“Vhen me and comrade Perceval relocated our families away from crazy people, ve heard of bounty nearby! That vas vhen ve vent to go apply for her capture, and before you know? BOOM! Izanagi came leapingk to us like Liepard!”

“It vas at this moment he told us that Iza vas Nobuan, but not like the mad vuns. No no, quite opposite; he hated Nobu and vanted to live in Hakumei instead. But vunce other Nobus took over, Iza overheard plan to relocate our families vith the bounty money. He promised to help find girl in exchange for taking him vith us. He vanted new life, far away from vhat he hates to call ‘home.’“

The tall Empoleon female gave a light sympathetic chuckle, shaking her head.

“It makes sense, ‘specially since Nobuans are like… god-fearers, yes? Very superstitious. I do not blame him much for being quick to jump gun… vhen think about it, Iza is like… how to say… a child running avay from bad home livingk. Me and Perceval felt pity for lizard, vhich is vhy ve took him vith us.” Naida put on a big grin for the following:

“ He is eager vorker, as ve soon found out,” she joked before letting out a hearty laugh over his hasty failure.

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Next in my Pokemon Type Sepcial series, Dark Type Pokemon!

I personally love a lot of Dark Pokemon, a few are my favourites. I really wanted to center this piece around Tyranitar as to me he’s THE Dark Type. I thought a city would be a good atmosphere for the Pokemon and having Yveltal kind of watching/commanding them above the city would be a really cool way to center him as well. 

I’m OPEN for commissions so if you’re interested shoot me a message! 

You can get the print here:

WTW April 11th: Egyptian Gods Edition!

The Egyptian Gods have returned to this world in the form of Pokemon! For the next 24+ hours, I’ll be wonder trading these guys out. Try to catch me on Wonder Trade!

My IGN is Masako. If you get one of these Pokemon while wonder trading, submit a photo of the Pokemon to me. Doing so will earn you a couple bonus shinies.

I’ll be holding a GTS giveaway for these guys on Friday. Please don’t deposit ahead of time.

Good luck and happy wonder trading!