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Written With Lies | Part 1

|| Jun Au

|| Prompt 1 first prompt since I introduced the series ayayayyaya

|| It had been cursed upon the loving, lies written upon your skin by a soulmate who was or wasn’t fully committed. Some had been lucky, to have such a never-ending and loving relationship, and some unlucky to have such a regretful one. However, even in the most seemingly perfect relationships there will be lies.

|| Genre: Fluff Angst, Soulmate au where a lie they tell will appear on your skin and disappear after a week

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Part 2

  • You knew you had found your soulmate when your mother spotted words running along your spine
  • the dress you had been wearing at your aunts wedding revealed your upper back
  • after knowing, especially at your age that you wouldn’t even be able to get a tattoo she had assumed you had finally found your soulmate and he or she had spoken their first lie 
  • after close inspection, she had realized it hadn’t been a tattoo and almost cried 
  • the words that had been written along your back had been “No, it’s okay I’m fine. This cold is nothing, you don’t have to come over later dude.”
  • She had walked up to you with teary eyes, tracing the letters along your back 
  • Obviously shocking you as you hadn’t known exactly what she was doing 
  • “(Y/n), have you talked to anyone today? Perhaps someone who’s sick?” She asked in an almost inaudible tone, tears rolling down her cheeks as you faced her
  • “Why are you crying?” You asked with a laugh, “mom the ceremony hasn’t even started yet.” 
  • “Honey, I think you’ve found your soulmate.” She spout, tears of joy falling from her face at an even faster rate than before
  • She read the words back to you, her breath shaky and yours growing nervous
  • She had repeated it once more, and you had known exactly who had lied to you
  • “If you want you can go,” your aunt who had been spying on your conversation piped up
  • You had felt bad for wanting to leave to see your love when she was going to be marrying her girlfriend and soulmate of eighteen years
  • “Just go, I’ll be with her for the rest of my life. You can’t wait to see your soulmate when you figure out who it is darling.” You regretfully looked at your aunt, telling her you were sorry for leaving before the ceremony had even begun. 
  • “I swear I’ll make it up to you and Embry,” you swore as you ran over to your belongings at the table where your father had been conversing with one of Embry’s uncles. 
  • He had called out to you as you walked away, wondering where you had been leaving to in such a rush. You had yelled out a quick reply, briefly explaining that your mom would explain everything and you headed for the car, thankfully having not carpooled with your parents 
  • As you drove you tried your best to not corrupt your mind, trying to not get lost in thought as it would be dangerous to your life as well as others
  • You seemed to be driving as fast as the speed limits would allow, almost going a bit over more than once as you rushed to his house 
  • The feeling of the world rushing you to arrive as quickly as possible as traffic laws would allow 
  • Expectedly, you reached his house in half an hour, parking your car sloppily in his driveway and barely locking it before running up his steps and knocking on the door 
  • You made sure not to pound on the door, knowing that he had still been extremely sick and unwell
  • You heard footsteps walking towards the door, a groggy voice calling out and asking who it had been. 
  • In only moments the door swung open, Jun’s brother standing there half awake. 
  • “I thought you were supposed to be at a wedding,” he stated more than questioned, “what ar-“ 
  • You excused yourself as you walked in, quickly taking off your shoes as you entered and exited the entrance hall. 
  • You walked up the staircase towards his room, carefully looking down at each step so you wouldn’t trip.
  • “Jun,” you called out, knocking on his door and opening it quickly to find him cuddled up with a body pillow, covered in heaps of blankets and a couple stuffed animals. 
  • His head popped up as you entered loudly, making your presence known to the sick boy. 
  • “(Y/n)?” He questioned, slapping himself to see if he had been so sick to the point of hallucination 
  • “Aren’t you supposed to be at a wedding?” He laughed, “you look good tho, smokin’” he added with a sniffle and a wink.
  • “HOw dare you lie to me Wen Junhui?” You attacked, walking up to him and placing your hand on his forehead. “I could probably pour some water on your head and it would steam,” you explained, making his fever sound much more dramatic than it should have been 
  • “Calm, calm,” he spoke, taking your hand into his and resting his head on top
  • “Jun, you’re literally burning,” 
  • You walked out the room before he could spout another thing, walking back downstairs and filling a bowl with water and ice then grabbing a clean rag from the bathroom
  • You walked back up the steps two at a time, Jun’s temperature obviously extremely high
  • You hadn’t let him speak when you walked in, setting the bowl down and quickly soaking the cold rag before wringing it out and placing it on his forehead
  • You could practically see the liquids evaporating 
  • “How did you even manage to get such a high fever in the middle of the summer?” You asked, “I mean seriously, you’ve got a seriously high feve-“
  • “(Y/n),” he spoke suddenly, cutting you off. “Your aunt is getting married to the woman of her dreams and yet here you are, can’t I be the least bit guilty for taking your aunt’s favorite niece away from her wedding.” 
  • “I didn’t come for your fever,” you replied. “Jun, can you see? Are you feeling a bit better enough to sit up?” 
  • “A bit, why?” 
  • You turned around, moving your hair from your back so he could read the lie he had spoken earlier that morning. 
  • “My mom saw it earlier and my aunt told me to come see you.” You explained, turning back around to look Jun in the eyes. “Who would’ve thought we’d be soulmates,” you said with a blush. 
  • “Am I still dreaming?” He asked, dunking his head into the bowl of ice water to wake himself up. “We’re soulmates. And I was the first to lie? I lied to my soulmate” He spoke to himself, “we’re soulmates” he repeated. “We’re really soulmates!” He repeated loudly, sounding extremely happy and joyous to the fact. “(Y/n) we’re really soulmates. I’m so happy I could literally kiss you right now,” he said as if he wasn’t sick any longer. 
  • He leaned in quickly before catching himself, his lips just an inch from yours, realizing he had been sick and didn’t want to spread his germs to you. “I’ll kiss you later,” 
  • “Yeah good idea,” you replied, making you both laugh as he laid back down. He sighed, reaching his hand out to grab yours from where it lay at the edge of his bed. 
  • He kissed the back of your hand before resting it over his heart and you felt its beat slow as he calmed down, letting the fact that you were finally his soulmate sink in.

