lies down in tears

shiro and matt at the garrison

now that we know matt and shiro graduated together, i bet they were the local meme legends of the garrison 

  • matt and shiro used to walk past iverson and give a salute, then run into a hallway, swap some clothing, and walk past him again to confuse him
  • for a year, matt convinced everyone, including his teachers, that he didn’t know how to read
    • “mr holt, please tell us how to solve the equation”
    • matt, on the verge of tears: “sir, you know I can’t read that. I’ve told you plenty of times before”
    • shiro in the background laughing silently while tears stream down his face
  • everyone thought there was a ghost in the garrison but it was just takashi shirogane and matt holt stealing food from the cafeteria at 3am, wrapped in bedsheets to hide their identity
  • matt taking off his glasses: “wow shiro you look so much better now”
    • shiro: “you can’t see shit, can you?”
    • matt: “just a blur, this is definitely an improvement” 
  • every time matt got a high score after a flight simulation, shiro would, without fail, say “mamma mia that’s a spicy meatball”
  • “sorry, commander iverson, shiro is sick and can’t come to class today. he’s got a bad case of updog” “what’s updog”
    • matt with tears in his eyes: “wELL-”
  • matt would inscribe random words onto every available surface. one day shiro almost passed out from laughter because he was in the library, getting a book, and on the shelf in tiny handwriting it just said ‘celery’
  • shiro: “if we ever meet aliens in space i’m telling them your name is poot” 
  • matt used to point at every unflattering image in his textbook and say “look shiro, it’s you” 
  • years after they graduate, lance finds in his textbook the phrase ‘look on page 57′ and on page 57 it just says ‘you are a fool for looking, signed, matt holt’
  • teacher!shiro: “and kids, that’s why you shouldn’t throw food at each other in the cafeteria. a boy in my grade used to do it. used to.” matt voice: “quit telling everyone i’m dead!”
key ingredients of a shitty YA fantasy novel
  • conventionally pretty white girl heroine who remains improbably attractive and curvy “in all the right places” even when she’s poor/a slave/living in the woods
  • of course she can’t acknowledge she’s pretty because then she’d be a slutty mcslutface so u gotta have some faux-modest “i’m so uglayy… my right nostril is 1 picometer bigger than my left and my cheekbones are too well-defined and my lips are so PLUSH and KISSABLE god i hate myself”
  • also the protag? is a horrible person. the fuckin w o r s t. but everyone loves her and cries abt how amazing she is
  • at least 2 love interests… the sweet actually decent guy who deserves better but is vanilla af and will probably die for angst, and the endgame fuckboi elf/fae/unicorn/whatever who shoots fireballs out his ass and is a toxically masculine douchebag
  • cartoonish bad guys who are so 1-dimensional and EVUHL that the more villainous things they do the funnier it becomes. they eat a baby, i’d better have tears of laughter streaming down my face
  • also every female villain is either a beautiful slutty mcslutface who uses her womanly wiles to achieve her ends or an old hag who hates the protagonist for being hotter than her. bonus if they’re evil lesbians
  • worldbuilding is for chumps. consistent magic systems? weak. take a few real-life mythologies. throw them on the floor. mix all the broken pieces together. bam there’s your lore u ho. make tolkien’s ghost cry,
  • plot?? PLOT??? who needs plot when there’s LoVe TrIaNgLeS to be had???? hyuk hyuk
  • not only is ur protagonist beautiful and everyone falls in love with her, but she’s gotta have some BADASS TITLES! bonus points will b awarded if u manage to include the words “fire”, “heart”, “queen” or “spell”
  • just fuckin. fuckin puke those em-dashes. colon? use an em-dash instead. ellipses? use an em-dash instead. space? use an em-dash inst
  • gays?? i only read abt str8 ppl. also the poc have gotta die for ur white protag’s angst bc thats what diversity is really about

kagehina as b-boys (for hq 69min on twitter) | (dance AU)

Alert : Parent Phan moments that might kill you

I have wanted Dan and Phil to have a baby girl for the longest time and here is a small list of moments I imagine them in, that sure will be the reason of my death.

  1. Dan trying to do her hair for her first day at school and phil drinking his coffee going “look at my beautiful little girl”
  2. The first time they hold her close to their heart and share a smile and they know what they have and what the future holds for them.
  3. Dan and Phil driving her to school- She sits in the back seat and they blast music in the car and her and dan sing every word together and phil looks on and feels this rush of blood to his face.
  4. Dan and her catching Phil, who is trying to steal their daughter’s favorite cereal.
  5. The three of them sat in the sofa crease together, watching zootopia for the thousandth time.
  6. Dan and Phil walking her down the aisle, tears rolling down all of their faces.
  7. Losing to her in video games just to see the joy on her face.

What a Virgo Moon/Juno needs to feel loved

Because both your moon sign and Juno sign can show what you need in love.. and since I’m both a Virgo moon and Virgo Juno I would think I’m pretty qualified to make this post, yeah?

  • They need someone who can help them relieve stress, or at least not put any more pressure on them. Virgo moons already put a lot of pressure on themselves in general and both Virgo Juno’s and moons put a lot of pressure on themselves to be the best partner they can be. So likely they wouldn’t be able to stick around if they’re constantly being told they need to be better. Instead just like… occasionally assure them that they’re doing well at whatever they’re feeling pressure for (in the case of Virgo Juno that could definitely be a pressure on being a good partner), as long as that isn’t a terrible lie on your part of course.
  • Be loyal. Virgo may be mutable but it’s still an earth sign. Loyalty is important.
  • It’s really the small things that make these placements feel appreciated in a relationship.. even just a few extra “I love you”’s or a hug (again they’re an earth sign so they do enjoy physical contact even if they’re subtle about it) could make them feel more appreciated.
  • Virgo is mercurian.. so another important thing is listening to them. If they need to talk about something let them talk, even if you just have a hunch that they need to talk about something make an opening for them to do so because…
  • Virgo placementa like to have this thing about not “needing” anything and putting others needs ahead of them. So if you see a Virgo moon/juno that you are dating giving you subtle signs that they may need something but not outright telling you, yes it is annoying, but you should ask them if they would like you to do __________ or if they would like to talk etc. Even if this hunch is based off of just one ☹️ emoji they send over text it might just be best for you to ask, because Virgo placements are super subtle about what they need in most cases.
  • Be consistent, Virgo is the sign of routine despite being mutable. This means keeping routine through change. If your suddenly going to go MIA on a Virgo Moon/Juno you can be assured that it will stress them the fuck out. And if you really can’t think of any way to become routine for them maybe just make sure to say good morning to them every day or start texting them around the same time every day. This can really help Virgo Moons and Juno’s feel secure in a relationship.
  • Don’t take advantage of their giving nature. In fact this applys to anyone despite their placements. Never take advantage of someone being giving. Don’t ask too much out of someone, ask if you’re asking too much out of them, see if they’d like any generosity or kindness in return. See what you am do for them because not only will it make them feel appreciated but if you want me to say this as some sort of incentive then if your kind back to someone, especially a Virgo placement, they’re really going to try to be even more kind back to you.
  • Do not. And I repeat DO NOT criticize a Virgo Moon or Juno on something they already criticize themself for. Because unless it’s something ou honestly need to bring up it will just hurt the person, a lot. And make them less trusting of you.
  • Leos may want to be treated like a queen, but Virgo moons/Juno’s would like to be treated like an angel, if you see the difference? And it may very well be good for them to be treated as such for you don’t have to worry about them getting and inflated ego because they already tear themselves down a lot.
  • When they compliment you… don’t deny that compliment. As much as Virgo placements feel kindness and care towards others they generally feel more comfortable keeping those feelings of care to themselves, so if they get themselves to openly compliment you, especially frequently, know that they must really mean it. Also, and this is especially true for Virgo moons, they will feel very unhelpful if you deny a compliment they give you and making a feeling unhelpful feels like the worst thing to a Virgo Moon.
  • Virgo moons and Juno’s are really about the little things… they appreciate someone with a cute laugh or freckles or a different perspective on things than theirs… and they like to be appreciated for the little things back..

