maybe seeing you in this position has got me dreaming about the future and maybe seeing you in this position has got me thinking about the past. it’s like déjà vu, I’ve seen him walk into your life. I’ve seen him take control of your heart and I’ve seen him throw it as far away from him as possible and run in the other direction.  I have your tears on my shirt and your lipstick on my pillow and no matter how hard I try I can’t get his cologne off of your clothes. i remember your puffy eyes and your running nose. I remember the loud sobs in between the pounds of ice cream. I’m sorry I can’t put a smile on my face when you tell me about him, but I remember the bad and I can’t help but think this cycle has to come to an end once again. I can’t help but think he has to finish what he started, and since he’s starting the same way he started last time it’s only logical that he will end the same way as well.
—  Alexa Code