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I was going through your Riverlands developing post and it got me wondering: wouldnt giving a city charter to maidenpool, LHT, ect actually weaken your position as they would be now independent from a Feudal Lord?

1. It’s a tradeoff - you’re trading looser reins for greater growth.

2. Not necessarily - charters can be tailored to remove intermediary lords, i.e to de-subinfeudate (now how’s that for jargon), while retaining links between the liege lord and the city. Which is why, historically, kings gave charters to cities. 

Tsk. Just how are you planning to represent our liege if you can’t even dress yourself properly?”



2/20 favorite episodes : Liege Lord (1x17)
“I’m going to be Queen of France someday. And I hope to be a good queen. But France has you and your mother to look after her welfare. Scotland only has me. If it ever becomes a choice between our two countries, I will chose mine. In whatever way necessary.”

If my wild conspiracy theory turns out to be right, if Moriarty hacks into the BBC’s coverage of Trump’s inauguration in order to leak an extra episode of Sherlock where Johnlock becomes canon, I demand to be called “King of the Conspiracy”, “Your Highness”, “My Liege”, “My Lord” or any other pretentious variation of the like because i will never contribute something that crazy to anything ever again, and royal terms of endearment are hilarious.

Robb Imagine...

IMAGINE…being the granddaughter to Walder Frey and being chosen as Lady Catelyn’s ward and Robb Stark’s betrothed.

((Just a little something short that came to mind as I try to get back into the swing of writing for this fandom!))

Word Count: 1,285

Warning: None

You were in the hall when Lady Catelyn was brought in to speak to your grandfather. You watched her closely. Wondering why the Lady of Winterfell, the wife to the Hand of the King, and the daughter to your grandfather’s liege lord was standing there begging something from the “Late” Walder Frey. You were given your answer just moments after. You weren’t too surprised. You did your best to remain away from everyone else at the Twins, meaning you missed out on all the gossip of the Seven Kingdoms.

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1988. Master Control

is the third album by band Liege Lord.

Liege Lord’s music is fast, energetic, heavy, and catchy as hell - all the qualities of a top-notch power metal band. Their previous two albums are both very good 80s USPM, but they lacked the sheer perfection found in Master Control. If you’ve heard the first two albums, the first thing that you will immediately notice from the opening chord of Fear Itself is the production, The previous two albums suffered from very lacking production, which always detracted from the enjoyment of the music, but fortunately this is not the case on Master Control. The guitars are crunchy and heavy, the drums are hard-hitting, and the vocals are clearly audible but not overpowering. The bass perhaps could have been slightly louder, but that’s nitpicking - the production is damn near flawless.

this album is a shining example of the best the genre has to offer. From start to finish, Master Control never once disappoints. This is an absolutely essential album for any fan of ( “‘speed/power metal”“). In fact, even if you’re not a power metal fan, give this a listen - if you enjoy good music, you won’t be disappointed.

Joseph Comeau   Frank Cortese   Matt Vinci   Tony Truglio   Paul Nelson

anyway, what I realized I hate about the thing that a lot of modern Arthurian adaptations, especially ones that cast Guinevere in the standard rebellious princess mould, do, which is have Guinevere only really loving Lancelot and being forced to marry Arthur for expediency, is that it diminishes the problem. 

The problem is that Guinevere loves both of them and that she is not allowed to have both of them; that Arthur so loves Guinevere and Lancelot that he is able to willfully blind himself to their love; and that Lancelot loves Arthur as his liege lord, and Guinevere so much that he has to betray Arthur. Why would you flatten all that to a forced marriage and a single true love?

Imagine Robb Stark finding you absolutely beautiful.

(So I had this request a long time ago and decided to finally write it :D No specific plot so this is what I came up with :S Hope it’s not too terrible and you all like it. PS. I really tried my best >_< Gif not mine/Found it on google/Credit to the original owner.)

Your family and your household had been invited to visit Winterfell for a feast in order to set out some arrangements.

Not wanting to dress up and having to do your hair as well as everything else that came with a visit to a noble house, you begged your father to not take you along.

“Father, please I don’t want to go…do you really have to take me along?”

Your father gave you a look and shook his head. He grabbed your hands and said “Y/N…they’re are liege lord…they invited us and everyone will be going…if you don’t come along it’ll be a sign of disrespect…”

What your father said was true and you had no other choice but accept it.

“Fine…but i’m not wearing that dress…I don’t like it!”

He chuckled and realized the real reason as to why you didn’t want to go.

With that you left and went to go change.


Upon arrival to Winterfell, your family were greeted by the Starks while you had managed to leave them behind to take a walk in the town.

You enjoyed the atmosphere and wrapped yourself in your cloak to keep warm. Getting closer to the market, you walked towards it and had bought some things to eat.

While eating an apple, you walked and felt something touching your pocket.

You turned quickly and noticed a man running away the moment he caught your eye.

You ran after him as fast as you can and went through small and crowded alleyways.

