Letter to her majesty

Set about 1-2 years after Bitterblue. I think Bitterblue and Giddon would often write to one another. 

Pretty clear that I’m a fan of Bitterblue and Giddon skjfshkj. I love their friendship and it has potential to grow into something more. Plus I’m a fan of slow burn ships. I’d like to think that their romance doesn’t come along until years later and Bitterblue is is older , 20+ with more understanding of her feelings.  Giddon would probably tried to keep his feelings to himself ( as best as he can )because she’s a queen and everything.

“My mother said I was strong enough,“ Bitterblue said, beginning to shiver. "I was ten years old, and Leck was chasing us, and she knelt before me in a field of snow and gave me a knife and said that I was strong enough to survive what was coming. She said I had the heart and the mind of a queen.”

Bitterblue turned her face away from Fire, just for a moment, because this was hard; saying this truth aloud was hard. “I want to have the heart and mind of a queen,” she whispered. “I want it more than anything. But I’m only pretending. I can’t find the feeling of it inside me.”

Fire considered her quietly. You want me to look for it inside you.

“I just want to know,” Bitterblue said. “If it’s there, it would be a great comfort for me to know.”

Fire said, I can tell you already that it’s there.

“Really?” Bitterblue whispered.

Queen Bitterblue, Fire said, shall I share with you the feeling of your own strength?

Fire took her mind so that it was as if she were in her own bedroom, raw with crying and grief.

“This doesn’t feel strong,” Bitterblue said.

Wait, said Fire, still kneeling beside her in the library. Be patient.

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Skye kissed her forehead. “You saved my life.”
Katsa smiled. “You Lienid are very outward in your affection.”
“I’m going to name my firstborn child after you.”
Katsa laughed at that. “For the child’s sake, wait for a girl. Or even better, wait until all your children are older and give my name to whichever is the most troublesome and obstinate.”
Skye burst into laughter and hugged her, and Katsa returned his embrace. And realized that quite without her intending it, her guarded heart had made another friend.
—  Kristin Cashore, (Graceling)

I finished Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore recently and this book just has so many good things going for it. Like dayum.

First of all, Queen Bitterblue is believable. She’s overwhelmed by the task of fixing her kingdom but she’s still a strong young woman who will not allow others to push her aside. She’s actually the same age as I am right now in this book and her silly thought processes and whims are just realistic.

And mios dios I can appreciate how casually and healthily sexuality is addressed. It’s done in such a way that you appreciate the women for making sure Bitterblue will essentially use protection, and when gay characters are revealed you take note of it as a plot point (when there’s a gay prince it has to be filed away because there’s the issue of heirs) but it’s done so damn casually as just another fact about that person. I don’t even want to take the time to go through and try and count up all the gay characters, it’s a big book and oh! Bitterblue’s love interest is bisexual, or at least it’s canon that he has an ex-boyfriend. Talk about legalizing gay marriage occurs; Bitterblue admires that in the Dells you can just marry whoever regardless of sex and tries to encourage Raffin to make his life easier and legalize same-sex marriage when he becomes king.

Mental health! Bitterblue eventually sets up a Ministry for mental health. There were so many hard-hitting mental health things going on, PTSD of the advisors and tbh most of the people, suicide, self-harm, repression, just dang. So real.

Also, Fire is confirmed to be very dark-skinned. Nice, so the Dellians are dark, while the Lienid people have a certain look to them (I picture them darker), and the Pikkians are hella pale and the Middle Kingdoms are just kinda biegish mostly probably. DIVERSITY MOTHERFUCKERS.

Socioeconomic class disparity! Bitterblue comes to the cold-water-on-the-face-revelation that her life has been made much easier by not being poor and takes measures to educate everyone and fix up the city as a start. Poor people dealing with poor people problems! 

Morality! Friendship! Puzzles! Plot twists! Growing up! Read this series!

PS Bitterblue’s expression of annoyance is “BALLS”

Now you know

Reminder that Fire and all the other Dellians are dark-skinned people of color.

Also Lienids are brown but it’s generally accepted that they’re not as dark as people in the Dells. Which isn’t to say you can make them that way in your fanworks

EDIT: I meant “which isn’t to say you can’t”

I get that Cashore maybe dedicated 5 lines per book to implying this and not every reader found it apparent they first time around, so this is me mentioning it exlicitly in the tags.

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What ethnicity is queen bitterblue? I see her as desi, but I just wasn't sure. Btw, your art is phenomenal!

Well, I see her as being mixed race. Leck’s ethnicity is debateable, whilst he is described as fair, he could be white passing. And with Lienids, I see them as especially south east asian, as Lienid is an island and the people are described as being brown and tan. But it’s totally up to interpretation.

 And thank you :)

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: what's going to happen to the line of succession in the middluns when raffin becomes king? katsa would be next in line for the throne but she's never having children and she'd be a terrible queen anyway. she wouldn't do it. could one of po's brothers step in? they're ambitious, but that would cause some serious anger, especially as there's already such a close relationship between lienid and monsea. is there a distant cousin? wouldn't that cause disruption and maybe civil war in the middluns? is the council going to step in and implement a parliament of sorts like they did in nander? how difficult will it be for raffin to convince the higher-ups and lords to let him marry bann and make him king consort? could they adopt? would it be accidental or would they actively seek out children in need of parents? wouldn't that also cause issues in middluns succession debates? variant sexualities seem fairly normalized even among royal families, although ror for some reason throws a tantrum when skye (his SIXTH SON. SIXTH!!!!) comes out. have there really never been gay monarchs in the seven kingdoms before?
it was a library book so I don't have quotes to back this up

Guys, if Saf is one of those white people who’s always deeply tanned (like people who surf or fish or boat a lot), and he doesn’t look like other Lienids (because refugee/adopted)?

Lienids aren’t white.

I read them as poc because I wanted to at first, but the thing with Saf sealed it for me.