Kara and Alex || Heartbeats

got tagged by @dark-angel-of-muses​ to write out my username in song titles so here we gooooooo

Hopes and Dreams [toby fox]

Once we were [Yuki Kajiura]

Masterpiece [mihimaru GT]

UNLEASH [Gekidan Niagara]

Run With Wolves [Girls Dead Monster]

Anti Gravity [Lindsey Stirling]

Butterfly’s Dream [Erutan]

And You Are Sad [Rika Komatsu & Miscellaneous Artists]

Kokoro no Tamago [Kanako & Nakanishi Reiko]

Used To [Daughtry]

Rolling Girl [Hatsune Miku]

Always Stand Back Up! [Koutarou Nakagawa]

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Had lots of fun today dueling with @lily-liegh on ygo DevPro  🎴🙌🌟 light fairies vs earth warriors showdown
~Looking forward for our next match! 😄


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So the rules are I had to share what I have as my lock screen, background, what was the last song I listened to, and a selfie. i’m currently celebrating the end of arc-v, so my lock/home screens are in memory of the whole cast ♥

because this is for a picture meme, i don’t know how comfortable anyone will feel being tagged, but if you’d like to do this i tag you (:

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Name: Jacklyn
Nickname: Jackie, or Synch
Gender: Female
Star sign: Aquarius
Height: 5′0″ (152 cm)
Sexuality: Been questioning it for sometime now, but…I could be Bisexual~
Hogwarts house: Not sure ^^;;
Favourite animal(s): hedgehogs and cats
Average hours of sleep: like 7-8 hours I guess?
Current time: 11:41 AM
Dog or cat person: Cat
Blankets you sleep with: blanket and quilt
Dream trip: Japan and England
Dream job: Still lost…
When I made my blog: I’ll hit four years once May rolls in
Followers: Over 1,000
Account peak: l….can’t recall lol
Why I made a tumblr: To geek over fandoms all at once, and for the aesthetic freak that I am~
Reason for URL: It reflects for both YGO Arc-V and Zexal! I generally grew very fond of the term “synch”, which initially derived from my favorite Arc-V pairing synchshipping! and Xyz (pronounced EX-EEZ) derives from the Xyz Summon method used in Zexal

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so after class today my group therapy small group went out for food and drinks to a small restaurant. we wanted to celebrate out successes and accomplishments and really we just wanted to end the semester on a high note

so we sat around with food, and the other three girls got alcohol, and we talked about exes and love and relationships and threesomes and school -

and then we started talking about Types. we got to asking to each other what their Type was. for the other three girls, who had all stated they were either dating or interested in men, they asked each other, “what do you look for in a guy?”

but for me? they asked me, “what do you look for in a partner?” and i don’t remember even explicitly coming out to them, but on more than one occasion i have said i don’t think i’ll ever date a guy, and so maybe, just maybe, they understood that as a sign that i might be queer

so. so.

did i just come out to someone? i think i did. and it felt great ♥