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147 for Klance? for the writing prompt thingy *eye emoji*


Also, it’s short bc im dyin.

147: “I can take care of myself just fine.”

“I can take care of myself just fine.”

Lance rolls his eyes as he pops his hip to the side, looking unamused.

“Keith, you have a crab hanging from your big toe.”

Keith pauses. He then looks down to his leg that hangs in mid air and winces when his foot wiggles a little, making the tiny crab on his toe to tighten its hold.

“Um, so, yeah anyways, like I said, I can take care of myself.”

“Keith, just come! My family is not going to bite you and Mama always brings her first aid kit, it’s fine!”

“Lance, no! I will just go back to my shack -”

“Keith, you will be - how you say that? Uh, cogeando? Lifting? Li -  limp? Limping! Dude, you will be limping the entire way there and it’s like, miles away!” Lance huffs, crossing his arms over his chest and Keith makes an effort on not following the movement because damn, Lance’s abs could have a showdown with the Mona Lisa and they would win in the imaginary On What Will Keith Spend His Time Staring At Conest.

Instead, Keith bites down on his lower lip and nods his head, resigned to his fate and finally accepting that his toe is starting to hurt.

Fucking crab.

But he’s still a nervous wreck, because being friends with your secret crush is one thing but meeting your secret crush’s family? Bro, that’s like….

He doesn’t know much about baseball bases but he knows it’s like one of the highest bases.

“Come on, you big baby,” Lance teases, grabbing him carefully by the arm and pulling him closer until Keith’s arm is resting over his shoulders and he’s holding him up by the waist, starting to walk, “I guess you’re lucky that I was on the beach today, huh?”

Hah…yeah, because Keith definitely didn’t know that Lance was going to be here today, of course not. Just like he definitely didn’t make his brother to drive him to the beach early in the morning nor did he brought his binoculars with him in search for a familiar brown mop of head.

He did but that’s besides the point.

“This is so embarrassing,” Keith mumbles quietly as he tries to hide his face with his free hand and flushes when Lance’s laughter shakes him slightly.

“Dude, it’s fine! And it’s good because my family can finally meet you; they have wondered who is this mysterious lab partner I keep hanging out with, ya know.”

Keith’s heart skips a beat at the words but he has no chance to voice anything before they arrive to a big canopy tent where at least twenty people sit under it. He swallows the nervous lump in his throat but still waves shyly with a small smile at the million pair of eyes as soon as Lance speaks up.

The entire family waves back at him friendly and greeting him warmly. Lance’s mama is quick to get on her feet and making Keith to sit on one of the free beach chairs, taking out a small white box from one of the big bags laying on the sand before starting to treat Keith’s bruise.

She’s careful to remove the tiny crab slowly, sending Keith a soft apologetic look when the teen flinches out in pain but she cheers when the crab finally lets go. She puts the crab on a small bucket next to her and gets to work.

“Mama was a lifeguard back in the day!” Lance shares excitedly as he sits on the sand next to his mama and helps her with passing the things she requests him as she treats Keith’s toe, “That’s why she’s always prepared for any kind of disaster we may make.”

“With you as her child, I can imagine.” Keith jokes weakly but his smile grows when the entire family chuckles with him and at Lance’s mocking offended expression.

One of Lance’s nephews, Jose if Keith recalls correctly, crawls towards the abandoned bucket where the small crab is and then he gasps in awe.

“Can we keep it?” The four years old asks, voice high pitched and tugging at the sleeve of his mama’s dress, “Mama, pleaaaaase?”

“No, corazón, we can’t keep the little guy because he belongs in the beach, you know this.” Lance’s sister replies, patting her child on the head playfully.

Keith smiles softly when Jose just pouts at the answer, clearly upset that he couldn’t keep his new little friend. Then, the kid’s eyes shift and they fall on Keith.

The teen’s stomach drops suspiciously when Jose beams at him and tugs once again at his mama’s sundress while pointing at Keith with his free hand.

