lies and alibis


why don’t we call it a day and we can both confess 
you can force me to use a little tenderness
white lies, alibis, anything but say that it’s true
we could sit like lovers staring in each other’s eyes
but the magic of the moment might become too much for you

happy valentine’s (valentron’s?) everybawdy

(edit: added close up of their faces;;)

I’ll be at Comic Con this year for both Rebel Genius and Turf Wars! All the info about signings and panels below. Copies of Turf Wars, Part 1 will be available for purchase at the Dark Horse booth. And Rebel Genius will be available at the Macmillan booth #2800. Hope to see some of you there!



4:15pm - 5:00pm

Michael Dante DiMartino, REBEL GENIUS

Macmillan Booth #2800 

SUNDAY, 7/23

PANEL – Fantasy, Diversity, and Inspiring One Another

11:00am - 12:00pm

Room: 32AB

Leigh Bardugo, Michael Dante DiMartino, and Tomi Adeyemi: Fantasy, Diversity, and Inspiring One Another—Leigh Bardugo (Six of Crows, Crooked Kingdom, and Wonder Woman: Warbringer), Michael Dante DiMartino (Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, and Rebel Genius), and Tomi Adeyemi (Children of Blood and Bone) come together to talk about fantasy across all mediums, diversity in literature and on the screen, and their inspirations for their incredible works. All three creators will discuss their highly anticipated upcoming projects: The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo, Warrior Genius and The Legend of Korra comics by Michael DiMartino, and Tomi Adeyemi’s Children of Blood and Bone (both the trilogy and the forthcoming movie adaptation, which has been optioned by Fox 2000). This panel will be moderated by Kurt Mattila, film director and editor of such films as TRON: The Next Day and Lies & Alibis. Kurt’s love for filmmaking is rivaled only by his passion for comic books, which he channels through his super hero podcast “The Big Pull.”

PANEL – The Comic Book Elements of Avatar and Korra

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Room: 24ABC

Dark Horse and Nickelodeon are excited to treat fans to a panel worthy of Korra herself! Join the creative team behind The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars, Michael Dante DiMartino and Irene Koh, and the voice of Korra, Janet Varney, for a further exploration of the world. Fans will also have the opportunity to showcase their knowledge of the elements in a fun trivia competition for awesome prizes!

Confirmed Participants: Janet Varney (The Legend of Korra TV series), Irene Koh (The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars), Michael Dante DiMartino (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

POST-PANEL SIGNING “The Comic Book Elements of Avatar and Korra”

Sunday, 1:30pm - 2:30pm

Dark Horse Comics Booth #2615

*I believe wrist bands/tickets may be required for this signing so check at the booth beforehand.

POST-PANEL SIGNING “Fantasy, Diversity, and Inspiring One Another”

Sunday, 2:45pm - 3:45pm

w/Leigh Bardugo

Autographing Area # AA09

Jughead Jones x Reader Scapegoat

Reader x jughead where you are there when they take him in and support him through everything lots of love ❤

A/N: Honestly I feel this one was going to be very short only because I can only imagine the scene in episode 7. I know I wasn’t the only one that wanted to punch Sheriff Keller for trying to pin this on Jughead just because “he grew up in the wrong side of the tracks and has a dead beat dad” ooooohhh I wanted to punch him. The name is Jug. Jughead Jones. Also the reader is bit sassier in this imagine.

Words: 1087
Summary: Juggie gets taken in by Sheriff Keller, and Reader gets to see him and comforts him. 


Warnings: Jughead crying, like what? No he’s such a happy bean don’t make him cry ever again @ Riverdale Writers.

Fun Fact: Did you know Jellybean, Jughead initials are all FP Jones.
Jughead- Forsythe Pendleton Jones the Third
Jellybean- Forsythia Pendleton Jones

Riverdale the small town that once was the epitome of all that was right in the world. Although growing up, you started seeing Riverdale for what it was, the epitome of everything that was wrong with the world. The police only answered to the Blossoms, The Coopers ran any story they wanted whether it be correct or not. But what shook this town was something much darker.