When suddenly you bumped into someone who got in your way and made you lost contact with the man you were running after.

It really pissed you off and you couldn’t think of anything else but to yell at the person in front of you.

“Damn it! Because of you the man got away!”

The man in front of you chuckled and turned to look at you.

He had auburn curls and blue eyes, a handsome man, you admitted but it didn’t stop you from being mad at him.

“What are you looking at?! Didn’t you hear? Because of you the man got away with my coins!”

Seeing you mad made him chuckle and walk towards you.

“I apologize…my lady? Is it?”

Although you wore a manly outfit and had gotten dirty, your cloak had your house sigil on it and proved to him that you were indeed from a noble house.

Remembering that detail about you, you crossed your arms and looked at him with a hint of amusement.

“Yes it is…But…i’m not accepting your apology, yet…”

He crossed his arms as well and asked “And why is that?”

“Because I don’t feel like it…you owe me at least something in exchange for what you made me lost…”

He chuckled and nodded.

“Alright…and what can I give you in exchange then?”


You stared at him in deep thoughts and suddenly saw some of your father’s men walking behind.

Instinctively, you pulled the man with you and hid behind a wall.

He was backed against it while you made sure he didn’t move. You pressed against him and kept looking to see if the men saw you.

You were both incredibly close but you hadn’t noticed the proximity at all.

He took notice of your features even more and found you absolutely stunning.

“Has anyone ever told you of how beautiful you are?”

You gave him a look and became a little shy hearing him say that.

He smiled as you looked at him and it made you slowly loosen your grip on him.

“Not always…most people only say that as a courtesy…and when i’m dressed up…”

As you let go of him, he managed to cup your face and looked you in the eyes. 

He felt his heart race a little and mustered the courage and said "Then they must be blind…because you are absolutely beautiful to me right now…I can’t even imagine how stunning you’d be in a dress…“

It made you even more shy and you knew you were probably blushing from his compliment.

You wanted to back away from him but he grabbed a hold of your waist.

He pulled you closer and smirking said "I owed you something for your lost coins, right?…Can I repay it this way?”

He inched closer to your face and pressed his lips to yours. You found yourself closing your eyes and felt his lips even more.

It was a perfect moment until you heard a familiar voice behind laughing.

“I see you’ve found my daughter, my lord…I’m glad she is to your liking…”

You turned to see your father and continued.

“Y/N…Meet Robb…of House Stark…your betrothed…”

You looked back at Robb and saw how brightly he smiled when he learned of the good news.


🔥 A Song of Ice and Fire projectA Gifset per every chapter

↪ A Game of Thrones, XLIII, Eddard XI

Grand Maester Pycelle rose ponderously from the council table, his chain of office clinking. “Ser Marq, with respect, you cannot know that this outlaw was Ser Gregor. There are many large men in the realm.”

“As large as the Mountain That Rides?” Ser Karyl said. “I have never met one.”

“Nor has any man here,” Ser Raymun added hotly. “Even his brother is a pup beside him. My lords, open your eyes. Do you need to see his seal on the corpses? It was Gregor.”

“Why should Ser Gregor turn brigand?” Pycelle asked. “By the grace of his liege lord, he holds a stout keep and lands of his own. The man is an anointed knight.”

“A false knight!” Ser Marq said. “Lord Tywin’s mad dog.”

Anon Asks:

When Aegon confirmed the titles of those pledging fealty to him, what does that mean? How does a king confirm the properties of his vassals? Does every king do that when inheriting or just when conquering?

This can get a bit complicated and contradictory, but at least in theory under feudalism titles represent a feudal contract between a vassal and their overlord: so if you’re the Knight of Standfast, for example, you hold that land from House Rowan, who holds it from House Tyrell, who holds it from the King. 

That fiefdom is (in theory) a grant from the liege lord that they can give or revoke technically at will. And even in a situation in which practically speaking a feudal system had moved from the Carolingian model in which fiefdoms were considered a grant for life only and then reverted back to the king to an inheritance model in which fiefdoms were considered to be the rightful property of the heir of the previous lord, there still were a lot of medieval ceremonies that took place when either a vassal or a liege lord died, in order to re-enact the agreement between vassal and overlord.

So what Aegon was doing was writing a bunch of feudal contracts, “giving” the lands in question back to his new vassals in return for their homage and an agreement about what kind of service they would give in return (which would include military service, taxation, etc.). And then when Aegon died and Aenys I was crowned, he would have received the homage of his subjects, and at that ceremony the feudal contract would have been renewed between the new king and his subjects. 

Could the king rewrite those contracts and shift the land around? Sure, we’ve seen plenty of examples of it, from the Brackens and the Blackwoods lobbying the King to choose which of them gets various disputed lands, to Harrenhal handed out as a token of royal favor, to the creation of the New Gift and the founding of Summerhall. But it’s risky, because taking land from some to give to others creates a lot of angry people…just ask Raoul of Cambrai.