rosstophergeller (aka tara) and I were talking about how great it would be if Adam fucked Kurt against a wall and this kind of happened… Many thanks to her for the help and inspiration! This isn’t beta’d and it’s my first drabble so be nice /o\

Kurt is dying. Well, not physically dying, but he feels like at any moment he’s just going to explode. He really doesn’t think that he can control it any longer.

Adam and Kurt have been doing things for a few weeks now. And by things he means very sexual and satisfying things. But he hasn’t been able to see Adam in over a week and he feels like he’s dying.

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Megan’s ‘Thank’s For Tagging Me Sorry This Took So Long to Do’ Masterpost

Alright y’all, I got tagged in some stuff lately, but I haven’t really been on my computer so I haven’t gotten around to it. Here it all is in one giant masterpost. I am going to tag @colleenrafferty @meansomething @x-y-and-zee @pts-m-d @jennaush @thegirlsinthefirehouse @amtrak12 @pieheda @ghostbambii @saturnjuice @ghost–tits @thepratandtheidiot (whichever of you wants to do it, or both of you!!) @kirst003 @324queer21 @helebing @mccullers @inothechief @pearls-rose @toltzmanntrash @holtzyspatty @debraaamorgan @michonnes @melissagodcarthy @whatstheproblembaby @jedicriss @mailroomorder and @liddyvoncriss for ALL OF THESE. Or whichever you want to do, your choice!

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lindsay and meg’s turn!

i would just like to say that i adamantly oppose this entire video. but. you know. i guess you guys might enjoy it. or whatever.

make sure you visit the vlog FAQ page and message me if you want to make a video of your very own!

xoxo katelyn

Congratulations Liddy!

We are little late posting this week but we are still very excited to name Liddy  this weeks glitzer of the week!

Liddy is a little ball of love. This girl can make anyone’s day a little brighter. She always has a nice thing to say about the people she cares about. Liddy is fiercely loyal and won’t take anyone being mean to those she loves. We are lucky to count her as a friend. 

Go talk to her about Hanson and she will love you forever ;)


lindsay’s turn!

what would you guys do if i didn’t mention anything about the FAQ page or how you should all make videos? would it turn your worlds upside down? well it’s a good thing we don’t have to find out ;)


Liddy is going to the Listen Up concert tonight in Chicago and we’re trying to tweet Darren #pictureperfectliddy and try and trend it so she has a chance of being the Picture Perfect girl. She’s so special and lovely and she cares about everyone so much and she deserves this a hell of a lot, so if any of you would take the chance to tweet it or just reblog it so we can signal boost it would mean so much to many people.


Speechless - Lady Gaga (cover)

For the Glitzers, and Mia’s tweet about being rendered speechless from the Glitzers book of love. :)