The story goes, Jason Blossom drowned in Sweetwater River after an early boat ride with his twin Cheryl Blossom. The truth later was revealed that Cheryl was just accompanying her brother across the river so he could escape Riverdale. He was leaving to start a new life with none other than Polly Cooper who was awaiting helplessly for the love of her life not knowing about the murder of the father of her child. Jason’s body was later found with a bullet to the head. There was a murderer out there and no one knew who it was. It could be anyone of the citizens of Riverdale the problem was not finding a needle in the haystack, it was finding a needle in a needle stack.

You, Jughead and Betty took it upon yourselves to try and solve this murder because plenty was being covered up by the adults. Jughead the brooding writer, Betty the innocent, and you the planner.

Finding Intel for this mission was not going to be easy. Trev Brown slipped to Betty that Jason was selling his valuables and drugs. You got close to Cheryl and figured out that things at home, that was a façade, she was miserable and sadly the only one who would stick by her side was now gone. A visit to Polly Cooper in the Sisters of Quiet Mercy a Home for Troubled Youth. We figured out Polly was with child and sadly she didn’t know of about Jason’s murder and that they were planning to run away. There was runaway car with plenty of evidence of a runaway Jason, but just our luck someone burned it.

The theories were endless was it The Blossoms hiring a hit man to rid of the troublemaker son who was tainting their “good” name? Was it Hal Cooper who did not want his daughter with a Blossom because of a long family feud? Did Polly do it after maybe Jason tipping her to her parents so she would be sent away and he could run away alone? Was it Cheryl out of pure jealousy of her brother loving someone else that wasn’t her? Was it Alice Cooper with a grudge to last a lifetime? Was it any football player that couldn’t stand living behind Jason’s quarterback shadow? Even a longshot was it The Lodges claiming their rise at Riverdale? Or the sexual predator Jennifer Gibson who now only answered to Ms. Grundy? Was her sob story correct and her abusive boyfriend found her and mistaken Archie for Jason.

But not even you saw the next events coming up imaginable.

You were talking to Archie by the lockers and Sherriff Keller and Principal Weatherbee escorted your boyfriend Jughead to the police station.

“Call my dad” was all that escaped his mouth and you and Archie nodded.

Archie called his dad, so he could contact FP as you made your way to the police station.

After Sherriff Keller finished speaking to Jughead he let you in, to talk to him.

“I didn’t do it (Y/N)” He claimed as you took a seat across him.

“Of course, I was with you, and I know who you are” you replied while grabbing his hands.

“Those paradise lost kids went to death row because they wore black and they listened to Metallica” He chimed in his wide open trying to hold in tears “I don’t want to be a scapegoat (Y/N)” he continued as a tear escaped and you swiped it with your hand.

“I’m not going to let that happen” you answered as he let out a sigh “all the evidence against you is circumstantial, were going to get you out of here Juggie” you claimed as he squeezed your hands.

“Is my dad even here?” he questioned you with a hope in his eyes.

“Archie’s here” you paused “with his dad, they’re talking to the sheriff” you admitted as he looked down letting go of one of your hands so he could clean up his nose with his jacket and sniffed.

“No one knows where your dad is” you informed Jug as Archie’s dad was fixing things up with the Sherriff and lied about Jughead’s alibi to get him out of there.

“Hey I’m here, and I care and I am not going anywhere Jug” you reassured your boyfriend.

“Thanks (Y/N)” Jughead grabbed your hand and laid a small kiss on it.

“What did Kevin’s dad say to you?” you questioned Jughead and he shifted in his seat.

“Nothing” Jughead muttered.

“C’mon Jug, what is it? You can trust me” you responded.

“He brought up that incident when I was little, the one I told you about, and the fact that Jason and his Goonies bullied me and of course my deadbeat dad as he worded it” he recounted “I am the perfect scapegoat” Jughead continued.

“That Asshole” you retorted “Who does he think he is? Stigmatizing you because of factors that you have no control over” you interjected, the blood in your body boiling.

“Hey, hey calm down, wasn’t it you that said everything was going to be fine” Jughead claimed.

“Well, yeah, but who does he think he’s kidding, he wants a killer, so he’s going to blame someone because of their background, you said it best Jug. We are not our parents, we are who we choose to become” you spoke up as the fire was building up inside of you “You are not getting this pinned on you, I will not let that happen and he-” your rant was interrupted by Sherriff Keller stating that Jughead was free to go.

