lidewij vliegenthart


Can we talk about how Lidewij was a badass? She was willing to deal with Peter Van Houten being a general asshole, but also didn’t think twice about resigning once it was just too damn much and she couldn’t stand by and watch his behavior anymore. And then, coming back to him to put him in his place, like, no bitch, I do not accept you, drunken stupid head, here’s what’s gonna go down, you’re gonna read this letter and you are going to like it! I fear I do not describe my feelings accurately. I just really, really like her. She’s also a ginger. And has a boyfriend named Bas who is there to help her restrain drunken ex-employers. I really wish I knew more about her and her boyfriend, oh my god, I have these awesome images in my head of their awesomeness. It’s a “what happened to Anna’s mother?” kind of situation, I just really wish I could know more about her, she’s my favorite side character, except I love EVERYONE.

Fault In Our Stars - Star Signs

Hazel Grace: Taurus

Hazels Mum: Capricorn

Augustus Waters: Aquarius 

Isaac: Cancer

Peter Van Houten: Pisces

Patrick: Cancer

Lidewij Vliegenthart: Gemini

*i obviously don’t own these characters John Green does and i don’t know their ‘real’ birthdays or anything so this is just for fun and entertainment purposes*

The Signs as John Green Characters
  • Aries: Isaac
  • Taurus: Alaska Young
  • Gemini: Radar
  • Cancer: Hazel Grace Lancaster
  • Leo: Ben Starling
  • Virgo: Quentin Jacobson
  • Libra: Lacey Pamberton
  • Scorpio: Peter Van Houten
  • Sagittarius: Augustus Waters
  • Capricorn: Lindsey Lee Wells
  • Aquarius: Margo Roth Spiegelman
  • Pisces: Lidewij Vliegenthart