that “locking my doors” meme, reconsidered.

This is for the Nonny who wanted to share how much they wanted refugees to die somewhere else, but wasn’t brave enough to put their name on their hate, and everyone else who might think they’re Good People but that charity only goes so far….


Shared from a friend:

From my friend Karen Gillmore:

Now about that meme going around —I won’t share the image, but it says: “Not takin’ in Syrian refugees and closin’ our borders isn’t "mean” or “heartless”. I lock my doors to my house every night. I don’t lock my doors because I hate the people outside my house. I lock them because I love the people inside my house.“

This meme set the hackles up on the back of my neck, and I couldn’t quite say why. But here’s an analysis from one Frank GT (no, I don’t know who he is, this is a copy-n-paste) that gets to the heart of why that meme bothers me:

"I can’t sit back and say nothing as more and more people share this. I’m beginning to believe that the problem is more intellectual than ideological. When you can’t form a simple analogy, or identify an analogy that simply doesn’t work, you’re not a racist. You’re an idiot.

For this analogy to work, you’d have to add that Syrian refugees also live in a house, but their house is on fire. They’re trapped and they have nowhere to go. If they want to escape, they need to run through the fire, or jump out the window. They need to bring their children with them too. So they risk it. Some get killed, some get burned, some get lucky. They escape the house. They can see your house in the distance. Your house is perfectly safe, far from the fire, but it’s at the top of a steep hill, too steep for some. The journey is long and hard, but they risk it. Some die of dehydration, some starve to death, but some get lucky. They arrive at your porch. They take one look back at the inferno they left behind, then they breathe a sigh of relief. There’s a knock at your door. You look through the window. You see them, and they see you. They’re hungry, broken, desperate. They have nothing to give, as they’ve lost everything. You take a look at your family. They’re cuddled under a blanket on the couch. They’re safe and warm, their bellies are full. You look back out the window. You lock eyes with one of the refugees. You open your window. The refugees smile. They think they’ve made it. The infamous house on top of the hill. You proceed to flip them off and tell them to go back where they came from. They’re shocked. You close the window, and rejoin your family on the couch. You feel good about yourself. You shouldn’t, because that is the very definition of mean and heartless.

That’s how an analogy works.”
~ Frank GT


Writer- @myhellyourstories

Requested- Anonymous

Request- Hi!! Can I please get a Harry Hook x Fem! Reader? The reader is the daughter of the Cheshire Cat and she doesn’t believe it when Harry says that he likes her because she thinks he just wants her powers for Uma, but he really does love her?? Thank you!!

Disclaimer- I do not own any Descendants character, all credit goes to the creators and producers of Disney’s Descendants. All I own is my story and the characters Oliver and Madison.


Pairing- Harry Hook x Fem! Reader

Summary- The daughter of the Cheshire Cat doesn’t believe that Harry really likes her.

Warning(s)- None??

Words- 2149

A/N- The song sung in the beginning is called “Hey Alice.” By Rachel Rose Mitchell!

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Wonder Woman Creator Biopic Gets Mysterious First Teaser
‘Professor Marston & The Wonder Women’ tells the story of the character’s real-life origin


“With Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman soaring to a $100.5 million dollar box office debut this weekend awash in positive reviews, it’s likely many viewers are walking out of the movie theater with a newfound appreciation for the Amazing Amazon. Although she’s been around nearly as long as other big-name DC icons like Batman and Superman, Wonder Woman isn’t always given the attention and respect she deserves. The same goes for her creator, William Moulton Marston. But just as Wonder Woman herself is having her day in the sun, so too will her creator in the new biopic Professor Marston & the Wonder Women, which just released its first teaser.