TL;DR: appreciate Virgo moons/Juno’s for all the little things they do and go a bit out of your way to make sure they are getting everything they need and surely they will feel loved.

Near Dead End

Request:  I heard your doing request for baby driver!! I was wondering when you are free if you can do an imagine with Baby? You can pick the prompt but can it be a little bit angsty and more fluff. Thanks so much !!

A/N: This got a hella ton angstier than I meant it to, I’m sorry. But I actually really like how it turned out??? I don’t know, please try to send me some feedback! 

White lights and beeping machines filled Baby’s senses as he woke up. His vision was blurry as he sat up, not understanding the tubes in his arms that weighed him down. Groaning, he also realized his tinnitus was worse, the ringing he heard growing louder. Fantastic.

As his vision began to clear, he took a good look at the room around him. He was in a hospital bed surrounded by machines. A drip was attached to the tube that was inserted into the vein near the junction of his elbow. That must’ve been what weighed him down a minute ago. Everything was starting to make sense to him, except why he was here. He didn’t remember a thing.

Observing around him, he saw a call button on the night stand by his bed. It was placed rather far, he noted, as he stretched his entire upper half to reach it. Just barely, he clicked the edge of the red button. He faintly heard shuffling out his door.

Within seconds, three nurses and one doctor walked in, all seemingly fascinated by his consciousness.

“Miles?” the doctor asked. He was a middle-aged man, gray peeking out of his brunette hair. “Miles, do you feel okay?”

Baby barely heard the man through the ringing. He nodded, looking at the nurses while the changed his IV. He watched them before turning back to the doctor and asking, “Why am I here?”

The older man sighed as if it was a long story and sat on the edge of Baby’s bed. “You were in a rather bad car accident. In a run from the police, you’d lost control of the car and flew over a median. Your car flipped three times, Miles.”

“Was there anyone else in the car with me?” Baby immediately asked. The doctor hadn’t even answered and he already felt guilt eating at him.

“Two other men, but they were both released to the police a week ago.”

Baby began to calm down before he realized what he said. “Wait, a week ago? How long have I been here?”

“You’ve been in a comatose state for 23 days.”

Dread instantly filled him. He had been in a coma for a little over three weeks. Joe probably had no idea where he was, he had no one to care for him. And Y/N, she was probably worried sick. He had to get to her someh-

He broke out of his thought as he heard Styrofoam and cardboard clatter to the floor. Looking up, there you stood, wide eyed, cheap coffee spilt on the hospital floor. You both made eye contact. Slowly, you began to walk towards the bed, not believing your eyes. Then a smile started to form on your face and tears began to fall.

“Baby, you’re awake. I can’t believe you’re awake.” You instantly shot forward and hugged him, forcing him to let out a grunt. He must’ve had bruising everywhere because the hug really hit him. But nonetheless, he hugged you back tightly. You sat like that for a few minutes until you slowly pulled away. Your eyes still stayed on him.

Baby noticed that the doctor and nurses had left the room. And the ringing had stopped ever since you came in.

Baby didn’t even notice he was smiling until you said, “For someone who almost died, you seem kind of happy.”

He continued to grin as he took your hand. “You’re here.”

She slowly slid her hand away. “Yeah, well I had to get to Doc to find out where you were.” She wasn’t even looking at him anymore. “Oh, and don’t worry about Joe, I’ve been taking care of him.”

“I’m sorr-“

You cut him off, standing up from the bed. “’Sorry’ isn’t actually going to cut it this time, Baby. It’s not just you when you’re out on that road, you have people to take care of. You can’t just drive recklessly and think you’re the only one getting hurt. Joe needs you, I need you. When you drive, we might as well be in the backseat.”

“I’ll drive safer.”

“You say that every time!” You felt close to hysterics, angry tears streaming down your cheeks. “But you lied. You weren’t safe, and you almost got yourself killed. If you were going any faster, you wouldn’t even be here right now for me to yell at.” Finally sitting back on the bed, you grabbed his hand tightly. “Please find a way out, Baby, please. I don’t want the next time I see you to be in a morgue.”

The room fell silent as you both just stared at each other. Baby raised a shaky hand to your face and wiped away some smeared mascara. You looked like a mess. He had worried you enough to be this way. “I can promise you that you’ll never have to do that. I’ll find a way to stop driving for Doc. I’ll search for any way out that I can. Because you’re-“ The words caught in his throat as he got choked up, his own eyes welling with tears. “You’re right. I was reckless, I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking. And I never want you to go through what you just went through ever again.”

You wrapped your arms around his shoulders and cried into his neck. He held you with all he had, lifting you so that you were lying next to him.

“I love you so much, Baby,” you mumbled into his skin.

He buried his nose into your hair and shut his eyes. “I love you, too. I’m not going anywhere.”

team voltron and languages

some headcanons i have about team voltron speaking english as a second language from a certified bilingual

  • lance becomes confused over the lack of gendered words in english sometimes. he’ll trail off mid sentence trying to remember what version of the word to use and getting stuck. angrily shouting the word in spanish - gendered as it would be.
  • shiro can’t help but slip into japanese when he’s frustrated because it allows him to speak faster and he avoids insulting people in english. he apologizes anyways, even though no one understood.
  • pidge is really good at keeping her italian accent down, but when she’s tired her r’s are rolled and when she’s angry she sounds a little more fancy than she intends.
  • when keith is upset it’s like he forgets english entirely. the strings of korean he’s babbling out doesn’t make much sense either in reality. every now and then he manages to choke out a single word in english and whoever is there with him can finally understand a little better what’s bothering him.
  • when hunk is hyperfocused on anything he starts mumbling in samoan. it’s never a full sentence, just tiny fragments of thoughts. when he gets extremely excited he switches to samoan because the emotions override his second language.
  • allura talks to herself in altean. it isn’t much, but it reminds her of home and of her family.
  • coran picks up on this and anytime he’s speaking to just allura he does so in altean. they both need a little bit of home with them at all times.
  • the first time pidge talks to allura in altean it’s broken and her accent is terrible, but allura sweeps her up into a tight hug while tears stream down her face.
Make Up (Ethan)



Your heart was pounding so hard in your chest you thought it might burst through your shirt as you stood at the door of the DT warehouse waiting for Ethan to come out. You hadn’t talked to him since the night prior when he had called you practically shouting in your ear, demanding an explanation. Stupid. You should’ve closed your MacBook before you left the warehouse. You had left it open and sure enough your text messages, which were linked to your computer and your phone, popped up on the screen. Ethan hadn’t wanted to pry into your life, he had never been the kind of boyfriend to snoop, but he couldn’t resist. He knew the name all too well. His eyes scanned over the messages then he shut your computer with gritted teeth. Before he could think of anything else, he was dialling your number almost immediately.

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When you died in front of him

(Damn son, if you have a weak heart don’t read this. It’s  going to be long and emotional. It consists violence and of course, a lot of angst) 

Kim Namjoon : 

You have no idea how the hell did you get here, to a dark yet scary warehouse. Your hands were being tied so you  couldn’t move. You flinched as you saw a man with black mask and black hat approaching you, “well, well, the princess already woke up even though the prince hasn’t come yet.” 

You stared at him with feared in your eyes, you couldn’t think of anything including Namjoon. He told you about the consequences for being with him and being kidnap is one of them and you prepared. It was different from what you imagined. This is the real mafia world, it’s not like the one you read on the fanfiction sites. 

“Now, I want you to listen to me. Okay, sweetheart?” You nodded slowly and listened to his words very well. “The choice is yours,” he said and ended his explanation. 

Namjoon did realize about you missing and because he has a lot of people he could find you so easily and went to the warehouse with few people. There you were, standing with gun in your trembled hand. Namjoon knew what happened right away and raised his hands. His men followed him but got shot right away by the rivals.

“y/n, hun, I know you don’t want to do this, just put that gun away and come here.” You shook your head, you couldn’t tell him everything because the man who kidnapped you were watching somewhere else. Namjoon were staring at you, “I love you so much, y/n and I know you’ll regret it.” You still shook your head and bursted in tears. “I can’t do this.” 

