“Just two more minutes of your time.”

I’ve seen plenty of people drown–

Some people aren’t human,
they manifest into oceans
and we forget how to swim.

“I know I have left before,
please, it won’t happen again.”

I’ve seen hearts and I’ve seen the dead.

If you admire like I have…

There isn’t much of a difference
between the two.

We are live under bridges because of the rain.
We asked the surgeon to send it to the sea.

Scratch my heart and scrape out your loving.

I’ve seen enough and I’m in too deep.

“Just two more minutes, please.”

Everybody who has said pleased,
shouldn’t always be forgiven.

“If you love yourself, you can fuck yourself.”

I guess some lyrics from Jaymes Young
has never hurt anybody.

I guess some water in your lungs
never killed as quickly as his lips.

I guess the sex didn’t meant a thing
if you never really loved her.

Two more minutes isn’t worth
the years of pain she’ll endure–

Two more minutes isn’t worth
a thing without this kind of break;

“I don’t want anybody.
I don’t need anyone.
I just want you.”

Where is the lie?

It’s inside of his smile.
It’s inside of his eyes.
It’s inside of his veins.

It’s on his lips, you’ve been kissing it.

It only takes two minutes to be destroyed,
but it takes a lifetime to forget you.

“It won’t happen again.”

Your hearts telling you to not trust it,
but we do things that never match
the whispers we’ve been telling ourselves.

shit, I guess I’m falling for it all over again

—  Two more minutes
It’s time to cleanse myself of you.
—  I guess I’m sorry, but you don’t love me anymore and I don’t want to feel this any longer.

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“Time is like a thread. One tug and it all falls apart.”

[1 - Skryim] [2 - Fallout 4]

Always care. 

Hope is only a functioning product when it has action behind it.  We can view all the green grass of others surrounding us in envy, but then only we are green as such. If we wish to live in our own abundant gardens we must tend to them with skilful hope, where our actions bring beauty and wealth in flourishing and tended lush living.  Pursue your own magic, inspired by that which simply perceived as greener.  | sub-Textural | 

Original writing, Original meme, sub-Textural.