Directed by Angela Robinson, Professor Marston & the Wonder Women stars Luke Evans as Marston, the Harvard psychologist who channeled his interests in feminism, pacifism, bondage, lie detection, and more into creating Wonder Woman. Rebecca Hall and Bella Heathcoate also star as Elizabeth Marston and the couple’s mutual lover, Olive Byrne, respectively — the two women who served as inspirations for Diana. In the brief new teaser, Marston tells someone off-screen that “I created her, she’s a smash success because of me,” only for a beautiful woman (presumably Heathcoate’s Olive) to appear triumphantly on screen. The relationship between a cultural feminist icon and her male creator will likely form one of the film’s main tensions.”

anonymous asked:

Danielle Bregoli (aka cash me ousside) and Honey G are great examples of the double standards white people have. when a white girl/woman speaks/acts 'black' they become famous. So they're racking in the money and fame for tryna be black. Then we've got black girls who speak similarly and are called ghetto or angry for being themselves. Aka white girls act black and get praise and money. And black girls get criticised.

Not a lie was detected.

Janeli and Megan

It’s snowing which is how she knows her lover is lying to her. Janeli is the only one who sees the flakes falling from the coffee shop ceiling, the only one who feels the bite of their chill on her skin, the only one who can see the way they fade away to nothing just a moment before they hit the ground.

She wraps the scarf around her neck more tightly, lets the hand-knitted wool turn her skin red, and taps her nails on the table.

Megan looks back at her with soft eyes, hands wrapped loosely around her tea (non-caffeinated). She looks like she’s telling the truth, calm and collected as she always is, but she’s not.

Janeli realizes that Megan doesn’t know that lie detecting is one of her skills. She can’t imagine how she doesn’t know–unless she thinks she’s doing something to stop Janeli from telling. She sniffs the air and smells magic–ozone and licorice, not her scent. She feels a curl of jealousy, of something dark and possessive, of something not human stirring in her DNA. Megan had gone to someone else for a glamor. Someone else had laid magic on her. Megan is hers in the only way a lover can belong to you. Intimately. Without restrictions or bars or–


“You don’t love me anymore,” Janeli repeats. Her voice is flat.

Megan meets her eyes evenly, body still loose. “I don’t.”

The snow begins to fall faster, small flecks of white swirling around them.

Janeli leans back and crosses her arms over her chest. The words hurt, of course they do, but they’re a lie. Why? “So you want to break up.”

“I do,” Megan says. Her eyes flick to the right, over Janeli’s shoulder, and then back again. As if she’d wanted to scan the room, but couldn’t. As if she was still hiding things from Janeli. “It’s what’s best for us.”

And the snow blinks out of existence.

Best? Janeli thinks with disbelief. She hides the curl of her lip in her coffee cup and very carefully keeps her baser nature locked down inside. How could she believe it’s best?

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Eye Accessing Cues

The EAC model is very useful in the world that is lie-detection. EAC stands for Eye Accessing Cues, this is when one can see what someone thinks about, just by looking at their eyes.

This is the model:

  • When someone looks upwards to the left they remember an image, however, up to the right they construct an image.
  • If they look in a horizontal line to the left, they remember a sound, if they do this but the right they construct a sound.
  • Down to the left, they have an internal dialogue and down to the right, they experience a kinesthetic feeling (can also be smell and taste).

Something many seem to believe is that this is a very safe method, it is not extremely reliable. It requires some control questions.

Control questions are any questions that are like these:

  • Did your breakfast look tasty this morning? (To remember an image - up and to the left)
  • How do you think it would sound if your favourite band would play at a concert near you? (Constructing a sound - horizontally to the right)
  • How would you feel if you happened to hurt your best friend? (Emotion - downwards to the right)
  • How would you articulate a speech at your best friend’s wedding? (Inner dialogue - Down to the left)

When you ask the control questions it should be in an atmosphere that’s calm and comfortable, otherwise, the person will probably stare into your eyes or just look away. Don’t tell them that you’re going to ask them control question. Try this model and see that it’s fun.

This does not apply to every person, but if you ask the control questions and observe the eyes, you know if they do follow it. One thing to add is that left-dominant people seem to do the opposite of what I’ve explained.


