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Art Backlog Part 1: Drawthreads

Due to life getting in the way I’ve kinda neglected my art tag over last 6 or so months , as a result I’ve built up a bit of a backlog.

So with out further ado I hope to tackle that backlog starting here. Art shenanigans incoming. 

They are as listed:

  • Casual Squirrel Girl scribble.
  • Oskar Kokoshka from Hey Arnold!
  • Some big chested Bab’s with a dash of Liefeld to mess with with folks on /co/.
  • UCHUU TOKUSENTAI! The cast of Steven Universe showing they know how to a strike a pose. (Note: The background is from the actual show)

anonymous asked:

#6 for the SR art meme!

6. Everyone else got one, so why not the Boss? Draw them in their very own Super Saint outfit.

Also requested by spicemonster - I had this 95% finished back when I posted the others, so I figured I’d wrap it up. Not happy with the outfit anymore. Decided to turn it into a gif on a whim.