Namjoon widened his eyes as he saw you shot yourself and fell down with blood all over your body. He ran towards you with his panic expression, he called Jin and Yoongi to get some help. “Damn it, y/n why the hell you…shit.” He tried to pressed your wound harder. You stared at him weakly, “no…he told me to choose and I chose this.” He bursted in tears why desperately keeping you stay conscious. “No, no, no. Don’t you dare to close your eyes, no…” He screamed as he saw your hand fell from his arm. “Please, can’t you stay? You always did when I told you to stay but why you didn’t listen when I told you to come back right now?”

Kim Seok Jin : 

It’s been a year since you gone and Jin still haven’t accept the reality. He cried when he saw your selca on his phone, he still remember clearly from what happened that day. 

You wanted him to stay for a day because you were scared but Jin thought that it might be because you scared of the dark, so he said that you’ll be okay because it’s only a day trip. You trembled in fear but nodded as Jin placed you small kisses around your face and waved his hands. 

“I love you,” you said in small voice. 

Jin didn’t know that you were supposed to kill him before he went to the trading place but you can’t. You won’t kill the one you loved so you decided to overdose yourself inside the bedroom. 

“Hyung,” Jungkook suddenly called him through phone, “where are you?”

“I’m in the warehouse. Are you okay? It looks like you have been crying, Maknae,” he chuckled. Jungkook cried while on his phone, “hyung, it’s about noona,” he said, “she’s dead. Taehyung and I found her lying with her lifeless body,” he cried. 

Jin forgot to breath at the moment, he ran to his car and drove his car crazily, “Jungkook, this isn’t funny,” he said. Taehyung took the phone from Jungkook, “hyung….please come here, oh my God. The situation is….noona….” He sobbed uncontrollably. Jin threw his phone and couldn’t believe their words. 

He found out later that she made a deal with one of the toughest rival of Jin, he threatened her to kill him or you could kill yourself. He remembered the feared in your eyes that day and it makes him guilty and missed you so much. He couldn’t live without you but he needs to live for you. 

“I’m sorry and I love you so much, y/n. I missed you so much…” He cried. 

Min Yoongi :

Both of you were trapped, it turns out that one of his men betrayed him and escorted both of you to an empty building with gun on his hand. Yoongi didn’t bring any weapons that time, he pulled you behind his back. 

“Now, now, Yoongi, I know she’s your weakness.” He shot Yoongi on the shoulder and you flinched as you saw him covered in blood. He scoffed and showed no expression at all, “you missed.” The man chuckled and suddenly out of nowhere someone kicked both of you out of the building but Yoongi held into the wall. 

He frowned in pain because he held you with his wounded arm and you could see the blood dripping over to your shirt. “Yoongi, let go of me,” you said in trembled voice. “Are you crazy? I won’t!” He yelled in pain. You stared downwards and sighed, “it’s okay,” you said. He shook his head, “we are in the 15th fucking floor I won’t let you go.”

“Min Yoongi, let go of my hand. You’re in pain.” He hates it. He hates when he’s weak, he was pretty confidence he could protect you from everything but it turns out that you would sacrifice yourself because he got this stupid wound. The man stepped on another Yoongi’s hand and smirked, “you’re weak, Yoongi.” 

You tried to removed your hand from Yoongi but he tightened his grip, “don’t leave me,” he said weakly, “please?” You cried and shook your head, “sometimes you need to let go the one you loved Yoongi,” you said. He managed to hold his tears, “y/n, please? Trust me.”

“I trust you, Yoongi. I know you can live without me.”

“I’m a mess without you….” He cried. You smiled to calmed him down. the last smile you would give him, “it’s okay, Yoongi. Let me go.” You loosened your grip and fell down, Yoongi screamed your name and bursted in tears as he saw you lied down with blood all over the street. “See, Yoongi? You are weak.” 

Jung Hoseok : 

“I’m hooommeee!!” He yelled when he opened your apartment door, “y/n? Where are you?” He asked. The room was messed so he became panic, he ran all over the place, you weren’t in the bedroom, in the kitchen, living room, everywhere. 

But then, he saw the bathroom door opened. He walked slowly, afraid for what will he see next. He didn’t want to think the worst scenario but….”oh Lord.” He fell as he saw you got shot, “y/n, y/n,” he tried to wake you up but none. You were dead. 

He call one of his men, “check her CCTV and hidden camera, call Jin hyung and Namjoon here.” He trembled as he lifted you up from the floor and bring you to the living room, he hugged you tightly as he laid you down and bursted in tears, “I left you…I shouldn’t came to the meeting. You….you…” 

The ambulance came along with his men. He saw you, fighting with his rival gang. You didn’t tell his secret, you were in pain when he beat you up several times. “Stop,” Hoseok said in small voice, “I don’t want to watch it any longer, tell Jimin to watch this.” He walked around the hospital.

Doctor said you were suffering a lot of injuries before you died, broken ribs, bruises, and others. He still remembered when you waved and smiled when he was about to work, he couldn’t believe the reality. He wouldn’t show any smile anymore even to the Bangtan, he’s empty. 

Park Jimin : 

It turns out that you worked for the rival gang but your love for Jimin was true, and you would do anything to protect him. Your relationship was supposed to be a secret from your group but somehow they found out and used you. 

“Kill him, y/n. He’s our target since we build this group.”

“I can’t, I’m sorry.” Jimin stared both of you confusedly and told you to explain. “I work for them but I don’t want to kill you, Jimin. I love you very much and I can’t let anyone hurt you.” 

He got bad feelings from your words, “why you didn’t tell me about this?” He asked. 

“Because this is my business.” You glared at your boss, “I won’t kill her. I’ll take the consequences.” Your boss smirked. You walked from Jimin, he grabbed your arm, “where are you going?” You smiled, “I can’t kill you which actually is my job. So,…I have to pay from what I did.”

“Which is?” Your friends grabbed your arms and pulled you inside the van while Jimin tried to chase you but Jungkook and Namjoon held him. You turned your head and smiled to him, “everything is gonna be okay, Jimin. Trust me.”

“Everything won’t be okay when you’re not with me…” 

“Goodbye,” you said as your friend closed the door. Jimin would fell on his knees and cried. “They will kill her, right? She disobey the order so she needs to take the consequences…” Namjoon tried to calm him down. “It’s all my fault, hyung..” He cried, “now she’s gone. How am I supposed to live when she’s not around?”

Kim Taehyung : 

They have you for hostage, Taehyung did think that it’s a trap so he needs to be careful. You shot a glare to the man who kidnapped you, “what the hell are you doing to me? I don’t know anything.” 

“Shut up, I need to show him a lesson and you’re coming with me.” He dragged you by your hair and you screamed in pain. There was a huge aquarium, an empty one. You widened your eyes, “y-you….you won’t kill me, right?”

“Let’s see if I have to.” Taehyung came and talked to one of the rival’s man. You were really scared and prayed that Taehyung would come to save you. But they got Taehyung and beat him up before he was forced to watch the aquarium. The man smirked and pushed you who were being tied. 

Taehyung widened his eyes, “y/n! y/n!!” A lot of people held him tight and he saw you struggle to breathe. He cried as both of you made an eye contact. You stared at him softly. “Please, I will give you everything just don’t….take her.” He begged. You couldn’t breath anymore and you don’t want Taehyung to see you sad so you smiled. He widened his eyes and screamed your name. But you didn’t move an inch at all. “She’s gone now, Taehyung. What a shame.” 

Jeon Jungkook : 

It was a rainy day and both of you were fighting, Jungkook had been gone for weeks without telling you. He said it’s because his job and has nothing to do with you. 

“I wait for you everyday! And it was nothing to do with me?! Fine!” You ran outside the apartment to the street. and he chased you out. You ran towards the traffic and the light was red. 

“Y/N!” Jungkook yelled, “Look, I’m sorry! Okay? I’m very sorry about that, I was very emotional,” he yelled again. You couldn’t hear him because the rain you you stil ran. You were in the middle of the street when suddenly you saw a light from your left side. 