Now if you want to see if someone is lying with this method make sure they follow this model. If they construct an image or sound when they should remember an image or sound, then this could point to a lie. If they say something like “It felt so horrible” but they look down to the left for an internal dialogue, they could be lying. But you should always try and find out more before accusing someone of lying.

And with that, I’ll see you my irregulars.


Requested: “ I was wondering if I could make a request for a Percival Graves fanfic, where the reader is keeping a secret from him, and he has to chase them down and try and make them talk! Make it as cute and as fluffy as you like, I love that kind of thing! :)”

Requested by: the wonderful @heyitsteash

Warnings: None 

Word Count: 2316

Percival Graves couldn’t stand it.

He couldn’t stand the idea of you keeping something from him.

Whether it was big or small, nothing drove him nuts like secrets did. Of course you knew this and you did your best to never keep secrets from him, but there wasn’t anything you could do this time. This time the secret you carried within you was too embarrassing for you to even comprehend. It was too embarrassing to tell him the truth.

Because the truth was you were in love with Percival Graves. You loved the Auror who’d help train you when you’d come to Macusa just five years ago. The man who’d helped you become the auror you are today. But it was because of that past that you feared you couldn’t tell him the truth. You felt like you couldn’t tell him that your days together meant the world to you. You couldn’t say a damn word and it drove you nuts.

It drove you as crazy as your secret drove him nuts.

You knew Percival Graves didn’t know that you liked him, but you knew that could see through you enough to know you were keeping something from him. You could see how it drove him crazy, you could see your secret chipping at him every day that you kept it from him.

It had gotten so bad that you taken to hiding in your office whenever he was looking for you. Hiding behind your walls for comfort.

It was the only place you knew you were safe. Safe from him, his handsome face, and being that made you want more every time you saw him. Every time you were near him.

But you could only hide behind your walls for so long, until you had to go face him. Even as you stood behind your door with shaking hands, your eyes peering behind the door when you open it. As if you could somehow avoid him if you caught sight of him before daring to take a step outside of your door. A feeling a relief washes over you when you don’t see him, your body daring to cross the threshold as you walk forward. As you try your best to play off any and all feelings pulsating within you.

You had a meeting today, a big one, but you’d spent the better part of your morning thinking of Percival and the million scenarios that you could make up. Scenarios that were enough to drive you made, enough to make you lose all control of your breathing. It’s almost unbearable as you walk towards the office meeting room.

You’re not late by any means, but when you walk into the office you’re met by a sea of eyes that stare back at you as if you’d interrupted something important. As if you’d intruded. But of all the eyes that look to you nothing gets under your skin the way his eyes do.

Even from across the room you could feel Percival Graves and the way his eyes pierce you from afar. You see the strain in his eyes and the sensation of him wanting to be close to you, him wanting to figure out what it was you were keeping from him.

But you do your best to ignore the questioning in his eyes. The look of desire tugging at his features. A look that drove you mad with every passing breath. A look that remains on his face the entire meeting, the look that consumes you so much that you can’t focus at all during the meeting. It was like everyone else was white noise, like they weren’t there.

Like it was just you two.

When the meeting ends you feel your heart ache, and your feet are itching to get moving before he has the chance to stop you. Before he has the chance to corner you, but when you try to exit the office your coworkers seem to have another plan in mind. Instead of moving they feel compelled to take their time leaving, so much so that Percival makes his way to you. So much so that he corners you just like you feared he would.

“(Y/N), we need to talk…”

His voice rasps behind you as you keep your eyes from his, your gaze finding the floor intently. You knew if you looked at him you’d be done for. You knew you’d cave. You knew you’d break into a thousand pieces right before him.

“… I know something is bugging you (Y/N) and you can talk to me about it. No matter what it is I’m always here for you.”

You feel your heart skip a beat at his kind words. The words that always managed to seep their way in and get under your skin in the best possible way.

