lidded vessel


Trimming a lid.

From @ro.lummyhill - Sorry for the abrupt cuts! Hard to get it all in one min. Here is some snippets of finishing the lidded pot.
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Ambrosius Benson, The Magdalen Reading, c.1525, oil on oak, 41 x 36.2 cm, The National Gallery, London. Source

Italian artist Ambrosius Benson painted several versions of this popular composition. In this particular interpretation, Mary Magdalene’s signature ointment jar is a highly ornate and unusual lidded vessel.


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theme thursday: pottery accents

carved ceramic terracotta vase by potterybyosa

i totally dig potterybyosa’s carved aesthetic, and her bold glaze color choices. get ready for some sweet ceramic finds today, followers!

Last summer, I dedicated my time spent in Ceramics class to learning how to wheel throw.  I have been determined to learn how to throw for a while now, and I finally came out with a few products I really enjoy!   This is just an example of one of my favorite lidded vessels.  The figurine handle is the Hindu God, Ganesha;  Lord of Success.  The position of his arms also suggest Balance.  I am a Libra. 

This just gets me excited for next semester!  I cannot wait to get back into it!!  Ceramics is both stress relieving and productive: my form of bliss.  I could make things all day long! -Not to mention they make great gifts!