Jungkook stood there. He saw you getting hit by a car, “no, no, no, this can be hapenning. Shit this isn’t real,” he mumbled. He ran towards you. You didn’t respond at all, he also checked your heartbeat and he cried as he heard nothing. He hugged you tightly, “y/n….” He called, “I know you’re somewhere near me. Just listen to me this time. I love you so much and I will do anything for you, I’m so sorry I said harsh things to you,” he cried while he caressed your back. 

“I’m so sorry….” 

okay but can you imagine the conflict between the parents and jonah getting so bad that the parents are like “fuck it, let’s run away too” 

  • the yorkes are like…lowkey excited, since they hate PRIDE and jonah so much they were planning on fleeing to the yucatan anyway. they’re outdoorsy people and like all natural foods and are hippy trash
    • every night they suggest listening to the psychedelic folk station on the radio they found, because “that one grateful dead song is not to be believed!” and it drives everyone mad, tina is about to kill them both
  • “do you think this thrift store has anything in white?” “for fuck’s sake, leslie, white is the least inconspicuous color on the planet” 
  • tina brings a blanket that amy made for her when she was five. though she and robert throw out their wallets and their phones, they keep the pictures of their daughters. 
  • janet is the Snack Mom, and is definitely the most thoughtful of the bunch. she tries to make fancier things out of what crappy food they’ve stolen, but it rarely works out. 
    • it’s an unspoken agreement that they’ll all make sure janet never has to be around victor alone ever again. 
  • the wilders were off doing their own thing, trying to find alex and fight jonah by themselves, but they eventually join the group too
    • “damn, you people have been living like this?” “shut up, did you guys at least bring food?” 
  • the parents finding scraps of fabric and food and paper that their children accidentally left behind, and trying to follow them to keep them safe
  • leslie revealing how much more shady shit she knows, and robert holding tina back from beating her with her staff
    • though, when frank finds them and asks leslie to join he and jonah and victor, no one stops her from punching him square in the face
  • “i’m sure the kids are fine. i mean, karolina has chase to lean on. they’ve been so close lately–” “i thought karolina was gay?” “wait, what?” “what?” 
    • “no, chase likes gert. like, as more than a friend. though she thinks dating is so ‘heteronormative,’ apparently?” “that’s my DAUGHTER!!”
  • every night, at least one of them is awake, crying. at the beginning, it was stacey – she just misses gert and molly so much it hurts, her and dale should have stayed far, far away from PRIDE, and now molly has lost two pairs of parents. janet cracks next, and then, it seems like all of them have been up at least once, wallowing in guilt and shame
    • the wilders are the last. usually so strong, so tough, the group knows they’re in trouble when they find a page of thrown away notes in alex’s writing, geoffrey can’t even look nd silent tears race down catherine’s face
  • every night, they fall asleep in the back of a stolen van with stolen plates, curled under a half dozen blankets. stacey and dale are near the radio, her head on his chest, his hands raking through her curly hair. then, leslie and janet, newly friends after ditching their trash husbands, a tangle of light hair and legs and arms wrapped around each other.  catherine and geoffrey are next, spooning comfortably. lastly, tina and robert, laying apart but facing each other, hands touching. the radio plays fleetwood mac softly, the fire outside is now just embers.
  • and tomorrow, they’ll start the search all over again
Unintentionally Loved | 2

Originally posted by armythreej

Pairings: Taehyung x reader x Jungkook

Genre: University!au, Love Triangle, Angst, Fluff, Smut

Words: 1,4k

Warnings: none

Summary: Your two best friends fall in love with you and your life turns into a hardcore rollercoaster.

A/N: Hi! We are back! Enjoy~

You were lying in your warm and comfy bed in between your many pillows and stuffed animals. It was already 2am and after spending your whole day with studying. Your eyes felt really heavy and with the warmth of your bed you slowly drifted into sleep but a soft knock on your window woke you up.

With hooded eyes, you looked up who it was and you saw a tear strained Jungkook sitting in front of it. You quickly switched the fairy lights on and opened the window to let Jungkook in. He didn’t say a word, just went straight to your bed and curled up into a ball.

Lately, this has happened quite often. First, it was Taehyung who was heartbroken and now, weeks later it was Jungkook. It was nothing new to you. While everyone else knew Jungkook as the tough guy, who seemed strong enough to overcome all hardships alone in his life you knew that the truth behind this Facade.

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You found me; (pg)

Originally posted by kookmint

Pairing(?): Jungkook x reader

Genre: horror???? Maybe fluff?? In the slightest?

Warnings: slight gore/disturbing themes. Not for the light hearted. Death? Death.

Word count: idk, short

Jungkook never talked.

Never have you heard a single sound come out of his mouth. Not a word, not a pant, not a breath, not a laugh. But that was okay. He just didn’t like talking. Some people were like that.

[October 31st 2016; one year ago]

“Mom, I swear I’ll be back before 10, okay? I love you!” You fixed the hat on your costume and ran our the door. Halloween. Your favorite night of the year. Some people may have thought you were too old to be trick-or-treating, but you were only 14. What’s the big deal?

Ringing door bells, yelling “trick or treat!” adults gazing at you weird before handing you candy and closing the door without even bothering to ask for a joke. You were used to it, what could you say? Throughout most of the night you were alone. You didn’t actually have any real friends. But you were so nice! And you were determined to make friends at some point.

Walking down the road, less and less kids walked the street, fewer porch lights on and you decided to return home. The neighborhood was dark, the aftermath of teenager’s Halloween parties melting into the distance. But something was off.

Sitting on the curb a few meters away was a boy. A boy about your age, sitting alone with an empty candy bag. He was wearing bunny ears, the only thing resembling a costume of any sort. Walking quietly up to him, you spoke. “Why don’t you have any candy?”

The boy jumped out of his skin, spinning to look at you, dark hair pressed against his forehead. You laughed at his reaction. “Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you!” You smiled at the boy and he slightly smiled back. “I’m y/n! What’s your name?” You asked giddily. Maybe he would he your friend!

Jungkook didn’t answer. Sitting down on the street curb next to you, you looked at his empty candy bag and saw a name stitched on the hem. “Jungkook… Your name is Jungkook?” You asked. He nodded in reply. “Sweet! Nice name. So, Jungkook why didn’t you get any candy?”

Jungkook shrugged, looking at street, picking at a rock on the ground. You dug out a chocolate bar from your bag and handed it to him. Jungkook smiled a bunny-like smile and you grinned back. “Hey, your ears match your smile,” you giggled. Jungkook sheepishly nodded.

“Hey so does this make us friends now?” You asked with your hopes high. Jungkook replied with a “why not?” shrug and you grinned. “Yay! I’ve never had a friend before.”

[October 31st 2017; present]

Jungkook became your best friend. Well, you’re only friend really. As you spent more and more time with him you came to discover how he never talked, responded in nods, head shakes, shrugs and other small gestures, along with the occasional note.

Everyone always acted weird around Jungkook. They either looked in his direction with a confused look or ignored him completely. The only people who slightly acknowledged him was your parents, and even your father had a hard time with that. You just didn’t understand why… But now after year of your friendship, exactly one year after the night you met Jungkook, you and him were up in your room getting ready to go trick or treating once again. You placed the bunny ears on Jungkook’s head crooked, and he made a face, smacking your hands away and fixing the crooked ears.

“Alright Kookie, looks like we’re ready to go!” You smiled and looked in your mirror, admiring this years costume. Jungkook nodded in reply and you both left your room making your way to the stairs.

“I don’t care y/m/n!” You heard your father yell. What was he mad at again? “She’s not acting right, there is something wrong with her. How are we possibly supposed to explain to everyone that our daughter is talking to someone who’s not even real?”

“Jesus, relax y/f/n, it’s just an imaginary friend. She’ll grow out of it!”

“Imaginary friend? She’s 15 for gods sake! That’s only excusable for 3 year old’s!”

