lie in the grass

Date a girl who is more than you bargained for. She has been dying to tell you anything you want to hear because that’s just who she is this week. She’ll lie in the grass next to the mausoleum. Date a girl who is a notch in the bedpost when you’re just a line in a song

Death must be so beautiful. To lie in the soft brown earth, with the grasses waving above one’s head, and listen to silence. To have no yesterday, and no tomorrow. To forget time, to forgive life, to be at peace.
—  Oscar Wilde 

I just want to hold your hand.

I want to listen to your favourite songs and look at you as you slowly start dancing to them.

I want to look into your eyes and see the stars reflecting in them.

I want to visit my favourite places with you.

I want to meet your friends.

I want to know what scares you the most.

I want to hear about all your dreams.

I just want to hold your hand.

I want to laugh at the lamest jokes you can think of.

I want to wipe your tears after watching sad movie.

I want to be the one you find yourself thinking about before you go to sleep.

I want to tell you about the future and the places I want to visit.

I want to know about the things you regret.

I want to lie next to you on the grass and watch the clouds go by.

I just want to hold your hand.

I want to be the reason you smile at your phone.

I want to take you to your happy places and watch how happy you are.

I want to rub your back.

I want to be the person you drunk call or text to.

I want to go to movies with you and sit in the back so I could be watching you instead of the movie.

I want to eat your favourite food with you.

I just want to hold your hand.

I want to be in the same room as you and secretly look at you as you read.

I want to tell you how much you mean to me.

I want to see you blushing when I tell you how much I love you.

I want to be in the bed with you, not having sex, just enjoying your company.

I want to give you something nice on your birthday.

I want to make you tea when you are cold and hand you paper tissues.

I just want to hold your hand.

I want to watch my favourite show with you and be obsessed and not judged.

I want to stay awake until the morning and just sit on the roof with you and talk about stupid things.

I want to change the wallpaper on my phone to a photo of us.

I want to get lost in your eyes.

I want to let my cat sit in your lap and just watch you guys get along.

I want to introduce you to all my friends.

I just want to hold your stupid hand and do all the things that people in love do.

Normal Horoscope:

Aries: The stars know you are having a tough time, make sure you get plenty of sleep, but not too much.

Taurus: Fear is caused by the unknown. The unknown seeks only to hold you, to help you rest.

Gemini: Your anger can be better spent elsewhere, like in building a lego set or eating peaches in your underwear.

Cancer: You seek the fondness of the leather belt you’ve had for a while. 

Leo: Do you really want to know how far they’d go for you?

Virgo: The dead virtual pets you’ve had over the years seek revenge. Sleep under a Faraday cage.

Libra: Lie on your back in the grass outside. No reason really, it’ll just be a nice afternoon.

Scorpio: If you pay close attention, you can see her wings when the light catches her just right.

Sagittarius: You are cruel and unforgivable, but only to yourself. Stop that ya knucklehead.

Capricorn: Now is the time to base your relationship on something concrete, like your level of ambient cosmic background radiation.

Aquarius: If you push through the radio static you can hear the voices of all the people who miss you.

Pisces: Home cannot be found on a map. Not in its entirety anyway. There are more things in a home than just four walls and a pantry full of smuckers uncrustables.

I don’t know about ghosts, but I do know that our souls can be made to go outside our bodies when we are alive. A very easy way to feel them go is to lie on the grass at night and look straight up at some big bright star; and, by fixing your mind upon it, you will soon find that you are hundreds and hundreds of miles away from your body, which you don’t seem to want at all.
—  Tess of the D’Urbervilles, by Thomas Hardy

Send her a text
Denounce your ex

Bring her some flowers
Give her your hours

Take her on a dinner date
Let her out with her mates

Give her a daily kiss
Never a birthday miss

Take hold of her hand
Draw hearts in sand

Love her every dress
Even when she’s a mess

Make breakfast in bed
Softly stroke her forehead

Compliment her often
Your hard heart soften

Talk shit in the night
Hold her close & tight

Drool at her swinging hips
Gently bite her lip

Tell her she’s your friend
The best til the end

Care when she’s sick
Apologise real quick

Tell jokes, make her laugh
Run a fragrant bath

Miss her when apart
Open your male heart

Go for country walks
Listen when she talks

Lie together in grass
Don’t say she’s got a fat ass

Buy her a diamond ring
Make her heart sing

When she’s feeling miffed
Buy her a special gift

When she’s feeling sad
Say no to the lads

When her tears you don’t understand
Take hold of her hand

If she says you don’t care
Prove you’ll always be there

Give her your soul
That’s the ultimate goal

Rest is not idleness and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.
—  John Lubbock

stan the man and mike fall in love and become an iconic power couple, sorry i don’t make the rules:

-they initially bond over their mutual fear of disappointing their fathers (or grandfather) and once the bond is made, it’s unbreakable

-stan will often come over and the two boys will just lie on the grass behind the barn and make up stories to take their minds off of whatever’s going on thats upsetting one or the other  

-their first kiss is when they’re on the grass and stan is rambling off a story about an animal ghost town living among them, mocking their human ways, when mike put his hand in stan’s hair and leaned in

-stan was frozen for about five seconds and mike was just about to pull away when he felt a hand on his face and insistent lips on his own

-they become inseparable after that, and it doesn’t take too long for the rest of the losers to find out

-richie is the first to find out. he will go to his grave insisting that “his gaydar is the high quality shit” but really he saw them holding hands at one of the losers club movie nights

-eddie is next because “guys you have to let me tell eddie! he’s gonna be so psyched that we’re not the only couple in the group! please please plea-” 

-they tell the rest of the club and no one is particularly surprised. everyones happy they’re happy

-they are definitely the Old Married Couple, everyone comes to them for advice

-stan brings out the snark in an otherwise quiet mike and mike brings out the soft in an otherwise rigid stan. the losers club is shook when they see how soft stan is around mike 

-they’re just totally in love and fully respect and understand each other?? 

Anonymous requested:
character aesthetic (Boyfriend to Death 2): 🌷 Lawrence Oleander 🌷

 “ This is the spot where I will lie when life has had enough of me. These are the grasses that will blow above me like a living sea. These gray old lilies will not shrink to draw their life from death of mine and I will give my body’s fire to make blue flowers on this vine. O Soul, I said, have you no tears? Was not the body dear to you? I heard my soul say carelessly, The myrtle flowers will grow more blue. 
     ~Sara Teasdale


spanish idiom masterpost here !!

useful for bumping up your assessments from a’s to a*’s !!! i’m at gcse level and these are the most useful ones for me. i’m sure these look good at any level as they show you have a deeper understanding of the language !!

Appeler un chat un chat
translation: to call a cat a cat
used as: to say it how it is
example: ‘j'appelle un chat un chat’ (i say it how it is)

Avoir un poil dans la main
translation: to have a hair in the hand
used as: to be very lazy
example: ‘je n'ai pas un poil dans la main, mais…’(i’m not very lazy, but…)

Chercher la petite bête
translation: to look for the little beast
used as: to look for something to complain about
example: ‘tu cherches toujours la petite bête!’ (you always look for something to complain about!)

Coup de foudre
translation: a strike of lightning
used as: love at first sight
example: ‘c'était le coup de foudre’ (it was love at first sight).

Coûter les yeux de la tête
translation: costs the eyes in the head
used as: costs an arm and a leg (a lot)
example: ’…pourtant, je sais que ça coûte les yeux de la tête’ (…however, i know that it costs an arm and a leg)

Donner sa langue au chat
translation: to give one’s tongue to the cat
used as: to have no idea
example: ‘désolée, je donne ma langue au chat’ (sorry, i have no idea)

Donner un coup de main
translation: to give a knock of hand
used as: to give a helping hand
example: ‘je l'aime, parce qu'elle donnes toujours coup de main’ (i like her, because she always gives a helping hand)

Étre à l'ouest
translation: to be in the west
used as: to be out of it
example: ‘aujourd'hui, je suis à l'ouest’ (today, i’m out of it)

Faire la grasse matinée
translation: to have a fat morning
used as: to have a lie in
example: ‘le weekend prochain, je vais faire la grasse matinée’ (next weekend, i am going to have a lie in)

Faire un froid de canard
translation: to do a cold duck
used as: to be very cold
example: ‘il fait un froid de canard’ (it was very cold)

Il y a quelque chose qui cloche
translation: there is something ringing
used as: there is something wrong
example: ‘j'ai pensé, ‘il y a quelque chose qui cloche’…’ (i thought, ‘there is something wrong’)

Mettre son grain de sel
translation: to put in one’s grain of salt
used as: to give an unwanted opinion
example: ‘il va mettre son grain de sel’ (he is going to give an unwanted opinion)

Poser un lapin à quelqu'en
translation: to put a rabbit on somebody
used as: to stand somebody up
example: ‘oh non! je s'ai posé un lapin!’ (oh no! i stood him up!)

i will add more when i can !! i do spanish as well so i might make one for that. enjoy !!

thanks to slytherinleigh for correcting a few mistakes !!!