What if the Blue Lion is the right arm? 🤔👀

Our battle couple, but the colors match their armor 💙💚

Shifted the hue by 170° and bumped the saturation by 50% to make it bluer. Also for some reason I was able to upload this on a higher quality compared to the original.

I find it more aesthetically pleasing too 

Ok but soulmate au

Where person B has ‘Fuck you!’ As their soulmark and their entire life they’ve been made fun of for it so when they walk into someone while texting and the person says 'Fuck you!’ B just says, ’ OH! SO YOU’RE THE MOTHERFUCKER WHO GAVE ME THE WORST FUCKING SOULMARK EVER! WELL GUESS WHAT I WILL NEVER LET THIS GO THERE IS NOTHING WORSE THAN HAVING THE WORDS “Fuck you!” PERMINATLY MARKED ON YOUR SKIN!’ And A just looks at them and says 'Well imagine having that fucking essay written on you in caps-lock…’

Major Character Death Fics

Me: *Reading a fic that was tagged as fluff and enjoying myself immensely*
Fic: *Half of the ship dies painfully*
Me: *Looks back up at the tags*
Fic: *Is tagged as major character death, angst and mild fluff*
Me: Okay…….I came out here to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now.

for @thenewbard who loves the hell out of this rarepair

Kuron: I’m Shiro!

Shiro: Guys! It’s me!

Lance: Hmm….How can we tell which one’s the real Shiro?

Pidge: I have an Idea…Only the real Shiro could answer this…What’s my real name?

Shiro (Who’s calm): Katie

Kuron (Sweating like crazy): P-pidgeon….



Pidge: Close…But my name’s Katie.

Keith: Get the clone!

Lance: L is for the way you look at me

Hunk: O is for the only one I see

Pidge: V is very very extraordinary

Keith: …Egg…?

Types of Voltron Shippers
  • Type 1: I ship [blank] and only that but that doesn't mean other ships are bad, I just don't ship them and that's okay.
  • Type 2: I ship [blank] and I am open to other ships.
  • Type 3: I ship [blank] and any other ship is wrong.
  • Type 4: Shaladin ships need to die [ship] for life if you ship shaladin you are a pedo and want to rape minors
  • Type 5: If you don't ship my ship you are an awful human being that needs to rethink life
  • Type 6: I will harass cast and crew members in order to validate my ship.
  • Type 7: I will harass other creators that ship the ship I hate.
  • If you apply to types 4-7 you need to get a reality check. This is a fictional show with fictional characters. Stop. Make the VLD fandom a better place.
  • Walk that ish back.