Finally you had enough of their conversation. They were talking about Jungkook again. Weren’t they? You took Jungkook’s hand and walked down the stairs and your mother and father stopped yelling.

“Y/n,” your mother smiled warmly. “Ready for trick or treating?” Your father rolled his eyes.

You didn’t answer her question. “Were you guys talking about Jungkook again?” You frowned at your parents and your father crossed his arms, your mother’s smile saddening a bit. You looked over Jungkook who remained expressionless.

“Sweety…” Your mother started. “Maybe we should have a talk. Come sit down,” your mother sat on the couch. You followed her and sat on the other end, Jungkook sitting next to you. “Y/n, we’ve been meaning to talk to you about this for a while because it’s starting to become… Unhealthy for you,” your mother started.

“Unhealthy? What’s unhealthy?” You looked at your mother, confused, and then looked at Jungkook to see if he knew what she was talking about. Jungkook looked at you and shrugged.

“Honey, you know Jungkook isn’t real, right?” Your mother finally said. You looked at her in surprise.

“What? Of course Jungkook is real, he’s sitting right here!” You pointed next to you. Your mother frowned and looked at where Jungkook was.

“Honey, I don’t see anyone. No one does. He’s not real,” your mother stated. You grew angrier and angrier and you stood up.

“Jungkook is real, he’s my best friend! I’m not just imagining him! He just doesn’t talk.” You frowned.

“Y/n, please don’t get upset,” your father butted in. “We think we know why you think he’s real.”

You crossed your arms and stood there. “Fine then. Go on, explain. Explain why everyone ignores him!”

“We think…” Your father sighed. “We think that since you’ve been so lonely, that your mind just kind of created Jungkook so you’d have a friend,” he explained.

You stood there in disbelief. “Wow…” You started. “You must be seriously batshit if you think that.”

Jungkook shook with a silent laugh and your mother looked at you appalled. “Y/n! Do not speak that way!”

“What is wrong with you people?!” You exclaimed, tears welling in your eyes. You grabbed Jungkook’s wrist and started towards the front door. You weren’t staying there any longer. You couldn’t believe that they hated Jungkook so much they’d make up some lie that you were crazy.

“Y/n, please wait-” your mother got up but you interrupted her.

“I am not crazy!” You finally yelled and ran out the door and away from the house with Jungkook along your side. You ran and ran until you reached the edge of the woods at the end of your neighborhood. There you stood by the fence blocking off entrance to the trees and you cried, palms pressing into your eyes until it hurt. Jungkook walked up to you and wrapped his arms around you in a comforting hug and you hugged him back, crying onto his shoulder.

You gripped his shirt. Jungkook is real. I’m not crazy.

“I’m sorry, Jungkook,” you pulled away and wiped your eyes. Jungkook smiled at you and nodded his head. You sighed. “I can’t believe they think I’m crazy. I’m not going back home,” you shook your head and looked down at the ground.

You heard rustling, and chain link against chain link and you looked up to see Jungkook peeling back a section of the tall fence that blocked off the wooden area. He crawled through the open part of the fence and nodded for you to follow him. Then he started running into the woods.

“W-Wait, Jungkook! Wait for me!” You yelled and climbed through the fence, running after him.

You kept running and running, dodging trees and stepping on twigs, the only light leading you was the moonlight, Jungkook being far ahead of you. You ran until you broke through some trees and tripped over your feet and started tumbling painfully down a hill. You screamed as you fell down the steep hill, twigs puncturing you and dirt smearing your costume as you rolled over on top of yourself multiple times. Finally you reached the bottom of the hill landing on your back, the wind knocked out of you, tears streaming down your face.

You lied there for a few seconds, regaining your breath, and then sitting up. You wiped your face with your sleeve, picked out the leaves and twigs out of your hair and looked around you. To your right you saw the path you took as you stumbled down the hill, and your left you saw Jungkook sitting against a tree— the only tree in the clearing.

Jungkook waved at you and you smiled, forgetting the painful fall and you stood up, legs a bit sore and waved back. You dusted yourself off and ran over to Jungkook, sitting next to him against the tree.

Jungkook showed you a note. “You found me.”

You grinned. “I found you!” Jungkook flashed that bunny smile back at you and handed you a piece of candy. You took it and unwrapped it, eating the hard piece of candy and wondered where he even got the candy. “Where’d you get this candy?” You asked, and he showed you a bag of candy next to him. ‘Jungkook’ stitched onto the hem. You decided not to question how he got it.

You and Jungkook continued talking and eating candy until you saw Jungkook had started to drift off, head leaned back on the tree trunk with his same note lying in his lap. You smiled, and feeling drowsy yourself leaned your head on Jungkook’s shoulder and closed your eyes. Jungkook leaned his head against yours, and the both of you fell asleep against the tree.


“Y/N!!!” Your mother yelled out into the forest, the crisp night air causing her breath to show in front of her. Soon after you ran away, your mother had called the police, a search party assembling.

“Y/n!” Your mother sobbed out again, leaning back against your father who was walking behind her, barely even having anymore energy. They had been searching the forest for an hour now. Your father wrapped his arms around your mother, helping her continue walking as she sobbed.

A police officer tried comforting her but she only kept crying. The officer leaned to her partner. “Remind me to never let the mother come again on a search party,” she said to her partner who nodded. They continued walking, flashlights shining on trees in the darkness.

A few minutes later they all broke through the clearing, the one you had fell down and looked around. A police officer shined a flashlight down the hill and you were greeted with a beam of light shining on your body.

There you were, sitting at a tree sleeping soundly, a smile on your face, nothing harming you. Your mother shrieked in relief. “Y/n!” She launched herself away from your father, but he only held her back before she fell down the steep hill.

Together, they all made it down the hill and finally saw the full scene.

Sitting against the tree trunk along with you was the decaying body of a young boy. When the officer shined his light on both you and Jungkook’s body, your mother screamed at the sight, and your father gasped, covering her eyes to shield his wife from the horrible sight.

It was there little girl, alive and well, but sitting next to a dead boy’s body.

The boy had bugs flying around him, clothes with holes in them, skin rotting, old bunny ears falling off his head and an old tattered note resting in his hands. “You found me.”

Your mother ripped herself from your father and ran towards you, desperately waking you up, sobs escaping her. The police officers got closer to Jungkook’s body.

“Holy shit I can’t believe it,” an officer started. “I think this is the boy that disappeared last year…”

“Jeon Jungkook?” The other one asked.

Finally, you had began to open your eyes, seeing your mother frantically pulling at you. “Mom?” You asked and looked around.

You gazed next to you, and that’s when you saw it. Nausea and terror filled your body and what you were seeing couldn’t possibly be true.

For once you finally saw what everyone else was seeing.

The decaying body of your best friend. You leaped away, shrieking in absolute terror.


Based off of Missing Halloween by Mike Inel on YouTube

Heart Of Gold

Sam x Reader

Word Count: 2980? I have no idea how that happened, this was supposed to be ~1k.

Warnings: Angst. Somewhat sexy but not super-explicit stuff. Sam being called a cupcake. No, but seriously, it’s sad. 

A/N: For @impala-dreamer‘s Titles Are Hard Challenge! Thanks to the amazing @atwistoffate for her angst expertise/brainstorming help. 

The title is from the following song. It’s referenced obliquely, but it also just sorta sets the mood. 

When Sam remembers her, he remembers the summer they met. He was fourteen and she was thirteen, and he remembers thunder and the taste of salt and the thin cotton of her pillowcase under his cheek.

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Fanfiction - Stealing Tomorrow (Chapter 6)

Chapter 6 – Sins of a Lover

Boston, 10 years and 9 months ago

Claire sat in the wide bench at the hospital’s locker room, her ears filled with a high bleeping sound, the voices around her as distant and foreign as creatures of the bottom of the deepest ocean. Her eyes were fixed on her silver ring – the flesh underneath it raw and reddened after hours of nervously twisting it on her finger, akin to a prisoner fighting a shackle turned life raft.    

“What happened to you?” A shadow extended next to her and she blankly stared above, watching as one of her colleagues, Joe Abernathy, frowned as he looked at her.

