This is my piece for @lily-liegh for the ygoexchange! It was based off of her fic, “I’d Document Every Day I Spent with You” (which is super adorable and precious and I highly recommend it!).

I was debating on a few different scenes, but something about the scene involving the first photo really stuck with me. I hope you like it! (And I may draw a few more scenes from it later, but I wanted to make sure to get this to you before the deadline!)

lily-liegh  asked:

🔥 & yuushou sakaki


i actually don’t think he was a bad dad for the majority of the show - honestly, he did the best he could. sure, the last few eps he wasn’t… great but that to me doesn’t cancel out the rest of the show….

so yea, yusho sakaki is not a bad dad.

Happy New Year!

In 2018, I hope to become more optimistic, positive, draw more digitally, take my meds so I can function in society  🖤

This year, I felt lots of love from all of you guys. I would like to thank some of you especially!!

@sufferthesea an amazing!! friend, amazing writer, amazing artist. I really hope 2018 will be a great year for you. I love you so much! 

@h0neybf my lil brother, I love you lots!! I can always be honest with you!! Lots of love in the new year!! also: great artist that draws stuff for me hahahah

@eckoxiv14 great artist, great friend, super fun, could probably talk about yugioh for two hours straight, agreed to fight me irl which is a Huge Plus

@manicpixiedreampharaoh My Judai!! You had a huge influence on me, I changed lots thanks to our friendship, you are the most understanding and funny person I know. Knows more about yugioh (especially gx) than I know about myself. Also a great writer and artist!!!

@pyroinquisitor The friendliest person ever??? Supports self insert ships??? djshdfjghsj You make me smile lots!!!!

@magicalgirltrash Great friend, very into spiritshipping, soft and fluffy ^___^ Thank you for being there for me!!

@neobeamu tags me on their Neo Spacian Aqua Dolphin gifs. Also: is super sweet and deserves all the love!!!!

@lily-liegh Awesome writer!!!! I would recommend your works to any yugioh fans, because damn they’re amazing. Also the sweetest person ever!!!

@tonir56 it’s all their fault im into sasodei now. also a kind and funny person

@shinkasuruhayabusa a great passionate person!!! Also cute!!! I hope you have a great new year!!

@trickbuster @deki-yuu @zoevulpez @colorfulwatcher @jujuoh @daisydoll @ojamayellow @slowtofu @sleepyentity @newskoolnatty @unpleasantchocolate @misstheatricality @ohsotiny @kunstkombi @necromancey @flaminstarfish @ariasune 

Happy New Year to all of you!!  🖤 I’m sorry if I forgot about anyone (maybe I’ll edit this later), but if we ever interacted, consider yourself mentioned  🖤 🖤

AV Blog RollCall

Ok so it seems the fandom is a bit of a minefield and so I am proposing a post of blogs that are arc v blogs that actually like the show (and y’all know what I mean by that lol)

If I happen to have missed anyone, let me know and I’ll add you on or if you didn’t want to be on here then also let me know and I’ll remove you. Anyways. happy blogging y’all!

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Desperate Ishtars - ThatRandomFan - Yu-Gi-Oh! [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Just a normal post-canon fanfic but this time with kids. 

Shout-out to @kamy2425 and @noussommeslessquelettes for letting me use their OCs- you guys are lifesavers. Thanks a bunch! And a huge thank you to @lily-liegh for being an awesome beta. Stay amazing, fam!


It started, as always, with Malik tampering with things he shouldn’t have. And now, here they were, dealing with the aftermath. Bakura remembered everything that day – but for the life of him, he couldn’t remember a day Malik looked more beautiful than he did that day when he first saw him with their child laughing at his lap.

And if Bakura could peer into the future, he would have figured out by then the events that would soon to follow in his life. Too bad for him he couldn’t, or else he would have prepared a bottle of whiskey to help him endure what Isis has in store for him.

lily-liegh  asked:

if i can do two, how about sync (yuuya/yuugo) and whistle (yuzu/ruri)?


  • who takes the other’s last name
    • Yugo takes Yuya’s cause he doesn’t have one, he cries because he never had a family name before ;w;
  • who chooses where to go for the honeymoon
    • Yugo is overwhelmed by choices because he’s never left the city, so he leaves it to Yuya
  • who talks about the other more without noticing
    • oh god definitely Yugo
  • who forces the couples halloween costumes
    • YUYA
  • who shows up at the other’s work randomly with gifts
    • Yuya does, he likes to spoil Yugo
  • who’s the first one to fix things after a fight
    • Usually Yuya, Yugo is a little more touchy


  • who takes the other’s last name
    • They argue about this for weeeeksss but eventually settle on Yuzu’s for legal purposes, Ruri still goes by Kurosaki sometimes though
  • who chooses where to go for the honeymoon
    • they both get really into it together
  • who talks about the other more without noticing
    • Yuzu, probably
  • who forces the couples halloween costumes
    • Yuzu suggests it and Ruri’s the one who goes HAM with it
  • who shows up at the other’s work randomly with gifts
    • Yuzu, usually, but Ruri likes to try and one up her when she can lol
  • who’s the first one to fix things after a fight
    • Usually Ruri

thanks for the ask!

lily-liegh replied to your post: [[MOR] I’ve been suffering from a bit of…

what the heeeeeeck?! that’s some nasty spite you’re on the receiving end of. it sounds like you wanna keep writing though, and from the comments on this post your friends (including me!) want to you to write too. so yeah, write for yourself and love the fandom you’re in. screw whoever thinks otherwise - your fics are made with love and much much appreciated^^ *hugs*

lily, you’re such a sweetie ;-; <3 it’s just annoying spite at this point and i’m just tired of repeating myself. it’s like, y'all stick around in a fandom cuz you LIKE the show, right? why y'all gotta disrespect the fucking creators and fans so much and then demand more shit in return? it’s just… uuuugh >o< so irritating. but yea, i’m not gonna stop. i gotta give LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE all around <3

Secret Santa gift 2017

Merry Christmas @lily-liegh I hope you have a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year! 

So I’m your @yugiohsecretsanta2017 and from your info, I saw that you really liked Keyshipping. Which is amazing because I love it too. I also saw that you liked AUs. I originally had a larger one planned but then realized that I was definitely too long for a Christmas gift so I whipped this one up for you. 

I really hope that you enjoy it. I’ve been following you for a while and I love your work. It’s amazing and I hope my short fic lives up to your expectations! Enjoy!

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Electrifying Surge of Inappropriate Feelings - Lilyliegh - Yu-Gi-Oh! [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Yami Bakura/Marik Ishtar
Characters: Marik Ishtar, Yami Bakura
Additional Tags: mechanic AU, Humor, Inappropriate Humor, Innuendo, this was both a sin and a blessing to write

Bakura keeps bringing in gifts to Malik’s work, which would be sentimental and all if only Bakura could be quiet or polite, or not bring in such suspicious presents.

thank you to @sitabethel for hosting this wonderful fanfic game, and to @imgettingtoooldforthisship (Poppy) for being my lovely beta. i didn’t think this would get so inappropriate with subtext and innuendo, but it happened. this was for the fluff side of the game though ^^