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Hiii! I know I promised to post this like a week ago sorry but I’m such a liar sometimes. Anyway! here it is and I hope y'all are enjoying Christmas and thanks for always making me laugh and thanks to all the incredible people I’ve met here. You’re all incredible ♥.

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No mourners, No funerals.
Six of Crows by Liegh Bardugo is a tangled web of adventure, with a courageous group of six well developed anti-heroes trying to pull off the impossible heist and this isn’t a job for trained soldiers and spies. It’s a job for thugs and thieves.
But breaking in and out of THE most secure prison there is, is only the beginning.
The stories six highly diverse group of thieves is what really helps this book shine. With distinctive personalities and detailed background, you really get the opportunity to really dive into what each character has to offer and how it effects their decisions in the present.
Personally I loved the pacing of story, and how we get to see a fully developed world. I never read the Grisha trilogy but Leigh Bardugo really takes you into how the world and magic system all works. She has different cultures, government systems and it’s insane how much you truly get from her writing.
So needless to say the writing style was descriptive, and just sucked me right in.
Over all I gave this book 4.5 stars, and the second book is a most definitely a purchase I’ll be making.

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