“Can I keep him then?”

Keith chokes on his own saliva, nodding in thanks when Lance’s father pats him on the back with a chuckle.

“Uh -” he starts but then Lance’s laughter cuts him off.

“I’m sorry, buddy, but I called dibs long ago,” Lance declares, tilting his head to the side to catch Keith’s eye before winking at him.

Keith’s blush just spreads over to the point that Lance’s mama thinks he’s having a stroke.

OO in Japan - CYBIRD Summer Festival and Office Visit

(I have a LOT of photos of the Summer Festival. and less of the office, again, but it’s totally fine XD)

Saturday September 9th was the CYBIRD Summer Festival! After coming out of the wrong exit (THEY WERE BOTH LABELLED ELECTRIC CITY *SOB*), we finally made it to the Festival Venue. It had two sections, the exhibition hall and the stage. (I don’t have any photos of the stage area because there was no photos allowed inside.)

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CCS Hogwarts AU

This is based on @cherrycapturedwolf‘s bulletpoint SyaoSaku Hogwarts fic that was born in a Clow Kingdom’s Discord discussion. It’s been literal years since I wrote anything and it’s my first-ish time writing in English but I had a lot of fun doing it so I’m sharing it with you all. @witchandhuntress @risamari @australet789 was someone else interested??


Sakura felt the wind blowing in her face as she soared through the sky looking for the golden Snitch.

Down below, the stadium was covered in orange and green banners, filled with the excited cheering of students. It was the first time she was playing against Slytherin as the Seeker of the Hufflepuff team and the score was pretty much even. The green and silver team was particularly good, specially the Seeker, who was known for never losing his team a quidditch match.

But then again, neither did Sakura.

She took a deep breath as her emerald gaze traveled through the field and spotted the brown haired Seeker of the opposite team, a very serious boy that came from an ancient chinese pureblood family.

Sakura had never talked to him, despite their being in the same Potions class.

A golden streak flashed in her peripheral vision and her hands clenched against the Firebolt as Sakura sped around the pitch with a determined look on her face. Not to long after that, the cherry blossom girl felt a magical presence approach her, as the Slytherin Seeker joined the race for the golden Snitch.

Sakura’s delicate fingers almost brushed Snitch’s tiny wings before it took an abrupt turn and disappeared into the foliage. The green eyed girl blinked in confusion as the boy in front of her spinned violently to avoid colliding with her. Despite his timely reaction, the brush of his shoulder against hers was enough to throw the cherry blossom off balance. A warm masculine hand catched her flailing arm in midair and helped her back into the Firebolt.

“Thank you”, she smiled shyly.

“You need to pay closer attention”, Syaoran scolded her with an annoyed frown, “now the Snitch is gone”.

“Hoe? Um… I’m sorr…” she babbled but the little wolf boy turned around and left.

Sakura lowered her head but lifted it almost immediately. There was no point in sulking over this, she had a golden Snitch to catch. With a renewed determination in her emerald eyes, the cherry blossom girl continued her search, soaring through the field, diving around both team’s Chasers and dodging speeding Bludgers as the skilled Seeker she was.

It was as Sakura crossed paths with Syaoran once again that she caught sight of a flash of gold near one of the goal hoops. They rushed side by side toward the furtive little ball, swirling around the Chasers that were still engaged in a Quaffle toss over.

The big brown ball passed from hand to hand, sweeping by Syaoran’s hair dangerously as he chased after the Hufflepuff Seeker. The closer they got to the goal posts, the more cramped they were in between their teammates. A Quaffle holding arm swished by Sakura’s face and a broom’s tail bumped against Syaoran’s knee but both Seekers had their eyes on the golden Snitch.

As if feeling their approach, the little ball restarted its trail as soon as the two Seekers were close enough to attempt a catch. It was really fast, and the light bouncing off its metallic surface was temporarily blinding as it eluded Syaoran’s fingers and made a turn around Sakura’s face.