“You just wasted time on a stereotypical assumption that could’ve been used to actually catch a murderer on the loose” you fired back at Sherriff Keller as Jughead grabbed your wrist taking you away.

“Really (Y/N/N) now you could be a suspect” Jughead pointed out.

“That’ll show him, pining things on my Juggie without any real evidence, plus I have an alibi for July 11” you chimed in as Jughead pulled you in for a hug and placed a kiss on your lips.

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We are thrilled to announce Henry Rollins as the voice of the Book 3 main villain, Zaheer. Henry did a brilliant turn in this role, taking it very seriously from the get-go, going so far as to conduct an in-depth interview about the character, his background, and his motivations with Mike and me on the phone while he was on a spoken word tour––all before he even recorded his audition. If you aren’t familiar with Henry (likely because you were born in the ‘90s or '00s), he is a legendary punk singer, actor, speaker, activist, and radio DJ. He had a hilarious role in our buddy Kurt Mattila’s co-directorial debut, Lies & Alibis. We heard from Kurt back then how incredibly friendly Henry is and what a pleasure he is to work with, and he exceeded even that glowing report. Hearing Henry’s tales of his fearless travels around the world is a real treat. As Mike says, “He actually is The Most Interesting Man In The World.”


sex and white lies, handcuffs and alibis,
he lays his halo on the pillow where he sleeps…
his heart beats, red wine, my toxic valentine

my unbelievably late contribution for this year’s first ever percico weekend. more angels and demons au. this time featuring incubus!nico and hero!percy (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

Bonus process shot ‘cause why not.

Commission info just in case?

there was a kid (with a head full of doubt)-Yet another Miraculous one shot, prequel of sorts to this fic. CONTAINS ORIGINS SPOILERS. Part of Give The Boy a Hug 2k16 campaign. 

Summary: "But to have Marinette talking about him so avidly, with something a lot like respect and a little like a challenge in her eyes, made a strange warmth fill him up until he felt safe and loved.“Marinette passionately defends Chat Noir and Adrien finds himself falling for the girl who still has his umbrella.

Read it here on Archive, here on Fanfic, or under the cut! 

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"Why I choose black men"

Is this really a question?
I mean how else are I gonna vent the struggles of the world based on color to anyone else
How am I gonna connect soulfully with enriched sounds of jazz, blues, and r&b
How will my partner know me without exploring me
Know my history that’s a soft spoken mystery wrapped up in conceited lies held tight by forbidden alibis
How else will he feel passionately about “Black lives matter” if he isn’t black
How can I explain the ghetto, the hood, and the struggle of my people
How can effort coincide with pride
How can victory dwell with defeat
How can you appreciate soul through rock and roll
When I show him my pain
He will understand
That the reason I’m so mind strong
Is because this world does not love the black Wombman
But he still does….
At least the King in him does
How can I hold hands with none other than my gentleman
Brown interlocked with brown skin creates a perfect art with a number 10
Ask me again “why do you love black men?”
And I’ll respond,
Because I love myself from within


Lovage - Lies and Alibis.

I’ve always wanted to make a music video to this song.  Already have the concept and everything.

This Broken Child

Only my TV to accompany me
no cheery voices on the phone
with all hope gone I soldier on
though empty broken and alone

A lifetime lived in lies and alibis 
the victim ever artfully portrayed
I played the game as if awake
yet long ago my bed was made

Joy left one long lost yesterday
sorrow’s blade cut deadly deep
Jesus Sweet Jesus today I pray
please let this broken child sleep

At last I see what they’re doing with Rumple’s story

After my viewing of “Enter the Dragon” and “Poor Unfortunate Soul”, I had the lightbulb moment I’ve been waiting for since “Kansas” and I’m finally clear on what they’re doing with Rumple: they want us to hate the Dark One. To be clear, I mean the Dark One as distinct from Rumplestiltskin. I’ll be even more specific and say that they want us to hate his curse and want him to be free of it. The way they’ve gone about encouraging that hatred is particularly through his treatment of Belle, specifically what the curse has done to his love for her.

Allow me to explain.

