lies down on the floor

N Is For Niven, Jennifer ¬ All The Bright Places (4.5/5 stars)

Is today a good day to die?

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do you reckon choji plays little tricks with his teammates like he'll show up to meet them and he's done partial expansion jutsu on just like, his ear or his nose or something and it looks absolutely ridiculous but he pretends nothing's wrong and it's a cute stupid dad-ish joke that he always plays and it will always always make ino laugh and shikamaru tries not to but he laughs too. so much. just. jokester roly poly choji

this is my favorite hc i’ve ever got

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Do you take recommendations for games? I recommend The World Ends With You! It's an amazing game for the DS with lovable characters all around. It's also developed by Square Enix! (Made Kingdom Hearts and Bravely Default)

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do you own other systems besides your 3ds? because if you own a psp or vita I would recommend the persona series. it’s not quite like bravely default, but it’s a lot darker and more based on a “friendship is power” theme as well as real-life problems and situations. (just saying this because you seem to be into various rpgs lately)

ahh thank you so much for the recs!! i might play these after i finish these games i have now haha (so many…….)

this is what i’m currently playing rn, if anyone’s curious:

final fantasy III, final fantasy VII, final fantasy IX, Kingdom hearts Re:chain of memories and fire emblem: path of radiance and after those, i’ll keep playing the other Kingdom hearts games hhh (look at all these games what the heck)