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Prompt: it's black and white

It was like this:

The pieces of her chessboard, the alternating square tiles.

It was light and dark, right and wrong, up and down….

Life and death. 

(It was like this: the prominent ‘S’ and the mangled ‘L,’ the difference between the truth and a lie, the distance between a friend and an enemy. 

It was hours upon hours staring up at the night sky and wondering how something so dark and vast could inspire so many to reach for the stars. 

It was…it was…it was—)

She’d been raised differently. It didn’t require fancy schooling or constant pressure to perform for her to realize that. No, it merely took an afternoon with Lillian, long before she’d even lost her first baby tooth.

(Sit down, keep silent, work harder.

And her response, always the same, and always residing only in her thoughts: Stop, stop, stop please.)

She was raised with the constant promise of her last name. A Luthor was never wrong. A Luthor was never swayed. A Luthor, a Luthor, a Luthor—oh, a Luthor stole from hundreds and another lied to thousands and yet another killed dozens.

(She was expected to carry on the work, the stealing and lying and killing, because Luthors were right—they were the light, the shining beacon with which they led all mankind.

Sit down, keep silent, work harder.

Stop, stop, stop, stop—)

It was like this:

A scarlet cape and a brilliant smile. Blue eyes, blonde hair, and colorful sweaters. Green, purple, pink, yellow…

It was soft words whispered in the dead of night, softer touches in the light of morning.

It was a push, forceful and kind—a contradiction she couldn’t understand, didn’t want to understand.

(It was a whole new set of instructions: Be good, be kind, be you.

And her response remained nothing but silence, a perverse belief that she didn’t deserve such faith, such trust.)

She’d been raised a Luthor, told that she wasn’t as good as her brother.

White and black, they’d said.

Light and dark.

Right and wrong.

Up and down.

Life and death….

(White and black, they’d said.

And she’d believed them until those blues and reds and greens and pinks entered her life, believed them until…

Until Kara, until Kara.)

It was like this:

A Luthor fell in love with a Super. Lena fell in love with Kara. A human fell in love with the last daughter of Krypton.

(And on her darkest of days, when she looked up at the sky and saw nothing but an empty beyond waiting to envelop her whole—devour her, drown her—there was another thought that occurred to her:

A Super fell in love with a Luthor. Kara fell in love with Lena. The last daughter of Krypton fell in love with a human.)

It was like this: she’d been raised as a Luthor, raised to see everything in white and black—everything in opposites, in divides.

But then Kara entered her life, and her world burst into color.

did i ever tell ppl about the time me and my family thought my older brother was gay and dating his best friend? they used to hold hands and cuddle and shit all the time and cause my brothers super quiet we kinda just thought that was him coming out and didn’t really say anything about it. this went on for maybe two yrs and then one day he arrives home with this girl and is all ‘id like you guys to meet my girlfriend’. at this point everyone is ’????’ and my mom is literally crying and like 'u broke up with James?!?!?!’ and honestly I’ve never seen a man more confused in his life and yeah that’s the time my family fucked up for like 2 yrs

So im going to be drawing more shance now because @sir-scandalous has opened my eyes to the beauty of this ship. Also freaking love his art so why not tag him in my first shance piece lol

cause of death: just friends

so here, have a kinda starco-ish amv thing. this song was literally perfect and had to be used. after all, they’re just friends right now *cries*

i tried


upcoming heart-fluttering also heart-wrecking movies

y’all know whats fucked? star’s hit rock bottom. Not literally, but emotionally. Yeah, she has a family, and a home, and safety, but she lost her spellbook, magic tutor, half her wand and now (feels like) she lost her best friend/crush/someone extremely close. Star’s hit a low, and the svtfoe crew did a fantastic job making it absolutely chilling…

…by putting a smile on her face

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Japanese Fans Rank The Anime They’d Like To Show Their Children

What anime would you like to show your children one day?

That’s the question posed by anime polling site Charapedia, who asked their readers, took those results and baked them into a top 20 stew fit for all children. Maybe.

Without delay, the results:

20. Puella Magi Madoka Magica
19. Pokémon
18. Little Busters!
17. A Certain series
16. Love Live!
15. Natsume’s Book of Friends
14. Digimon Adventure
13. Slam Dunk
12. Angel Beats!
11. K-On!
10. Kuroko’s Basketball
9. Haikyu!!
8. Your Lie in April
7. Sword Art Online
6. Doraemon

And the top five…

5. Gintama

4. anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

3. One Piece

2. Naruto

1. Clannad

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