Many of the things that Rumple has done since “Kansas” especially have been questionable, but Rumple does bad things all the time: that’s par for the course with him. Attempting to hat Emma and controlling/attempting to kill Hook have been pretty despicable, and both have highlighted how deep into darkness Rumple has now gone, but nothing he’s done since “Kansas” has been as hurtful and downright upsetting as the way he has been treating Belle (and yes I know she hurt him too - I’m not denying that, but my focus here is on Rumple). The first ‘what the hell’, head scratching, rage-inducing moment for me was the scene in the jail where he gleefully gloated to Zelena about tricking Belle and giving her a fake dagger, and then in “Snow Drifts” there was the moment when he insisted she keep said fake dagger even though she wanted to return it. And in 4a, there have been all the lies, using her as his alibi/accomplice, using magic on her, and attempting to take her away from her home forever. I’m not bashing Rumple, believe me: I have a point.

With the scene in the jail, I didn’t understand what he was doing: I didn’t understand why he was gloating to Zelena about deceiving his fiancée and soon-to-be wife. It pissed me off that he was behaving this way, and I now see that that was exactly the point: I was supposed to be pissed off: we all were, but it wasn’t clear for a long time why we should be pissed off: it is now, to me, at least.

Apart from the jail cell scene and the other things I’ve mentioned from 3b and 4a, and even the ‘I’m-going-to-trick-my-wife-into-releasing-the-chernabog’ shadiness in “Darkness on the Edge of Town”, there was also the ‘what the hell’ moment of the pirate oath from “Enter the Dragon”. I was NOT a fan and I’m still not. I posted about my anger at and disappointment with the writers about this. It made me really uncomfortable to see a character I loved engage in something that I considered, and still do consider, to be verging on sexual harassment. It particularly disappointed me because Rumple had previously, in outrage, declared ‘She’s not for sale’ to the nasty Sheriff of Nottingham in “Lacey”. I didn’t understand how we had gotten from that man to this. I was upset and confused, and then, as often happens through my interactions on Tumblr, I began to see the light.

One of fantasymaven’s posts got me thinking again about Rumple’s curse and it making him express his love for Belle in inappropriate ways, and fantasymaven’s reply to my post on the pirate oath made me have the proverbial ‘aha’ moment. She suggested that they wanted Rumple to come across as a stalker, and I thought ‘that’s it’. Connecting the pirate oath to other things he’s done to Belle since “Kansas”, I began to see the pattern of how Rumple’s deep love is being twisted into something dark and almost sordid.

Rumple loves and adores Belle, and respects her completely. That much has been obvious in the repeated attempts to let her go, defending her in “Lacey”, the eloquent deathbed phone call in “The Miller’s Daughter”, and the comfort he offered her after she wronged him in “Family Business”. Rumple’s love for Belle is crystal clear, but what’s also clear is that that love is not always being expressed in the most appropriate way, especially lately. Why? The only logical explanation is his curse.

Rumple’s intentions towards Belle are always good, always, but a large number of his gestures towards her since being freed from Zelena’s control have been, for want of a better word, tainted. The proposal over a fake dagger was the first of these tainted gestures, then there was insisting she keep said fake dagger (so that he could use her as his alibi), then the shadiness with the hat, the manipulation by magic and dishonesty, and the creepy pirate oath to top it all off. The fact is, Rumple cannot ever do right by Belle because of his curse. It’s not that he doesn’t want to, or that he doesn’t try: he does want to, and he tries very hard, but his curse is evil and it’s twisting his heartfelt gestures of love into something dark and sordid. To take two recent examples: he wanted to get back to her, but tricked her in order to do so, and he wanted to touch her one last time, but did so wearing another man’s face when he knew she probably wouldn’t want him touching her. Even when he has the best of intentions, his curse makes him express it in all the wrong ways.

