he says I have a salty tongue
he’s tired of reminders of our past.
he’s tired
of reminders.
he asks me why I can’t just understand
that loving me is difficult
that things get too complicated.
he wants something simple.
a simple girl
who lets things be.
a girl whose voice doesn’t
remind him of the rain.
a girl whose hair doesn't 
look like troubled waters.
he says I don’t know what love is
because if I did, I wouldn’t make him feel this way.
I wondered
of my salty tongue
and my stormy voice
and my hair that captures men lost at sea.
I wondered of my love for him
and how I had swallowed thunder.
how I once tasted like milk and honey
until I was fed bitter promises.
how I had endured it all
for him.
It was then I realized,
love is not enough
and endurance is a burden.
for it takes a real man
to love a strong woman
and a real man
to accept great love.
—  for the complicated girls with curly hair

cumbermelikecrazy replied to your post: I’m still going to do the #WheresTheBa…

Did you check her out at the event on Saturday? NO ONE goes EXACTLY back to their pre-baby body a mere 3 weeks - or so? - after giving birth. Most never do. After seeing that, I’m more convinced than EVER she was never pregnant & this stunt is GROSS!

Exactly. This whole thing is gross bullshit and he’s letting it destroy him. Its disgusting. How the fuck does that even happen? 

Tumblr be like “gay marriage legal in Europe”

Gay marriage has been legalized in the United States which is a wonderful thing but I’ve seen posts all over tumblr and facebook like “Well if you want to leave the U.S i’ve got a bunch of places you can go! Gay marriage is legal in Canada and Europe so I suggest countries like Iran”. They even come with a map of places where same sex marriage is legalized and the whole of Europe is marked as a “yes”.

Let me tell where I live in. Poland.
Poland is a country in the centre of Europe. 70% of people are against gay marriage here according to statistics from recent years. You wouldn’t believe how many people are homophobes. Here, calling someone gay is like one of the worst insults. Homosexuality is being over and over compared to pedophilia or zoophilia. You wouldn’t believe how people insult gays here. You wouldn’t believe the anti-gay parades.You wouldn’t believe a comment I recently found saying “I would like to reopen the gas chambers in Auschwitz just for gay people” with 25 likes on it.
When the news of homosexual marriage in the U.S hit Poland and facebook came up with the idea of rainbow profile pictures do you know do you know what happened? People started to put a filter with a polish flag, saying that “I don’t want homos on my street!! disgusting!! not normal!! get the fuck out of my country!!”
This is the reality of a country in the centre of Europe. And I believe you’ve heard of Greece, Italy, Slovakia, Ukraine, the whole Balkan peninsula, Bulgaria, Romania? Yup, not legal too. Also I refer you to the fact that in countries like Svitzerland, Austria or Germany, The Czech Republic or Hungary there are same sex partnerships NOT same sex marriages.

Of course I can’t tell you if homophobia is so common in those countries as it is in mine. And of course - as you can see - not all people in Poland are like this. But a lot of them, sadly are.

So stop posting fake information. The fight for equality is not done just because the U.S has changed its law, and it certainly is not done in Europe as you try to convince people. STOP DISINFORMATION.