At the young age of eighteen, in the summer of 2014, the month of July, Friday the eleventh, Wen Junhui had finally discovered his beloved soulmate.

  • a self-proclaimed china prince who’s brimming with over-confidence and charisma.
  • he’d take one look into the mirror and flips his brown fringe from his eyes and he’s already like, “i’m so beautiful that even aphrodite will be so jealous of me.”
  • and other times, he’s like, “how can i pull off these clothes so well? they look so expensive since i’m wearing them.”
  • and looking at fashion magazines like, “i’ve probably walked out from these magazines.”
  • yEAP.
  • though he may look like all he cares about are his face and hair and clothes and basically HIMSELF,,
  • but really, he is actually very compassionate and loving.
  • especially when it comes to you, his dear girlfriend whom he loves so dearly.
  • like he’d love you so much that most of the time, he forgets to love himself.
  • “gongzhu, i plucked some pretty flowers on the way here. they reminded of you, so here you go, beautiful.” he’d grin while handing you these beautiful yellow flowers that you didn’t even know of.
  • awed, you take the flowers from him with a touched smile, “oh, jun. you didn’t have to — wait, whAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HANDS?”
  • apparently, the guy got himself injured while trying to pluck the flowers off and now he has small cuts all over his palms.
  • and you’re like freaking out because jun literally cares about his well-being because quotes him, “i need to stay beautiful and flawless so the world could appreciate this art.”
  • “junhui, you’re hurt! why didn’t you say anything?!” you exclaim, holding his hands to examine the flaws that are now etched on his palms.
  • and jun just has this gentle, reassuring smile on his face as he says, “i’d go through sharp thorns and vines to make you happy, gongzhu.”
  • and you’d end having to treat this selfless boy before class starts.
  • “you know that i meant it when i said i’d go through anything for your happiness, right?”
  • “jun, value your safety before my happiness, pLS.”
  • “i can’t. i just love you too much.”
  • “well, try loving me less, maybe?”
  • “but that’s impossible.”
  • (-_- )
  • only god knows just how huge jun’s love for you is. and it’s not like you don’t appreciate his feelings, it’s just because of his love to you that he couldn’t take care of himself well.
  • like also this one time when he walks you home in the rain with his umbrella held over you only and he ends up drenched from head to toe.
  • “i can’t let you be wet, gongzhu.”
  • “oh, god. not again.”
  • and the next day, as you expect, he’s down with the cold and couldn’t get off the bed without having to complain of his bad headache or his sore throat.
  • but he couldn’t help but to imprint this huge, happy beam on his face when you come visiting his room with a sigh released.
  • “i told you to share the umbrella with me. but you never listened.”
  • “gONGZHU!” literally throws himself all over you.
  • and again, you’d wind up having to take care of this guy again.
  • like when you’re feeding him his porridge, he’s smiling like an idiot and says, “have i ever told you how lucky i am to have you?”
  • “for like a millionth time, yes. sIGHS. but you should learn to set yourself as a priority instead of me, jun. because you keep on taking care of me first, you always end up getting hurt.”
  • “are you worried for me, gongzhu?”
  • “yES, YOU IDIOt!”
  • “oh, gongzhu. i love you so much. i’m sorry for making you worried.”
  • “you should be POUTS.”