“Nothing.” She croaked, her tongue feeling ridiculously dry and furred after hours of screams and sobs in the seclusion of her apartment, followed by a prolonged silence.

“Hmpf.” He vocalized in a doubtful tone. “Ye look more like everything happened, than nothing. Do you want to grab a cup of coffee, Fraser? Or a bucket?”

“Don’t call me that!” She hissed, tears stinging her eyes – Claire tried to keep them forcefully opened, to avoid overflowing. “Claire. Just Claire.”

“Alright.” He said more softly, sitting next to her. His dark skin deeply contrasted with her own, made even more marble white than usual by fatigue and heartbreak.

Joe wasn’t exactly a friend – but he was one of the few colleagues who had shown her compassion and camaraderie, never taking a chance to shine that implied to throw another resident under the proverbial bus. He was always nice and they exchanged pleasantries every time the occasion called for words between them – but Claire had been too busy daydreaming about Jamie for the past few months, to really dedicate herself to the task of establishing a fulfilling friendship. I don’t want you anymore. Claire mechanically pressed the ring against her raw finger, welcoming the pain that kept her grounded to the present.

“You know what?” Joe slapped his big hands against his knees, covered with blue scrubs. “I think I have just the thing you need. A nasty Whipple procedure in OR two in twenty minutes. What do you say?”

“I can’t take your surgery, Joe. You earned that with your hard work assisting Doctor Raymond on that hemorrhoidectomy.” Claire shook her head, crumpling her surgical cap.

“You need to cut, Lady Jane.” He smiled with kindness. “People can say whatever they want, but I know a surgeon when I see one – and you’re it. Once you have the blade in your hand, you’ll be able to forget – or at least to push to the outskirts of your mind – whatever is bothering you so much. On the off-chance that doesn’t work, you can always pretend you’re cutting the face of whoever hurt you.”

Claire breathed deeply – the smell of deodorant and foot powder a soothing presence, reassuring her that some things were still the same. She had come to the hospital almost in the middle of the night for it – trying to leave the wreckage of her life behind the closed door of her apartment - only to discover that the destruction had found a cranny whereby it could enter her body, taking hold of her like a parasite with an innocent host.

If only she could shed her entire body with its memories, like a blessed snake, perhaps she could morph into something else. Freedom. Forgetfulness. Painless breathing again. But she was only allowed blue scrubs, with matching cap and mask – they would have to serve that purpose.

“If you’re sure.” She said hesitantly. “I’ll try not to disturb you too much.”

“Nonsense.” He clapped, ecstatic. You’ll do just fine. Don’t overthink it.”

“Alright.” Claire raised from the bench to tie her black sneakers. Make a loop. Tie it harder. Breathe. As she prepared to walk beside him, she wrinkled her nose in confusion in his direction. “Who the hell is Lady Jane?”


Edinburgh, Present day

“You’re awake.” Claire greeted, entering his room and seeing him half-sited, reclined against a pile of pillows, doing exercises with his hand. “It’s late, but I was quite busy today – a couple of patients from the fire needed to be re-interventioned for some complications.”

“That’s alright.” Jamie gave her a shy smile. “I dinna expect ye to come at all, so it’s a nice surprise.”

“I hear they are offering you a medal for your brave conduct while on duty.” She said in an attempt of conversational tone, sitting on a chair by his bed. “Just saw two grown men sobbing their eyes out while coming here, talking about how Chief Fraser is a goddam hero and saved their lives.”

“Well,” He replied, slightly shrugging his shoulders in a blatant sign of discomfort. “I don’t feel like a hero. More like a fool.”

“Hm.” She snorted in outspoken agreement. “Can’t really challenge that. How is your hand?”

“Rigid. Tender.” Jamie grimaced, showing her the bandaged hand with just the tip of the fingers visible. “But hopefully, in time, I’ll be able to wipe my own arse with it.”

The corners of her mouth almost formed a smile, but she hurriedly commanded them to stop. Almost. He used to make her smile all the time, effortlessly - and it seemed like the wheels and screws of her body still remembered that easy mechanism.

“Claire…” He started in a pleading tone.

“Why do you still wear your wedding ring, Jamie?” Claire anticipated in a low voice. “We have been divorced for almost ten years – and you took away its meaning even before that.”

“Don’t ye know?” He replied in a soft tone, as his fingers dutifully played with the small exercise rubber ball.

“How would I know?” She said, anger bringing an edge to her words. “You told me you didn’t want me anymore. That you had someone else you wanted to be with – I expected to find you remarried with a proper Scottish wife, a handful of children around your bed. And yet there’s no wife around to fluff your pillows and put jelly in the mouth of her valiant husband.”

He tilted his head, as if he was embarrassed by her words. “I had my reasons to say that.”

“Let’s hear them, then.” She crossed her arms and looked impatiently at him. “I believe you owe me at least the curtsy of the truth, Jamie.”

Jamie nodded and for a moment his eyes seemed lost in contemplation of something invisible, pages of their story turning backwards until he could find the appropriate chapter and the words to tell it. When he talked again, his voice was quick and low, slightly ragged.

“Ye were failing.” He looked at her as if urging her to understand. “Ye told me that yourself. Everything ye had worked so hard to accomplish was turning into smoke.” Jamie clenched his jaw. “I knew it was because of me – my fault. When ye met me, I changed the course of yer life. Ye were torn – distracted. I had to do something.”

“What?” Claire whispered, the world slightly tilting around her like a bizarre attraction in an amusement park. “Tell me, Jamie – What did you do?”

“How does a man wilfully rip his heart out of his chest? What madness can drive ye to do such a thing?” He whispered, as if to himself, before he glanced at her. “Not madness – love. I found I could do it, as long as I knew ye safe and well.”

“I don’t understand.” She babbled - but realization was slowly dawning on her, brutal and consuming as wildfire, leaving her shaking like a burnt leaf on the wind.

“I already knew what I needed to do.” Jamie nodded, immersed on his tale – finally able to share his terrible truth, a numbing dart to the poisonous beast that sat on his chest. “I made the decision the night we spoke on the phone – promised to myself I’d do it when I went to visit ye. But I couldn’t!” He closed his healthy hand on a fist, his body trembling from strong emotion. “I was weak. I couldna stop myself from loving ye again and again – knowing I couldna lie to yer body; swearing every time I touched ye would be the last. One last day of happiness – one last memory I could hold on to.”

Claire was openly crying by then, tears silently falling across her cheeks, witnesses of two broken hearts bleeding together into the world.

“I went to see Doctor Raymond one afternoon.” Jamie gulped. “I was hoping there might be another way. But he confirmed what I already knew – he told me ye were a natural healer, a potential brilliant surgeon, if ye were allowed to focus solely on that. He promised he would take care of you.” He finished softly.

“You told me you didn’t want me!” Claire repeated, lips quivering, her amber eyes open in shock.

“I thought I’d die from saying it. But ultimately I would say that and much worse, Claire.” He affirmed, his blue eyes moist but defiant. “I would deny God himself and Jesus on the cross for yer sake. I would disown my own heart and lungs. There’s no limit for what I’d do for ye to have peace, mo nighean donn.”

“It was not your choice to make!” She sobbed, slightly rocking herself on the chair. “My life, James Fraser. My fucking life. Our life…”

“Aye.” He rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand. “It is that. But I canna say I regret it, Claire. Joe told me how many people you saved just today – how every young surgeon looks up to you now. It seems to me I made the right choice.”

“You don’t know a thing…” Claire hissed. “About what I went through. I barely made it…I was barely sane.” Her voice sounded like a woman drowning even to her own ears. “You wouldn’t even see me to sign the divorce papers, you sent Ned Gowan in your place…”

“I never said I wasna a coward.” Jamie admitted, slightly tilting his head. “I dinna trust myself not to fall on my knees and beg yer forgiveness. To tell ye right there and then of my wicked ways. To kiss ye and never let go. I hoped…” His voice broke. “You’d never have to see me again.”

