lies are like poison

He is not medicine, darling, he is more like a terrible drug. If you keep swallowing his lies like pills that you think will save your life, you are allowing him to destroy everything you hold dear, you are letting his poison into your blood.
—  Nikita Gill
What do you do when you adore everything about a person, but you just don’t like them as a person any more. When there’s ten too many lies and just as many chances given. When you see more of the good in them than they even see in themselves. When you stay up all night waiting for a text back. When you doubt every I love you too. When you just see a future with him but can’t envision a life without. When you love him more than you have ever, or could ever, love anyone else. When their lies come without a thought and roll off their tongue like poison. What do you do when you’ve been cheated on so many times you can’t put a number to it and every day is a Prozac day because without you’d never move again. What do I do?

And I watched you tell her
that you love her
Said you believe her
Said she was your blizzard
Compared her
to fucking Mona Lisa
Watched you trace all her lines
Make believe that you’re fine
While you learned what coal tasted like
Learned what poison made you like
Felt how lies turned your insides
And woke up hallow
Feeling like you should try again
To fill the space within

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“Neither am I, tesoro, you know this.”

She sighed a little, getting up from the couch to approach him near the cold window, dull blue eyes looking up to the dangerously grey clouds that had formed in the sky above Venice. 

A small, deliate hand went out to tug at the back of his shirt before she gently pressed himself to him, red lips parted as she spoke. 

“I would have hoped that you would have noticed how I long for you.” 

It didn’t sound like her usual lies or trickery, falsely sweet words dripping from her lips like poisoned honey… No, this seemed genuine. Weak and gentle, meek rather than prideful. She showed this side of her to only a select few and Feliciano had the honour of being one of them.