“I’m fine Mr. Graves.”

You feel yourself whisper as you dare to look over your shoulder, your eyes meeting his for a moment before you walk away.

Your feet carry you a few feet before you feel his hands reaching out to stop your body. The sensation of him touching you feels so foreign, it had been months since he’d been close to you, since he’d  actually tried to touch you.

“You’re keeping something from me (Y/N) and I do not appreciate you keeping things from me.”

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Anime Recs

These are animes I’ve seen and would recommend as well as some i would like to watch, I just decided to post them and keep track of them here.

Animes I’ve watched 

Ouran High School Host Club

Anime about a normal high school girl that breaks a hella expensive vase and cross dress as a guy to pay for it.

 Attack on Titan/Attack on Titan: Junior High 

Anime about a smol angry dude and his fight against tol naked things with the help of his hot, adopted sister and rlly smart friend.

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club/Free! Eternal Summer 

Sports anime. contains angst in Eternal Summer and will make u question ur life plans. Iwatobi Swim Club is just half naked boys messing around.

Tokyo Mew Mew 

(i watched this as a kid) Anime about girls who are named after foods and have the powers of animals. They try and fight against some demons i guess.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun 

Anime about a girl’s struggle with her tol crush who turns out to be a shoujo manga artist. its just one big meme.

Wolf Girl and Black Prince 

Anime about a girl who lied about her boyfriend so asks for help from this closeted sadist. 

Blue Spring Ride 

Honestly this one just broke my heart. a really good romance anime with hints of comedy. tho after watching this i was depressed for a week and read the manga. its great. 10/10. just watch it.

Say ‘I Love You' 

Anime about a shy girl and a popular guy. sounds cliche but has the best character development ive seen man.

My Little Monster 

(at this point u can see i had a romance anime phase) a romantic comedy about an uptight girl dealing with this basically fuckboy nerd. theres a chicken in it.

Kimi ni Todoke 

Romance anime about a shy girl who breaks out of her shell when she befriends the friendly popular guy in her class. comedy but can be angsty.


a gay, animated volleyball montage. just watch it, its already so fuckin popular.

 Kuroshitsuji (all of it)

basically sherlock but as a 10 yr old boy. a guy makes a contract with a demon in 20th century England and the story goes from there.

One Punch Man 

anime about a man who defeats villains with one punch, but since its so easy he soon gets bored of it so its mainly him trying to get to the market sales in time. theres a hot teenage cyborg and memes.

Nijiiro Days 

anime about 4 guys who struggle with romance. the sadist one is my fave <3

(currently airing)

Prince of Stride 

a gay, animated parkour/running montage. the plot can be questionable but it has great art and characters.


a fantasy anime with a cool plot but sickingly good romance. basically.


a music anime about 4 girls starting up a light music club. theres banter and cute scenes with good animation when it comes to instruments.

 Akatsuki no Yona 

a princess’ crush/cousin kills the king which leads to the princess having to go on a quest to acquire dragons and kill the cousin. theres a hot springs OVA.

Boku dake ga Inai Machi 



a comedy anime with a old yet new style of animation, a little adulty (kind of like family guy). it has an amazing voice actor lineup and is really popular in japan.

Owari no Seraph 

kids from an orphanage are taken by the vampires when a virus breaks out and kills everyone over the age of 13. it follows a child, Yuuichrou who escapes from the vamps and tries to kill them. (SO GOOD I LOVE IT MIKA IS MY FAVE AND SO IS SHINOA)


a horror anime that just fucked me up. it has an amazing plot and keeps you on your toes.

Diamond no Ace

sports anime about baseball. its hella long but its hella worth it. it follows a pitcher, Eijun Sawamura and his dream to go to nationals. (miyusawa is canon)


its about some kids solving mysteries i guess. (jk its great watch it)

Super Lovers

it only just started but its gay and about some dude and his brothers i guess?