“I thought you were in love with someone else.” Claire sobbed, closing her eyes to block the sight of his face, grimacing in pain. “I couldn’t close my eyes without seeing you laying with a faceless woman, whom you’d say everything you once said to me. Listening all your promises turning into lies.”

“There was never another woman.” He whispered, tears falling down his lashes. “There could never be another woman, Claire. I still wore yer wedding ring because – papers or no – I will forever be married to ye. I will always love ye, mo ghraidh.”

“I could never forgive you for this…” Claire entwined her hands, like a silent prayer for the ability to retrieve what had been lost between them. “You took away my choice. You traded our love for something I never wanted. You decided for us both.”

“Aye.” He swallowed hard – his voice hoarse and broken beyond repair. “But can ye honestly say I was wrong in thinking that this is the woman ye were meant to become? That by letting ye go I wasna in fact loving ye more than I ever could be keeping ye?” Jamie closed his eyes, whispering. “Mine are the sins of a lover. Ye were given to me, Claire – and I loved ye well.”

anonymous asked:

An imagine where Theo is having severe ptsd and Liam/Scott/whoever decides he needs to see a therapist, but Theo doesn't want to go to therapy alone.

Your suffering is my command.

He lays on the bed in the dark, cuddled into a pillow, he sniffs as his body shakes with his crying. He presses the pillow closer and clutches it hard as another sob leaves his body. He’s been like this for a full hour now. Stopping and starting, over and over. He doesn’t even know why he is upset for. He has suffered so much before, acted so strong and held himself together, but its times like this when he can’t pretend anymore. He takes a big shaking breath and rubs the wetness of his face, for a little time he falls quiet, his hand stroking the side of the pillow. He sniffs again and closes his eyes, hearing a car driving down the street, the lights shining around the ceiling but he ignores it. He stays there until he falls asleep.

Downstairs Liam watches as Scott places the room, the Alpha looks troubled. Liam knows why.

“What sort of help Liam? Theo doesn’t seem to need our help” Scott reasoned “And, why would he?”

“He needs help” Liam listened to upstairs, but there was no sound of walking coming from the room above. “Scott, it’s the third time this week, and last week he barely slept, he was shouting about his sister in his sleep and we did that to him- “

“Theo did that to her” Scott knew he shouldn’t get angry with Liam, but it was hard

“I know, but I was the one who got him out of there. He’s not the same as he used to be, he’s different now and there’s something wrong with him. Last night he was just sat up in bed for ages, just looking at the floor, for hours. He’s up there now and I know he’s crying. He does that a lot too, there is just something wrong with him, he doesn’t sleep and when he does he wakes up screaming his sister’s name, he gets confused and looks around the room as if he doesn’t believe he’s really here”

Scott sat on the sofa next to Liam. Conflicted over wanting to help, but not wanting to get hurt. Not yet ready to forgive the person who killed him. He remembered Theo’s maniac expression as he sunk his claws into Scott’s chest. His mind flickered to the boy who smiled at him in the rain, approaching Scott as an old friend returning home. He remembered the concerned boy in the locker room, sitting down next to him to tell him lies and deceit. He sees the fake tears falling down Theo’s face as he teary tells Scott the lies about Stiles killing Donovan

“Are you sure? Absolutely sure this isn’t an act?” Scott warned.
Liam took a while to answer, but then he nodded
“I’m sure. It’s real”

Long soggy hair strands covering her ghostly pale face… the stench of rotten flesh… the decaying bones all ripped open… Her hand pulling out his heart.
Theo leaped up and slammed his head into the headboard, the pillow hitting the floor. A yelp escaped Theo’s mouth and his stomach churned, making him dash to the bathroom, making it just in time. Coughing he flushed the toilet and washes his mouth out. Then washing his face. His hair stuck up untidy, his eyes red and puffy, his face pale. His eyes looked red. He was a mess. He filled a cup with water and sat on the bathtub drinking, his hand shaking as his other checked to make sure his heart was there still. His hands were freezing cold, so were his feet, but the rest of him felt clammy and hot. He wanted to get his hoodie from downstairs so went down the stairs to get it, stopping as he heard Liam talking to Scott.
About him.

“Maybe I should ask my dad to talk to him? Your mother doesn’t really get on with him. He really needs help, isn’t there medication for this? I – I give him Risperdal the other day, he was so upset, he was shaking and he couldn’t breathe right, I don’t know what was happening to him, it used to make me tried so I give him some, he doesn’t know, I crushed some in his drink. It calmed him down a little, he managed to sleep, but I can’t keep drugging him”

Theo frowned, remembering earlier this week when he became really sleeping and went to bed early. Liam didn’t seem surprised. Theo vowed to be more careful around the younger boy.

“Liam, you can’t just drug Theo” Scott sounded exhausted
“I know! I won’t do it again. I thought I was helping him…” Liam muttered.

The step Theo was on groaned, the two boys stopped talking.  Theo closed his eyes hard and opened them when he heard Liam say his name from the room.

“Theo?” Liam’s head came from the sitting room. Theo’s eyebrow raised “Just getting- a drink” Theo shrugged, walking down and past Liam, seeing Liam noticing how rough he looks.

Scott followed Theo into the kitchen. Theo didn’t make eye contact with the Alpha, didn’t look around at him.
“At the hospital they do one to one appointments, my mom does them often without patients. Stiles went once. Maybe you should drop in. Liam says you’ve been having a bad time?”
Theo still didn’t look up; his shoulder was tucked into his neck. He lowered it, trying to relax a little. A hot tear ran down Theo’s face.  He blinked the others away and just nodded. Taking his time making a drink without letting Scott see his tears. It had gotten to the point where even Scott pitied him. He drank slowly, still facing away from Scott until the other boy walked out the room. Theo stayed in there, alone, his lips moving by themselves, sometimes shaking, other times moving to the side. He traced his finger over drops of water around the sink.

He heard the door opening and closing… Scott had left.

“Maybe you should think of going.” Liam came back “It may help you. What you said happened down there with the skinwalkers- “Theo turned around and Liam seen just how tired the other boy looked, how broken he was “You don’t have to face it alone Theo. I can ask my dad, he knows therapist and Melissa, she has access to medication. Maybe its stress you are suffering from, maybe- “Liam broke off. Theo’s eyes were all watery, his lip moving by itself. He looked so much younger. 

Right away Liam went to him and held him. Stroking the back of Theo’s head, he heard the other boy asking Liam to come with him. 

angel boy | sub!jeonghan

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req: Can I maybeee request a sub!Jeonghan smut with a female reader..? I’m rather easy to please, so really any AU will do. It can honestly be as kinky as you please, I’m here for it..?

summary: this was NOT how jeonghan imagined this party ending.

characters: sub!jeonghan/dom!reader (female), seventeen ensemble

wc: 1.7k

genre: s m u t

a/n: BLAME CECE @softboynamjoon FOR THIS ONE TOO SHE MADE ME WORK ON IT. ur welcome @ anon i hope u enjoy this, i kinda went a little easy on the kinks but i tried not to overuse anything!

other notes: omorashi/wetting, humiliation, begging, underage drinking, jeonghan’s a fuckin brat

under the cut cause nsfw

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For the MSR Drabble challenge 😁: 54, 110, 53 xx

Yeah, so… this ain’t no drabble. I’m sorry. I’ll be better (read: shorter) next time. Thank you so much for the prompt lovely anon!

54. Why’s there a pregnancy test in the trash? 110.  You passed out for like an hour. 53. Take off your shirt.

If only Mulder had come with her.

Scully clings to the plate in her hand and fills it up with little homemade snacks. They all look good, she thinks, even if she’s not really hungry. She just needs a moment to herself, away from prying family members she hasn’t seen in years, and the food buffet in the kitchen is the best distraction she can find. And distraction is all she needs.

Because Mulder is not here.

She had asked him (almost begged him) to come with her today to the annual Scully family gathering. Will Bill be there? He had mumbled against her chest, his lips unable to remain still, kissing her, covering everything they could reach. Part of her had wanted to lie; no, no, Bill won’t be there. His mouth on her body, though, it had disarmed her. The other part of her, the one she listened to most days, had reminded her that this was Mulder. The man she loved. She was not going to start lying to him now that they were lovers.