  • “… i think i have recovered by the sight of that adorable pout.”
  • not only you who is well-aware of jun’s priority of you. even his friends are worried by how much he pampered you like a queen.
  • chan: “junnie hyung, y/n noona has hands. she can feed herself.”
  • you: “i couldn’t agree more…”
  • jun: “but i want to feed you. say ahhh.”
  • you: щ(ಠ益ಠщ)
  • jun likes bringing you to his apartment just to cook for you some traditional chinese cuisine and hopefully waiting for your reaction as you eat.
  • “it’s delicious, jun. thank you.”
  • “… come again?”
  • loves having you in his bed — not to do anything nasty nOPE. he just likes having you next to him so he can be as close to you as possible and watching you sleep.
  • like he LOVES watching you sleep.
  • at one time, he snaps a photo of you asleep and posts it on sns like, “she’s so beautiful ♥ i am the luckiest man alive.”
  • seungcheol comments: “what happens to posting your selfies and claiming yourself as beautiful?”
  • hoshi: “guys… i think he’s falling way too deeeeeeeep.”
  • seungkwan comments: “junnie hyung. SNAP OUT OF IT.”
  • wonwoo: “is nobody going to comment how he takes a picture of y/n sleeping on his bed…?”
  • jisoo: “oh my lord.”
  • seokmin comments: “why do i feel like you’ll get smacked in the head once y/n noona sees this…?”
  • and you did.
  • “trust me, gongzhu. you’re still beautiful to me.” (✿◠‿◠)
  • but the picture has already been viewed by the whole school and everyone’s just like, “THIS COUPLE IS GOALS!”
  • and you’re like, “no. stop. please. take down the picture.”
  • make-out session with jun can be described with one word: FIYAHHHHH.
  • being a passionate person in everything he does, he’s even more passionate when it comes to kissing you.
  • like he rarely gives any room for you two to breathe. he just wants to feel the pressure of your lips on his longer while he cradles your face like some valuable vase.
  • and it’s just so hot and furious when kissing with jun.
  • but v v pleasurable wink wonk.
  • loves it when you wear his clothes like he always think you look adorable and small in his sweaters.
  • and he just couldn’t stop hugging you because of how cute you look.
  • and you’re like, “jun, i need to use the toilet. jun, let me go now. wEN JUNHUI.”
  • and cuddling with jun be like,
  • “god, i love you so much. how did i get so lucky?”
  • “i think that’s my line, junhui. thank you for always loving me.”
  • “… i think my heart just exploded.”

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rwbwby  asked:

hey, i just wanted to stop in and say that i really love your art style! it's clear that you put a lot of thought into your work, and it really shows. your RWBY fanart is some of my favorite art from the FNDM, and it's also unique and easy to recognize, so i find myself saying "hey, look! there's another one!" when i see another one of your creations. i hope you're having a wonderful day, and i hope you're treating yourself well! ^-^

my naem is echo,

and when u say,

things lik dis,

it maeks my day,

i hope u kno,

dat i wont lie,

wen i read dis,

i wan to cri.

christmas parties

(this is… SO long.  i am so sorry.  it got away from me)

“Ok, so… I once got so drunk that I kissed Ilse… I wanted to get a tattoo of a flower, but I was too scared, so I have a supply of the same temporary tattoo… and I’m straight.”

The entire party burst out laughing.

“The lie is supposed to be hard to guess, Ernst,” Wendla spat out in between giggles.

Ernst’s face fell so dramatically that he looked like a kicked puppy, and the entire party was off again.

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