(currently airing)

Animes I need to watch 

Akame Ga Kill! 

its about some dude who goes on a quest but gets kidnapped by a gang? (ive only seen 2 episodes)

Tokyo Ghoul 

some dude finds the most difficult way to dye his hair (its probs from twitter and ive only seen 2 episodes)

Death Note 

theres this book who kills people? and it has detectives?

Your Lie in April 

music anime which apparently fucks you up emotionally.

Snow White with the Red Hair 

apparently its like Akatsuki no Yona just without dragons?

Dagashi Kashi 

have no idea what this is about but i read somewhere that its good.

ill probably update this monthly? if i remember. also i would recommend researching these animes on MyAnimeList or smth bc im not the most reliable person with my weirdass summaries. also these are the animes I mainly reblog about as now an anime blog rather than just haikyuu, tho it’s mainly haikyuu and I will never get out of that rut.

The point is to talk to your target about “cool ways to spot liars!” which are completely fake, but plausible. Tell them that liars look over a person’s left shoulder, or that they tend to stand with their feet together. Make it seem convincing. 

Now in the same way that you become more aware of your food choices (shortly) after watching a television special on nutrition, that person will be on the lookout for those signs. This means that when you tell your lie, say the next day, they will be on the lookout for all the wrong things. An added bonus is that they will likely not suspect the person that told them the tricks to be lying. 


Five Steps To The Truth: The BASIC Interview Method: Ask Open-Ended Questions

Step #2: Ask Open-Ended Questions

If observing the baseline wasn’t enough and to even get this far, it’s because you have a hunch that someone you’re talking may be acting dishonestly, and you need to know more. When you’re baselining, you’re not digging for information about a specific incident; you’re just getting a feel for how someone looks and sounds on a regular basis under relaxed, normal circumstances. Your questions don’t have to have any particular structure, they just need to be sincere and to elicit a genuine, natural response. The second BASIC step, however, requires a little more strategy.

Obviously, simply asking, “You aren’t really interested in me, are you? You just want access to what I have” may not get you a truthful answer. If your friend is in fact practicing some kind of subterfuge, he will simply answer “No.” This will cut off further communication and limit your opportunity to liespot. So you need to prepare open-ended questions that encourage discussion and information sharing.

What Exactly Is an Open-Ended Question?

Let’s start by looking at a closed question. A closed question is one that can be answered with a brief “yes” or “no.” It doesn’t encourage the person with whom you’re speaking to offer any more information than you’ve demanded. If that person is leaning toward dishonesty, a closed question slams the door on your chances of learning more. Here are examples of closed questions:

“Have you been visiting some hot springs?”
“Did you take the exam?”
“Are you sure you’re done with your assignments?”

Imagine what a different you might get if, instead, you asked:

“How was the experience of hot springs in Tagaytay?”
“What subjects did you have an exam on?”
“What assignments were you able to finish?”

You can ask open or closed questions when you’re baselining; it doesn’t matter. When your suspicion is aroused, though, the kind of question you ask matters quiet a bit. Open-Ended questions encourage people to give you an expanded reply and they also allow you to keep what you know to yourself.

There are four goals to keep in mind when you ask open-ended questions

1. Establish what you know and what you want to know.
2. Develop rapport.
3. Elicit a response.
4. Tell the right story.

Establish What You Know, and What You Want to Know. Before you start asking any questions, you should line up as many facts about the specific incident you’re investigating as possible. You should determine clearly what information you want to find out now, and what you can wait to learn later. Make a list of the evidence you need for the particular event you want to investigate. Think through what is relevant, fact-based evidence and what might be hearsay.

Develop Rapport. It is not secret that the less threatening, judgmental, and suspicious you are, the more likely someone will be to open up to you. As you begin your interview, you can build rapport through standard “active listening.” Active listening doesn’t necessarily mean you agree with your companion, but it demonstrates your investment in and understanding of what’s being communicated. 

