6 hours on this! not bad!

decided to plan out muse Pokemon teams for some of my major muses, Roy, Slim, Dash, etc. and this was my first one! with and without the text box so you can see the awesome floor I did!

aside from his Toxicroak, who is his signature Pokemon and one he’s had since he was a teenager, Roy is a Dark type trainer. to the public, he’s a famous music producer and movie star, but behind closed doors he’s one of Darkland’s most notorious gang leaders; a fact that is unknown to even his own children.


Sorry these are all different sizes I just screenshotted and cropped them from my video . w.

ANYWAYS ISHC #5!! I haven’t been hunting cuz of my weird sleep patterns n severe depression but I decided to hunt some tonight before I go to help my mom move!! And I’m so glad I did!! LOOK AT THIS CUTIE!! I had no real target on this route so I’m so happy to see her!! Goodness that red is beautiful in person /w\ She showed up at 2,439 encounters in this hunt specifically, and 5,216 hunts total since my last shiny!

Shoutouts to Jeremy @evanjellicent for being such a great teammate and awesome dude (even though I haven’t heard from him in over a week u nu) (nah it’s all good bro uwu) and also @sh-clockwork for being so sweet and kind and not only a great shiny hunter and shiny hunting supporter, but also a great friend who sends me the nicest messages when I’m down!! Goodness I love you both and wish not only you but everyone else the best of luck with your hunts!!!


It’s a day or two late but I finally did a present for my friend @felinesyndr0me . Her fursona as Alola Meowth. I originally tried to do it was Liepard which is what I think her favorite Pokemon is, but I couldn’t wrap my head around it with the hat. But I kind of thought Alola Meowth looked like her fursona.

Anyway happy birthday, I hope to have something better next year or Christmas if I can manage it with how busy that holiday is in this house!

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elenorasweet  asked:

You mentioned you'd be down for a Shance Pokemon AU, and now I'm wondering what pokemon you'd give each of them? :3

I’m a lameass, so I’d want Water pokemon for Lance and either Ghost or Dark types for Shiro. That said, maybe a squirtle (That constantly steals Lance’s sunglasses) and froakie for Lance. And liepard and espurr for Shiro

anonymous asked:

Pokemon Au question! Have you decided Selena's Pokemon Party? Thanks!

I have an idea of it so far, but until I actually get started, I will always be open for suggestions about what Pokemon any Arc V character should have!  Here’s what I have for Selena at the moment:

  • Clefable
  • Delcatty
  • Venomoth
  • Liepard
  • Noctowl
  • Kirlia

Thanks for the ask!!!

taye-x  asked:

Oh hi. Do you happen to have any pokemon fandom-related information by any chance?

Hm. This ask is highly specific. I’ll have you know I’ve been making Pokemon teams for characters in my free time. For example:

Montparnasse - Liepard, Zoroark, Weavile, Chandelure, Furfrou (shiny - Dandy trim), Alolan Meowth
Jehan - Meowstic (female), Sylveon, Snubbull, Victreebel, Carnivine, Trevenant
Combeferre - Venomoth, Mothim, Masquerain, Dustox, Larvesta, Vivillion (Marine)

okay i love Unova to death but what i dont like about black and white specifically is that they put all the pokemon i want in the later routes so Im fighting with 3 pokemon and i cant catch anything that can shore up my weaknesses atm unless i catch a liepard which is the only pokemon that i dislike

Alolan Meowth (fake redesign) and Persian.

I really like the concept of this alternative forms for already known Pokémon, (kinda like the deltas from “Pokémon Insurgence” actually), but Meowth was a disappointment because it is cool, but in my opinion the design is lazy and a waste of potential.

So this was my atempt to do something else with it… I failed to copy the artstyle (I think I will never learn how to do it) but the idea is there. As it is a royal breed, I took inspiration from the siamese cat, keeping part of the official palette for Meowth.

For Persian it was more speculation, as I had nothing to work with (besides the original, of course). So it is a dark/psychic type, mostly because having a pure  dark type cat with two evolutionary stages sounded too similar to Liepard to me. Also I kinda picture it like a fancy pet doing psychic tricks at its master parties or something like that.

Pokemon OC ideas

I been thinking on some ideas out of boredom.

Like a Latias that’s a Photographer

A Cubone/Marowak that’s a music conductor or marching band leader.

A parkour instructor Hitmonlee.

Or a detective duo Liepard and Absol.

So far for my p. much claimed/adopted/etc babies in pokeverse! I’m lazy and not providing visuals but eh.

Julia has: Absol (female), Audino (female), Sylveon (female), Spritzee (male - she named it for Isaac), Meowstic (female) and Mismagius (female)

Ortega: Pyroar (male), Luxray (male), a Machamp (male, he tries to wrestle with it sometimes), Meditite (female), Liepard (female), and a Sneasel (male).

Malus: Teddiursa (female), Ponyta (male), and Drifloon (male? I think those have sexes). He doesn’t have a full team yet because he’s a smol.

Henry: Chespin (male), Growlithe (male) and escavalier (male, and probably evolved while battling someone’s shelmet).

Lady Gunner (can I admit I’d been eyeing her for a while? Ehehe…): Froslass (female, they can only be female), Mienshao (female), Chimecho (male) Gengar (male), Ninetales (female) and Ariados (female).

Lyudmil (who needs a LOT of work before I can consider playing him): Noibat. It’s his first pokemon. He doesn’t have any others yet and isn’t sure he wants them. 

Selena: A blissey that helps her out around the house and a roselia that helps with her gardening.