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iv+rio, au where everything is okay. (/-\)

[muffled Satari crying in the distance]

He finds her hand against the bed sheets to grip it tight and she asks “Thomas?” to where he replies with “Just…can I?” in a tone that speaks his nervousness as if his shaking hand wasn’t doing so already.

She’s silent and he’s grateful because he’s too busy fighting his foolishness and his stubbornness, but now the internal war is ending because he’s realizing one thing and one thing only – and no, it isn’t how badly Ryoga will murder him if he ever finds out – it’s that Rio’s hand is warm, too warm in his own, and she’s smiling at him like she’s nervous and he’s cursing himself because damn it, he’s nervous too, but it works.

It works when he tightens his grip and holds his breath and finds her hand doing the same, fingers enclosing around his own as she breathes for him and he can’t hate her for it, not when he’s pissed at himself for giving her one more thing to carry that should be on his shoulders – he’s a man and he knows that he shouldn’t be this pathetic, he’s a man who isn’t much of one, but surely he must count for something because hey, she’s still smiling.

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keep being happy friend!! ship kicks are fun. and haha that’s cool too! n vn to each his own…fandom ~

thank you !! yeah theyre great god bless lmao

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I see thats so good i’m glad owo! thankies for telling me =3 we have the ship in common <3 *hug you tight*

ahh its cool haha yeah we do ^^ /hugs

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Yeah omg!!! <33 is one of my otp(with sharkbaitshipping adaswas) owo *hug you*

its my actual otp besides ryden but thats another story

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no problem!! as long as you’re happy with your ship, that’s what matters. u wu (‘sides the only ship I legit cannot stand at all is in pokémon anyways ahaha…)

oh im v happy & i dont really ship pokemon stuff so yeah lmao


The following prizes are for the International Pokémon League World Tournament 2014.

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  1. Enter the IPL 2014 World Tournament.
  2. Compete with other Trainers from around the world.
  3. On 21 September 2014, all winners will be announced.
  4. Each registered contestant of the Tournament may only receive one (1) prize/set of prizes. In the event that one person wins more than one prize, they may choose only one of the prizes/set of prizes. The others will go to the trainer next in line for the category.
  5. All prizes must be claimed by 30 September 2014 11:59PM EST. Any unclaimed prizes by that date will be forfeited.

All prizes have been donated by Administrators, Affiliates, and Registered Trainers of the League. Special thanks to @daemonofgodsgrace, @myangelsheaven, and @greenhatboy for donating prizes!