Elicit an Observable Response. Approach your subject casually as possible in comfortable, private, and calm environment that’s free from distraction. Whether he’s guilty or innocent, he won’t want to feel like a bug under a microscope. The less intimidating you are, the faster you’ll get the information you want. 

Tell the Right Story. Every liar has a rationalization—a story he tells himself so that he can live with his lie. Rationalizing helps liars explain why they shouldn’t be judged harshly for stealing, lying to their friends, or even cheating to their partners. 

Be sure to take into consideration the subject’s “blame pattern"—the ways he typically places blame for wrongful actions. Understanding blame patters is critical to the process of fine-tuning your story preparation. Does he tend to blame himself or others? Is he likely to blame a victim ("She was asking for it”) or does he see himself as the victim (“I was set up”)? How a subject absorbs or rejects a blame will shape the way you try to help him tell his story.

Propose Stories. Trained investigators will gently suggest story after story, for as long as twenty or thirty minutes, until they hit on the right one. Truthful subjects will reject every story, no matter how plausible you make each suggestion sound. If you are nonjudgmental and compassionate, however, many guilty people will jump at the chance to commiserate with someone who understands what drove them to do something they probably never thought themselves capable of doing. Remember that most liars want to tell you the truth. Make it as easy as possible for them.

Lie Detection

Bear with me, guys. This is going to be a rather long post- and even with its length, I still won’t be able to cover the whole concept of detecting lies.

To become a human lie detector, you have to incorporate a lot of things. Eye movements and body language are the biggest factors in determining whether or not a person is trying to deceive you. You have to be really observant, so it’s no wonder that only 1 out of 300 people naturally possess the incredible ability to sniff out lies.

So, let’s start with body language. Before you can tell the difference between a person being honest and a person being deceitful, you have to get to know the person.  Watch out of your peripheral vision as the person is talking. You may notice a few quirks, things that people do when they’re nervous or excited. For example, someone might bite his nails when he is about to tell a lie. Someone might get sweaty and jittery as she is thinking about running away from the situation. Figure out if the person is open to talking to you, or if they are closed off and cold.

“Open” body language includes moving closer, leaning forward, and relaxing their arms at their sides. If someone is being open towards you talking to them, they “feel” open. On the other hand, “closed” body language includes crossing their arms, keeping their distance, and fiddling with keys or a loose thread on their clothes. If people could put up actual shields when they didn’t want to talk to someone, they would. Since we can’t do that, however, our instincts compensate by telling us to shield ourselves with our arms and keep a safe distance away from threats.

Stressed body language also indicates that a person isn’t comfortable talking to you. Stressed body language includes irregular breathing, a wrinkled forehead, twitchiness, and flushing.  Blood pressure increases when we lie. Pulse rate quickens. If you can find a reasonable explanation for holding someone’s wrist, you could check their pulse. If not, blushing is a result of elevated blood pressure and therefore makes a good replacement for awkward pulse-checking. Body temperature changes (both too hot and too cold) are signs of deception, so if someone needs a glass of water, asks if the air conditioning is on, or needs to put on their jacket, you know something is up.

People also tend to “hunch in” when they’re lying because they want to blend in with the crowd. If someone is trying to make themselves look smaller and less obvious, trying to fit in with the background, that’s a sign they’ve got something to hide.

Right, then. Eye movements. Everyone’s heard the “If they can’t look you in the eyes, they’re lying” rule of thumb before. Yeah, that one’s pretty much a myth. Since everyone’s heard it, dishonest people will purposely look directly into your eyes so that they seem more honest. In my experience, honest people are more likely to glance away and let their eyes wander a bit. That’s probably because they’re not too worried about being assessed for lies, so they’re allowing themselves to be curious and carefree.

When people lie, they get excited. This leads to rapid eye movements such as frequent blinking. Squinting is also a form of deception. When faced with an interrogator, some people feel as if staring directly into their eyes will open up the window to their soul and therefore allow the interrogator access to their deepest secrets. To counteract that, they squint, thinking it’ll close off the “window.”

