[Europe Group Donation] Underneath the tree

My Liebling’s project for Woohyun’s 25th birthday

My liebling is planning to Woohyun’s 25th Birthday.
Your precious consideration and support would be very appreciated.

There is no limit on the amount, so feel free to participate at your discretion.

♧ Deposit Period ♧ 

 Dec. 9th 2014 ~ Jan 31st 2015

♧ Notice on special gift for thankful participants ♧ *

-Over 10€: WH socks + WH Photo card 5set + WH Fan

-Over 25 € : A Set + WH Calendar + A2 Poster

-Over 40 € : B Set + WH Photo Book

~the fan~

~ Calendar preview~

~Photo Book~ 
~100p / A5 / 2014 Woohyun’s Domestic & foreign activity photos Including unpublished photos.

 Deposit Form 

Please send me an email to: with the following

Subject : LieblingHyun’s Birthday Project

1. Name:

2. Amount donated:

3. Email

4. Address:

5. Phone number:

If you have questions left, please mention me on twitter @flolinski or email me 

** Shipping fee is not included yet. You will be required to make another payment for EMS fee afterwards. The amount will vary depending on the number of donors (the more donateors, the lower the ems fee).