lies down on the floor

On a day when Los Angeles is focused on lavish parties and dresses that cost more than I will probably ever make in a year; when everyone who’s anyone is worried about who’s going to win a little gold statue and people think nothing of wearing millions of dollars worth of diamond jewelry, my hero hung out with his fans and helped the homeless. There is so much love in my heart for Misha Collins that I don’t even have proper words to express how much he means to me.

Omfg so I walked into the Pokemon center today and my screen went all dark and then confetti exploded everywhere and I had a FUCKING HEART ATTACK… and turns out fuckin Nurse Joy was just trying to wish me a happy birthday LMFAO what a time to be alive

N Is For Niven, Jennifer ¬ All The Bright Places (4.5/5 stars)

Is today a good day to die?