Now, this next part is simply a generalized guideline. It is by no means the rulebook for every liar. Use this only as a basis to start with, and tailor what you know to the individual for the best results. Let’s say you asked someone a question. “What did you see that day?” The man looks to his left (your right, if you’re facing him) and then answers, “I didn’t see much. Just barely caught a glance of the girl.” Looking to his left is an indication of lying- generally. This means that the man really did see something important, but he doesn’t want to tell you. Looking to his left means he was trying to create a false image in his mind. Looking to his right, on the other hand, would have meant he was accessing a real memory, something he really saw that day. This method also applies to things the man could’ve heard and things the man could’ve felt.

Remember what I just said about tailoring to the individual. Before you jump straight into the questions, establish the baseline. Ask the questions you know the true answers to. “What date were you born?” “How old are you?” “What is your mother’s maiden name?” “Which high school did you attend?” Since you know the answers, watch their eye movements as they answer. When they answered honestly, where did their eyes look? To the left, or to the right? If they lied at all, which way did they look?

Now, for the difference between visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Looking up indicates visual. Looking to the middle indicates auditory. Looking down indicates kinesthetic. If a woman looks down and to her left, she could be trying to remember how she felt when an event happened. Or, if her baseline works the other way, she could be trying to construct how she SHOULD have felt when the event occurred.  The same goes for auditory. If a woman looks to the middle left, she could be trying to remember what she heard last week, or she could be thinking of what she wants to tell the interrogator she heard last week. One side indicates an honest memory; the other side indicates a constructed memory. Make sure to ask the right questions so you can establish a good baseline. It wouldn’t do for you to think someone’s lying just because you got middle left mixed up with upward right or something like that.

I leave you all with this: Combine all the tips here into one package. Don’t work using only eye movements or only body language. That way leads to disaster.

Nico starts relearning how to be happy, after Gaia.

He thinks something snapped back into place, hugging Reyna in the aftermath.  Maybe his brain just decided he needed a break, because all of a sudden he could feel and relief actually took hold in him.  The fuzz at the edges of his vision was gone and his thoughts formed clear, full sentences and he had energy.  He didn’t expect it to last, so while he still could he hugged Jason and told Percy the truth and let Will push him into staying in a sunny place with other people around.  He told Hazel that he loved her and she’d always be his sister, he went to talk to Reyna and somehow ended up writing out a schedule for when he’d visit her in New Rome (she had her lie-detecting dogs with her when he promised that he’d come).

The hardest thing he did in the few days in the infirmary was tell Will that it wouldn’t last, that the same thing had happened after the Titan war and something about him just rejected happiness, something about him drew in the dark and cold and he had learned to live with that, but he was going to miss this.  Will made a horrified face (Nico had been bracing for that), then sat on the edge of his bed and spent hours talking about depression and anxiety and how there was a phone number of a psychiatrist that knew about demigods that he could call, talking about “Why didn’t you bring this up before” and “We can help you” (Nico hadn’t been bracing for that.)

Somehow, through phone calls and messages, he ended up with weekly phone counseling sessions and a prescription for antidepressants.  The rush of happiness-confidence-relief faded, but this time it didn’t feel like it’d gone away.  And the sad-lonely-empty feeling came in waves now, and actually receded.

Chiron tells him it’s his cabin’s turn to do the supply run at Walmart (with strict orders to use Jules-Albert, not shadow travelling, to get there).  Nico’s pretty sure the Hades cabin isn’t on the chore rotation, that Chiron is just trying to make sure he gets out of his cabin and into the sun or that he feels important and wanted to the camp or some dumb thing like that.  (Chiron cares how he feels?)  He goes, and there’s a display of Mythomagic cards.  It’s a mass market game for gullible kids that he should have grown out of and he hates that he used to be so obsessed with it and… and he is a kid.  And he remembers being excited about that game.

