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I'm not even kidding you, your alien au drawing is amazing and so creative! Like I'm honestly really impressed and your art style is adorable. Are you planning on drawing more?

ahhh thank you so much, I had a lot of fun with it!! and I definitely hope so! 


Old OC doodles from last year ♥
Received some asks about my ocs ((it’s so flattering to see ppl interested in my characters even though they’re not really developed yet eeee)) ;;; so I thought I’d upload them here :D I made most of them when I was 13 years old so they’re really special to meeee (especially the orange-haired boy AAAA my babyyy) ♥


Final Fantasy XV Week

Day 6: Reclaim Your Throne // Most Anticipated // Cor Leonis

Baby is sick and also homesick, maybe also misses his dad, and Cor just so happens to be there conveniently taking care of ouji. ( / 3 ; )


What if Diana’s mother spent all her money helping other people so she couldn’t afford her own medicine/health care, (and she wouldn’t sell any of their ancestors’ treasures like her sister is doing now) and that’s why she died. Because she was being too selfless and she didn’t realize it until it was too late ;w;

Katsuki was breathing hard, shoulders heaving, grinning wildly as he came down from his adrenaline high.

He leapt down from the ledge and Izuku traced the movement of his form with his gaze, the fluidity in his limbs. Steam rose from Katsuki’s hands.

“Not bad, huh?” he said. “I took on three of ‘em on my own. Did ya see?”

Katsuki’s smile was tamer now, taking on a cocky, self-satisfied edge. It disappeared as he approached, narrowing his eyes and scrunching his brows together.

He reached out a hand and Izuku held himself still.

“This yours?” He brushed at the side of Izuku’s head and his hand came away stained red.

Izuku shook his head. “I got a little carried away,” he said, feeling a little ashamed.

Katsuki wiped his hand on his suit before reaching over with both to cradle Izuku’s face. He looked directly into Izuku’s eyes and Izuku held his breath, allowing Katsuki to shift his head a little to each side. Katsuki looked as if he was searching for something.

“Doesn’t look like you’ve got a concussion,” he said finally. He let go and Izuku breathed out. He smiled but he felt strangely disappointed.

“I feel fine,” he said. “But thanks for checking, Kacchan.”

Katsuki turned away. “ ’Course. Can’t have you gettin’ yourself offed before I show you what the top hero looks like.”

Izuku snagged his shoulder before Katsuki could step away.

“Same goes for you,” he said. “I haven’t surpassed you yet, so you don’t go dying either, got it?”

Katsuki tilted his head to stare at him. He gave him a crooked grin. “You better pay attention then, Deku.”

That made a smile bloom on Izuku’s face.

“You can count on that.”

this was sitting in my notes for a long time too…i decided to fix it up and put this out so here, have another tiny fic