lieke martens

“Ronaldo was really very sweet with me.

He asked the people in the room for a special applause for me. I really liked that, really. Just like Sergio Ramos who congratulated me.
These are really special moments. I look up to those guys. And now noticing that they appreciate you! It seems like a movie, this is so fantastic. I’ll never forget this day, never. Gee, you can’t imagine how happy I am.”

- Lieke Martens

After today’s final I’m sure I -or can I say we?- will still have to listen to many more comments about how women’s football is not good enough, is not interesting enough and more bla bla bla.
But truth is, today’s been another succesfull day in women’s football. The Netherlands have become for the first time in their history European Champions. They’ve made their way to the final with serious performances during the tournament and in the second half of this final they’ve demonstrated why they truely deserved the trophy.
I’m sure everyone on that stadium - or behind a TV screen- enjoyed the match, even the Denmark fans regardless of the defeat, which, in my opinion, should taste like a huge win for them too.
These women have shown the world how strong, talented and passionate we can be.

PS. Can’t wait to see Lieke Martens play for FCBarcelona. What a player!