Nico buys a pack of cards with his own money, hiding it in his pocket when he gets back.  Giving Chiron the products for the campers, he goes to his room.  He opens the pack, doesn’t look at the faces of the cards, and shuffles them over and over.  It’s a week before he moves from the shuffling to looking at them, re-memorizing the details.  He asks Chiron when the next Hades cabin supply run is.

He realizes how badly he had felt like raising an army of the dead to surround him — not after actually doing it in the dining pavilion, but after a day or two of eating at the other tables and being surrounded instead by chatter and smiling and life.

He buys another jacket at Walmart.  And two more.  And a huge blanket.  The orange Camp Halfblood tee feels more and more like it actually belongs to him, but so do long heavy sleeves and fuzzy fabric and warmth.  (Nico brings this up to Will.  Will infodumps about stimming, and pressure and textures and comfort items.  He takes a few pamphlets about autism from the infirmary.)

When his bangs fall in his eyes again at supper, Mitchell and Lacy convince him to come back to the Aphrodite cabin for a haircut.   It turns out that when his hair is untangled all the way and washed with some probably-magic shampoo they have, it’s wavy enough to no longer need to be cut.  Under the “natural lighting” lightbulbs, it also looks more dark brown than black.  Lacy teases him that he’s soft and fluffy.

Mitchell asks him each morning if he’s brushed his hair, and somehow Nico ends up with a morning routine that expands to includes that, washing his face, brushing his teeth, and eating at least a little breakfast.  It feels unnecessary, but also nice.  He practices smiling in the mirror until it doesn’t look so scary.


On any given day we’re lied to from 10 to 200 times, and the clues to detect those lie can be subtle and counter-intuitive. Pamela Meyer, author of Liespotting, shows the manners and “hotspots” used by those trained to recognize deception – and she argues honesty is a value worth preserving.

msa ch3 asks

Anonymous said: I love how msa Izuku comes across as an honest to god cryptid: can’t see his face, absolutely the kind of person you’d find at a gas station at 3 am, doesn’t want attention, most likely distant cousins with Mothman

msa au is just me fulfilling all of my ‘protagonist is a cryptid’ dreams by making msa izuku as cryptid as possible. favorite character archetype: cryptid 

Anonymous said: so the msa au is my life right now thank u for that & I just read through the update twice so thank you for that x2 and I had to go back and look for Izuku and Kirishima’s deal when it came up again and realized oh hey Kirishima agreed not to try and stop Izuku from leaving after 3 minutes and they didn’t put a time limit on that i wonder if that’ll come up again (& then my brain jumped to Izuku using that Forever. “we had a deal” every time it comes up. he cannot be stopped bc kiri promised)

got it in one!! izuku will abuse the wording of that deal forever if he can. good eye! 

Anonymous said: relatability of msa izuku: trying, doesnt trust feds, inability to sleep, ready to jump out 4th story window at a moments notice, anti-attention-

that’s msa izuku living the cryptid life of his dreams

Anonymous said: So wait you don’t have to answer this if it’s a spoiler but the collarbone blood tattoo™ is what’s making deku’s existence confusing to electronics, maybe?

yep, you got it! normally izuku is able to keep his presence from overtly affecting the electronics around him but scripting really starts messing with them. 

Anonymous said: quirkless msa deku anon and can i just say that deku looking eraserhead straight in the eye with lie detector policeman there and him saying “i don’t have a quirk” and said policeman not detecting a lie is arguably the best thing i have thought of today.

tsukauchi: wh 
tsukuachi: how did you even do all of [gestures at ch2 events] that without a quirk? 
izuku: it’s a special talent of mine.

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Jealousy Is Such A Pretty Color On You.

Prompt: The reader is jealous of Henley and smut ensues with Daniel!

Pairing: Daniel x Reader

Warning: Fingering, smut, curse words.

Word Count: 1.4k

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