Without waiting to regain her vision, the cherry blossom turned the other way to chase the Snitch, knowing that she couldn’t afford to lose a few seconds when facing someone as good as the Slytherin Seeker because they could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Unfortunately, it also meant that Sakura failed to realize she was diving right into one of the goal posts. By the time she was able to see the metal circle, the only thing that was left to do was jump. Leaving her broom behind, she leaped into an arc above the goal hoop to fall back into the Firebolt that crossed the goal post with a clean shot.

Meanwhile, Syaoran was blasting through the pitch, approaching the golden ball dangerously. He seemed to have deciphered the Snitch’s apparent erratic pattern and was getting closer to predicting its trajectory with every attempt.

The cherry blossom girl furrowed her brow as she shot through the air taking advantage of her small frame and unbeaten speed to catch up with her opponent before he could manage to grab the little winged ball. They were circling the Snitch and closing in on it, blocking its way whenever it tried to get away when a furious Bludger came blasting in Sakura’s direction.

The Hufflepuff Seeker was so concentrated on the golden Snitch almost within her reach that she was completely oblivious of the rapidly approaching ball towards the back of her head. Before he had time to stop and think, Syaoran found himself blocking the Bludger’s path with his shoulder.

The force of the impact dismounted the little wolf boy but he used the momentum to spiral back into place with a mill circle as Sakura continued to enclose the Snitch with more difficulty now that she had to cover all directions without his help. Syaoran rushed to recover and joined the cherry blossom girl in the persecution of the elusive winged ball.

They were so close, flying upwards with their outstretched hands mirroring each other and the golden Snitch between them that it looked like they were going to touch it at the same time when the ball ricocheted violently downwards. Emerald met amber for a fraction of a second before Sakura let herself fall.

Syaoran cursed angrily while watching her free fall gracefully and use the gravity to gain speed before resuming flight. Darting up ahead, he tried catching up with her but the girl was unquestionably faster than him and that infuriated the little wolf. He was putting an extra spurt of speed when Sakura’s fingers closed around the metallic little ball.

By the time the Slytherin Seeker reached the ground, Sakura was holding the golden Snitch triumphantly with an embarrassed but pleased smile while the narrator’s voice resonated across the stadium announcing Hufflepuff’s victory.

For all he cared, it might as well have been broadcasting Slytherin’s defeat.

“Well played, you put up a real challenge!” Sakura giggled, offering her hand for Syaoran to shake.

Syaoran let go an enraged huff and walked away from her, leaving a very confused Sakura to be surrounded by her celebrating teammates.

“I wanted to thank you for your help, I couldn’t have cornered the Snitch like that without you…”

Syaoran groaned in annoyance at the reminder of the last Quidditch game, and the humiliation of losing a match for the first time. He continued to arrange the potions ingredients on his desk, ignoring the cherry blossom girl.

“How’s your arm?” she lifted a hand towards his shoulder but stopped when the boy flinched.

“It’s nothing”, he spat angrily.

Sakura looked at those fiery amber eyes for a minute and then smiled warmly.

“Thank you for blocking that Bludger for me”.

“Don’t get any strange ideas. I just did it because I didn’t want to win only because the other Seeker was knocked out by a stupid Bludger”.

To the boy’s bafflement, Sakura’s smile didn’t fade.

“Still, I want to say thank you”.

this year’s emmy awards are proof that diverse storytelling is so necessary and worthwhile. when people are given a voice, when they’re given the opportunity, they create the most incredible content and it shows when they win the awards, too. san junipero and lena waithe are out here winning awards centred around lgbt stories. riz ahmed and donald glover and sterling k brown winning their categories. reed morano winning for best director of a drama series. big little lies fucking sweeping the board. the handmaid’s tale winning best drama series.

there’s still such a huge problem in on screen representation but tonight is proof that we need to demand more stories told by more people. we need stories that highlight complex and different women. stories about complex and different people of colour. stories about complex and different lgbt characters. 

give us the chance to create and we will create something amazing for the world to share.