Seeing as it looks like I’ve been blocked.

@whitest-lie yes they identify as male, and they were female, so they’re trans.

If you’re seeing this, k-con, I don’t think you realise but I followed you because I thought you were inspirational, all you’ve done is proved that even trans people can be dicks, that yes, even real trans people can be special snowflakes.

I’m just disappointed.

Kim vs. Taylor

For those of you who are late to the latest Drama, I’ll fill you in. Get some tea and ENJOY…

So Kanye wrote a song famous in which he says, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex// Why? I made that bitch famous”. Now The Taylor Swift army got furious because its “disrespectful” and “misogynic” and “Taylor don’t owe Kanye shit, let alone sex, he didn’t make her famous”. I mean I agreed, I don’t like Taylor, but them lyrics are wild. 

However, Kanye said he asked Taylor for permission and she was on board, even helping him change a couple of the lyrics. BUT Taylor and her camp denied these allegations and made it seem like Kanye was a big ASS lier. I MEAN HER OWN BROTHER RECORDED HIMSELF THROWING OUT HIS YEEZUS BECAUSE SOMEONE DISRESPECTED HIS SISTER. 

There were people who even said they were around when Taylor spoke about giving Kanye permission, but yet society still wanted to drag Kanye. Taking it back to some drunk shit he did in the VMAS a LONG ASS TIME AGO, he ain’t kill nobody, as a weak ass argument of how shitty Kanye is to Taylor.

 So finally Kim decided enough is enough and shit got REAL.

Taylor: I’m American sweetheart everyone has to believe me. right?


*post video recording of Taylor giving Kanye permission on the song*


Now her fans know the truth


Yoochun was accused of raping women. He has alibis,he collaborated with the police from the first moment and he didn’t even appear in cctv of the said establishment. Even though there is no evidence at all, people want to condemn him.

A, B, C, D are suspected for the crime of blackmail and extortion. They avoided to collaborate with the police by ignoring the police calls, and instead went to talk with the tabloids without any evidence and with inconsistent plots. One of them said the sex was consensual, the other were his stalker - the police confirmed they are liers. The other two kept changing dates every time it was found Yoochun had alibis. They have contact with a criminal gang, there is so much evidence and the police even confirmed that two of them actually lied about the rape charge in order to extort Yoochun, and yet people want to put them as victims.

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taylor has 1000 articles calling her a whore,lier,attention seeker and keeps quiet calvin has 1 that calls him fuckboy and he spits fire...he really needs a publicist.


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I love that your smart. I can't believe how many fans were calling her a lier , unstaning before she even released the statement . That video matches trees statement to a t . And this woman has been there for us for the past ten years ! Everybody makes mistakes , but the kardatians will do anything for attention . You can be upset, but don't you dare come crawling back when the truth comes out ! Or when ts 6 is released . Tay was there when I had NO ONE , I'm standing by her no matter what !


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(NAC) if you support a man who is a complete lier and abusive then yes that does make you terrible like sorry not sorry but onision has so much proof against him of being a complete and total asshole and lier and never sticking to an opinion in fact he lies about his opinion and only does which ever one is the most popular right now, like I don't even care about the Melanie video but you can't ignore all the other terrible things he's done.

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I can remember the blood but not the asphalt. He told me he loved me, but I could smell the liquor on his lips. He wrapped his hands around my neck, but I just closed my eyes. He took me into an ally, but I didn't try to leave. He raped me, but I didn't say anything. This is me saying something. I'm not a poet, I'm just trying to find my voice. I SHOULD HAVE CALLED HIM A LIER AND I SHOULD HAVE LOOKED HIM IN THE EYES AND I SHOULD HAVE LEFT AND I SHOULD HAVE SAID SOMETHING.

This fucked me up. Are you okay, dear?

Ok so apparently I’m a fucking lier according to my roommate when it come to describing how awful Frank is. Is there any youtube master collection video out there so I can prove a fucker wrong?

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yeah i love seeing that lier exposed but im lowkey thinking what is she planning because she's gonna do something big after this rip im 👀

i know i can’t wait to see how she covers her ass ksjfsdfjfks