It’s not always like that. His curse fluctuates. He’s most in control of it when he needs to take care of his loved ones: this is why he was most like himself when he comforted Belle in “Family Business” and when he tried to advise Henry in the deleted scene from “White Out”. He can keep the curse at bay, but not forever. Colin’s recent comment that Rumple always has the Dark One inside of him is really crucial, and I think well-timed. Rumple just cannot be completely a good man while he’s cursed because his curse will eventually taint everything good that he has, and it’s been doing that to what he has with Belle since “Kansas”. It’s actually been getting worse lately, especially the problematic treatment of Belle. The curse is just so dark and insidious that it’s swallowing up the good man beneath. In one way, Belle was quite right to say ‘now there’s only a Beast’, because that’s what his curse is slowly turning him into. The ‘something evil’ that Belle spoke of as having ‘taken root in him’ in “Skin Deep” has grown, and no part of his life has been spared from its influence. The fact that he loves Belle is the only thing keeping him from being swallowed up completely by the darkness.

Given that his love for Belle is now his only saving grace, I now completely understand why he wanted to marry her. I think Rumple knew his curse could claim him completely and he grabbed for Belle like she was a life preserver. He married Belle because she made him happy and he hoped that that would be enough to keep the curse at bay, but, of course, it wasn’t. The curse will always, always drag him back into the darkness: it will always twist his intentions into something bad, and that’s why he needs to be free of it.

See Rumple’s face here:

Looking back from the fake dagger reveal, I thought this was guilt, but now I think it’s actually abject terror. Part of it is terror that Belle will find out what he’s planning, but it’s also terror of what the curse can make him do. He needs Belle to keep the darkness at bay, but he knows that he can’t keep it at bay forever. He knows that it’s only a matter of time before it rallies again. This is why he calls himself a ‘monster’: he understands what the curse can do to him and he has good reason to say such a thing about himself, but it’s the curse that’s the monster, not Rumple: he needs to learn to make that distinction for himself.

The show has been pretty subtle (too subtle) about what it’s doing, so much so that we’ve been scratching our heads and trying to figure out his behaviour since the end of 3b. There have been hints, though: Rumple’s face above is one, and another is this:

This is a screencap from 3.22 “There’s No Place Like Home”. It’s the flashback to Rumple hiding the real dagger that plays during Rumple’s vows to Belle. We hear Rumple say ‘How you can see the man behind the monster, I will never know’ as he locks the dagger away. I posted about the visual treatment of this shot before. It’s interesting that we have a blurring or fracturing of Rumple’s image. I was pretty sure that that meant something, and I speculated that it was a reference to Rumple’s fractured mind as a result of being enslaved and loosing Bae. Now it’s clear to me that this is a reference to the curse and the man: two different entities existing in the same form, vying for control. The curse is evil, but the man beneath is not, and it’s the curse that’s making the man behave so abominably. The curse needs to be lifted so the man can be free to express his love for his True Love in the open and honest way that he would want.

A few final thoughts… I now understand Colin’s evil smile when Rumple had the dagger back last week. I wrote that I felt that Colin got this wrong, but one of the replies to my post - from literallygold - suggested that Colin’s smile was meant to represent the Dark One’s glee at getting the dagger back, not Rumple’s. You were right :) It’s obvious to me, now, that that’s what they were doing - Colin was playing the Dark One’s twisted glee and Robert was playing Rumple’s remorse - two separate entities vying for control.

It’s also interesting that there has been more focus on Rumple as ‘the Dark One’ lately, both in the show and from Colin’s recent comment, and that, as “Poor Unfortunate Soul” so clearly shows, no one in town, not even Belle, understands the true nature of his curse: the burden that he lives under because of it. They all seem to think that he’s just chosen to be a villainous bastard, but that’s not the case. It seems clear now that there is going to be an emphasis on the fact that Rumple is cursed. That’s what’s been missing from 4a: the acknowledgement of his cursed state and that it was the curse making him behave so badly. Since 4b is about telling the ‘villains’’ stories and exploring what makes a ‘villain’, it seems fitting that we’re getting insight into what the curse has actually done to Rumple. I wouldn’t be surprised if the outcome of all of this is a heart-to-heart confession to Belle that, while he’s cursed, he can never be a good man and will always hurt her. He really needs to find the strength within him to decide that the power is not worth the curse he has to live with. It’s going to come down to a choice between love and power-tied-to-terrible-curse, and we’re being led towards hating the Dark One and wanting Rumple to choose love. I finally see the direction they’re going with him. It took a long time, but I knew they were leading to something! :)