But it doesn’t change anything now: She’s all alone here, plenty of things on her mind, and the looks her family keep throwing her way make it worse. She’s happy, of course she is, to spend time with her brothers – even Charlie made it this year –, her nephews and nieces, her mother. Seeing her cousins, new life partners, taller children – it’s all great, it’s exciting, but…

She just misses Mulder by her side.

Scully really doesn’t know when it started; the feeling must have crept up on her these last few years. Clearly, she can manage her life without him. Except. Something is different today. Something she has not found time to talk about with him (or think about herself, really). She’s late. She’s really late. Logic tells her that it’s a crazy notion; she’s barren, she knows that, and yet. Yet, here she is. Her eyes wander over to her purse. Hidden inside somewhere is a pregnancy test. She bought it on a whim on her way here and now…

If only Mulder were here.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Dana,” one of her cousins apologizes as she bumps into her at the buffet, “Are you all right? You look pale. Here, have a sausage.” It’s one of those small, cocktail sausages that Scully loves so much. Her mother probably bought them for her. Right now the combination of the slightly wrinkly texture and the strong, fatty smell makes her dizzy.

“Uhm, I’m fine,” she croaks, willing her body to relax; her stomach doesn’t listen, though, “Excuse me.” The plate clatters loudly as her fingers let go of it. Scully grabs her purse and sprints to the nearest bathroom. She locks the door, her stomach turning and churning, and throws the purse on the ground. Her knees protest loudly as they come in contact with the cold, hard tiles. There’s no time to think as her stomach lets go of its contents.

Flashbacks from her cancer explode before her eyes unasked. Scully closes them, screws them shut, and refuses to think about that. There’s a pregnancy test in her purse. As unlikely as it is, she thinks rinsing her mouth, she has to try it. Take a pregnancy test. Her hands tremble as she unpacks the small, elongated object. Scully knows too well how they work; she’s wasted many of them during the failed IVF attempts. Her eyes catch her reflection in the mirror. Her cousin was right: she does look pale. Her cheeks are hollow, her eyes exhausted and glassy, and her skin just plain waxy.

If Mulder were here he’d tell her to just take the test. He’d tell her not to worry, she thinks as she opens her zipper, pulls down her pants. He’d assure her that everything, no matter what, would turn out just fine. Mulder is a believer like that. Scully smiles, forgets that she’s peeing on a stick for a moment, and clings to thoughts of Mulder.

Someone knocks on the door, startling Scully. She can’t stay in here for another five minutes. Quickly, she wraps the test up in toilet paper and carefully puts in her purse. She stuffs the boxing into the small trash can, not even thinking about it. She flushes the toilet, washes her hands and checks her face again. When she unlocks the door, she’s looking straight into her mother’s eyes.

“Dana, there you are. Honey, what’s the matter? You’re not sick, are you?” Of course there’s no fooling her mother.

“I’m fine, mom.”

“How about you lie down for a bit?” Gently, her mother pushes her into the direction of one of the bedrooms.  

“I’m fine, really.”

“Just relax a bit,” her mother ignores her, “Our family can be quite exhausting.” She chuckles and Scully can’t do anything but listen to her mother. She sits on the bed, still clinging to her purse, feeling exhausted all of a sudden.

“Don’t worry, honey, I’ll make sure no one bothers you. Get some rest.” Her mother kisses her cheek and Scully feels tears dwell up in her eyes. I might be pregnant, mom. The words, however, get twisted in her tongue. So she simply nods, keeps the tears at bay, and remains still until the door softly clicks shut. The tears fall silently now as Scully lies down, clutching her purse, and quickly, without warning, falls asleep.

Even if she had been awake, behind the closed door she would have not heard her mother exclaim loudly: “Why’s there a pregnancy test in the trash?”

“Hey you.”  


“Wakey wakey.” Mulder chuckles next to her, his breath tickling her cheek. Mulder? She must be dreaming. Without opening her eyes, her lips curl upwards into a warm smile. A soft caress on her cheek and she sighs. What a wonderful dream, she decides.

“I miss you, Mulder.” She mumbles, caught between sleeping and waking.

“I’m right here. All you need to do is open your eyes.”

“Hmm?” Scully opens one eye, sees a blurry version of what could be Mulder, and opens the second one. “Take off your shirt.” She demands and he does as he’s told. Scully traces the scar on his shoulder, the one she put there, and yes, this is real, she decides. It’s really him.

“Mulder, what are you doing here?” The words feel like lead on her tongue and she swallows. Her mouth is much too dry. Mulder, as if reading her mind, hands her a glass of water.

“I thought you might want me here after all.” There’s a shy smile playing on his face, slightly tinged with shadows of guilt.

“Hm, always. But why? Why now? I don’t even know what time it is.” She sits up in bed with some difficulty as Mulder puts his shirt back on.

“Your mom said you passed out for like an hour.”

“Oh my god.” An hour. The pregnancy test. The purse is pushed aside and she stares at it now. She fell asleep before she could even think about any of it. And now Mulder is here. She must have dreamed him here. He’d probably love to hear her say - even think - these words.

“Are you all right? Your mother said you weren’t feeling well.” Mulder is rubbing her back and suddenly she understands.

“She called you.” She states and Mulder nods carefully.

“She was worried about you and she thought that uhm, maybe I should be here. Is there anything to worry about, Scully?”

“No,” she answers quickly,“ well, maybe.” She admits, biting her lip, feeling like the purse is now staring at her. Daring her to look at the test.

“Scully? You’re really scaring me here.”

“I’m sorry, Mulder, “she puts her hand on his stubbly cheek, “It’s just… I don’t really know how to say this. We’ve never talked about it before and now- I don’t know how to say it.”

“Scully, you can tell me anything. You know that.” She nods without looking at him.

“I wanted you here all day for this,” she reaches for her purse, “So I guess it’s a good thing I fell asleep.” Scully chuckles and immediately quiets when she catches Mulder’s confused look.

“It’s something we haven’t really talked about. Not… not like this anyway,” his face reminds her that she’s not making any sense, “Maybe it’s all a moot point anyway.” She takes a deep breath, reaches into her purse and takes out the toilet paper wrapped bundle. Glancing at it, she offers it to Mulder instead.

“Uhm, thank you?” He picks it apart layer by crumpled up layer. For a moment he stares at the stick then his face lifts up to meet hers. His lips are opened slightly, ready to say something, but there are no words.

“Is that…”

“A pregnancy test.”

“I… Scully, I thought you… I thought. It wasn’t the IVF, I mean that was, uhm… it really wasn’t the IVF, was it?” Mulder still holds the test in both hands, stares at it like it’s made of gold.

“What does it say?” Her voice quivers, she realizes, and she is thankful that this time she’s not alone.

“You don’t know?” Mulder’s eyes give nothing away but his surprise.

“No, I fell asleep before the time was up. What does it say? Do I want to know?”

“Oh, I think you want to know.” He grins, holding up the stick with shaky hands, showing her the impossible.

She’s pregnant.

Places you should be at while listening to CAMILA
  1. Never Be The Same: Karaoke would be fun
  2. All These Years: A local coffee shop in the morning or late evening while it’s not crowded
  3. She Loves Control: Lip-syncing to it in your car or in a Latina bar (can’t decide)
  4. Havana: Anywhere
  5. Inside Out: On the beach or some kind of cruise (Tropical vibe is strong on this one)
  6. Consequences: Alone in your room flipping through old photo albums & feeling your tears run down your cheeks
  7. Real Friends: On the rooftop obviously
  8. Something’s Gotta Give: Inside while it’s raining out side & pretending you’re in a music video
  9. In The Dark: Walking alone on the street jamming to the song, screaming on top of your lungs
  10. Into It: Sex music lol so I’d say on bed with your partner(s)

(The bold ones are my favs)


Thank you so much @waakeme-up for this wonderful album. We love you