Caught in a Lie pt.1

Group: BTS

Genre: fluff/smut(later)

Pairing: JiminxReader 

Word Count: 755

Plot: Park Jimin is a rich man and you just happen to be his maid. But a maid isn’t what he’s really looking for. (Based off of Lie)

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Park Jimin, the richest man in the city, was powerful to say the least. No one dared to mess with him for that exact reason. Because the last time someone got on his bad side, they were never heard from again.

No one really knows who he is though. They’ve heard the name but other than that, he’s a complete mystery. Some say he was born into wealth, some say he got it from being a mob boss. Either could be true, really. But only the people close to him knew the real Park Jimin. You would know, because you were one of them.

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