lies! lies! lies!

Let’s trend Westallen Is Magical before The Flash on Tuesday! 

Start tweeting 2 hours before the show’s east coast airing, and celebrate Iris and Barry’s re-engagement, as well as our love for Iris herself. The trend lasts two hours, but you can keep using the hashtag while watching the episode so that it trends. Remember to use #TheFlash in all your tweets, too! 

Save drafts beforehand through your mobile app or Tweetdeck, and remember to interact with other fans by quoting or replying to their tweets with the phrase Westallen Is Magical. Send a few tweets to @flashtvwriters, @candicekp, @ajkreisberg, @gberlanti, @chipeyt and the other writers - but don’t spam or bombard them. No one likes their mentions clogged with unintelligible letters and numbers. Check what time March 28th, 6pm eastern is for your part of the world, and join us next Tuesday!


Shannon was able to finish up work on a lot of assets for Chapter 3, so I figured I’d share a bit of that since things have been quiet lately. Since the perspective changes each chapter, I want the character’s positions to change, too, which adds extra work for spriting – not to mention that every two chapters in the first half of the story show a change of outfits, which itself means another set of sprites. (Basically, every chapter in this story, for the most part, needs new sprites made in order to keep the characters feeling like they’re changing)

Work has been incredibly stressful lately, and I’ve been needing time to recuperate with my addictions to Horizon: Zero Dawn and Breath of the Wild (after having totally gobbled up Night in the Woods, which I specifically recommend to LiS fans), so, apologies that things have been slow, but they’re still coming.

cause she a rebel princess shes the best shes a ball of lighting in a hot pink dress shes a thunderstorm roaring through the night shes our shooting star and shes lighting up the skyyy

stevanyeun  asked:

ok but the here's the real question: do you think victor and yuuri are pro pineapple on pizza or anti?

Yuuri is the type of guy who goes to a pizza place and gets the house special w/o even asking what’s on it, so he’s chill with pineapple on pizza!!!
Victor isn’t about that life–he’s a simple one-topping kind of guy, usually something typical like pepperoni or mushrooms.
When he starts going out to eat with Yuuri though, it makes sense that they share a pizza, and he achieves enlightenment and starts loving pizza w/ a lot of toppings (including pineapple) ❤

You were my most prized poem. The one I would write on rainy days with coffee, at lonely nights and on crazy mornings. I wanted to keep writing you, keep adding to your beauty but you didn’t let me. Saying that you were a lie and nothing more than that.
—  But you never got to know; you were the truth keeping me intact. And without I am already shattering.