented boy, Luke. And you’re so passionate about music! That’s something I love about you! I haven’t really found anything I’m passionate about yet, but I’ve seen you talk to people about music, and it makes me so amazed to even know you. Your eyes light up and you smile really big like you’re talking about something that’s the most important thing in the world.” Luke shrugs, smirking.

“It’s not. The most important thing, I mean.” You furrow your brows and he smiles cutely at you.

“Then what is?” He sucks in a breath just looking at you, and laughs softly as he kisses away the crease between your eyebrows.

“You. Can I make love to you now? It’s really starting to um.. Hurt.” He flushes and you laugh, nodding. He gently kisses your lips and you love that he tastes of vanilla Chapstick and mint gum. Luke’s hand trails down to your waist, a groan escaping his lips as he ruts against you once more.

“I think it’d be wise to do that without clothes on, Hemmings.” You giggle and he pouts, so you peck his lips as he tugs his pants down, kicking them to the floor. His eyes close and mouth opens with lost words and he cries out blissfully as you feel his hard-on through his boxers. You rub him through them, grinning to yourself as a small wet spot of pre-come forms in the dark material.

“Please, Y/N I need you. I really—fuck, please. I’m gonna come soon if you don’t stop that.” Luke manages to choke out, head nuzzled into your neck.

“Okay, Luke.” You murmur, giving in and letting him pull his boxers down. He hesitates as he slides down your body, hands at your hips.

“I.. Don’t have any umm… Lube.” He murmurs, flushing crimson down to his chest. You smile down at him, caressing his hair gently.

“That’s okay.” You murmur.

“You sure?”

“Yes, Luke.” You gently run your fingers up and down his arms, reassuring him. He carefully lines himself up with your entrance, sliding the head in slowly. Your eyes roll to the back of your head at the sensation, making you groan and dig your nails into his bicep.

“Move.” You beg, clawing up to his neck, tugging his lips down to yours. He gasps into your mouth, slowly pushing deeper into you. You pant against his hot, chapped lips, adjusting to his length.

“Okay?” He asks, lips brushing over yours as he softly rocks into you, making you scratching down his back, eyes squeezing shut.

“Mhmm…” You nod, groaning as Luke hits your g-spot. You huff as he slightly picks up speed, fisting the blankets at each side of your head. He closes his eyes and huffs hotly against your lips, gripping the headboard.

“Oh my god..” You cry out, fisting his hair. He stares down at you with dark, careful blue eyes.

“I love you.” He murmurs, pecking your lips.

“I.. I love you too..” You suck in a breath harshly as his skin brushes against your clit. He continues thrusting into you, teeth tugging at his lip ring furiously.

“You okay?” You ask, pressing a gentle hand to his cheek. He smiles weakly and nods.

“I’m so close..” He pants into your neck, sucking a love bite into it lazily. You wince at it but relax as he kisses down your neck to your collarbone. He hurriedly pulls out of you, pumping his length furiously. With a loud cry Luke comes across your stomach. You smile softly up at him, admiring his face in the light from the open blinds. His hair looks golden in the sunlight, making him truly look like an angel—well, an angel with a lip ring.

“You look beautiful.” You mumble, sitting up to kiss his cheek. Luke smiles at you.

“We should get you cleaned up.” He murmurs, hopping into his boxers and jeans.

“I’ll be right back with a cloth, love. You can just rest there if you’d like.” He smiles at you and blows a kiss from the doorway, making you blush. He unlocks the door and leaves. You flop down on your back, trying to process what just happened.
Luke told you he loved you.
You said it back.
And both of you made love in his bed.
You really want to be his girlfriend now; you love the way he makes you feel.
Like you can’t breathe, like you’ve been struck by lightning, like your heart skips a beat.

“Here.” Luke returns, closing the door quietly behind him. He wipes you down with the warm, damp cloth, kissing you softly before letting you get changed.

“Do you wanna hang out? Like, right now?” You ask, taking his hand after you sit down beside him. Luke smiles, nodding.

“I’d like that a lot, Y/N.”