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Russian Galand M1870 boarding revolver

Designed by Charles François Galand c.1868 in Paris, adopted by the Russian Navy c.1870 and manufactured by the Nagant brothers in Liege, Belgium thereafter - ship rack number 727.
11mm Perrin six-round cylinder, double action, break action with automatic disc ejector, saw handle grip and reins trigger guard.

I love the era in which you had “boarding revolvers”.


its complicated by Giles McGarry
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Lefaucheux Mle1854 revolving carbine

Manufactured in Liège c.1850~60′s - serial number 27.
12mm pinfire six-round cylinder, double action, side-loading gate with manual ejector rod, removable skeleton stock, 45cm long barrel.

It’s very interesting to see blueing on a Lefaucheux, thank you Belgium for your complete disregard for patent laws.


Belgian wall gun

Manufactured in Liège, Belgium c.1866 - serial number 21.
.75/19mm caliber barrel with hexagonal rifling, removable percussion breechblock, skeleton pistol grip.

Hexagonal rifling uses a similarly hexagonal bullet to impart spin, instead of taking a round bullet and squishing it against regular rifling by shooting it. This weapon would have had a considerable accuracy and power which we can only assume Belgian soldiers used to hunt dinosaurs.