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Coincidence Pt. 2 (Jimin x Reader)

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Prompt/Ask: coincidence was so good jshdj i was wondering if you’ll make a chapter 2

So, the guy you slept with is your new lecturer? Ok. This shouldn’t be awkward. At all. Nope.

Fandom: BTS

Genre: Fluff, Smut, Angst

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Warnings: language, smut

Word Count: 7814 (WHOOPS)

Authors Note: HO BOI IT’S FINALLY DONE. I am so so sorry for the wait, and that I haven’t been putting out fics as fast as I used to, but I’ve spent ages on this one and I am drained lmao. And what makes this even more special, ‘Coincidence Pt. 1’ surpassed 500 notes! I’m so happy that many of you enjoyed my story and thankful to everyone who read it! So without further ado, here is the (long ass) sequel for Coincidence. As always, let me know if there are errors, and happy reading!

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Roman Balsamarium in the Form of a Celtic Aristocrat, 1st-2nd Century AD

A bronze balsamarium in the form of a bust of a Celtic male with coils of lime-washed hair, handlebar mustache and closely cropped beard; eyes inlaid in silver; torc around neck with terminal inlaid in silver; hinge and loops to the top of the head, separate lid in the form of hair. 11cm

The Celtic tribes were divided into different classes or castes of hierarchical nobility. Their society was quite complex with a king or queen at the top of society and a warrior aristocracy below them, with merchants and peasants forming further subdivisions of society; the religious sect formed a separate class that was divided into Druids, Bards and Ovates and who not only dealt with religious matters but also formulated the laws. Classical authors, such as Caesar and Strabo, describe the Celtic aristocracy as dyeing their skin with blue paint and washing their hair in lime so that it formed spikes. Another feature of the aristocracy was the wearing of neck torcs, something that was only reserved for the royal family and the warrior aristocracy, as well as the gods, as it was seen to have divine connotations.

Mind Trap Chapter 9: Amor Part 2

Who’s ready for the second part?

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Chapter Summary: Love will always a way


Keith sneaks around the sludge as he sees Allura, Shiro, Pidge, and Hunk in a sludge net. He sees inner demons. The one from earlier that he fought, one with two heads, one that resembled a tree with multiple faces, the puppeteer, and the Sludge-Baku guarding Love.

Keith is about to rush in to fight the demons before he feels a weight. He checks and sees it was the heart rock then suddenly he whispers, “Patience yields focus.”

Keith looks to see the Paladins as he sneaks over as Hunk sees him as he cheers, “Keith-!”

Keith shushes him quiet as Hunk gets the other’s attention. Keith watches the inner demons as he takes out his knife as it lets them out.

They quickly rush as they hide behind a sludge covered pillar as Shiro asks, “How’d you know where we were?”

Keith takes out the sludge hand as they all cringe except Pidge who stares at it in fascination as she asks, “Interesting. How’s this thing going to help us?”

“Watch,” says Keith as he squeezes the hand. “Now if you don’t want to be crushed into submission by us. Tell us how to stop the ‘bad thing’.”

The other Paladins glare at the hand as Shiro makes his hand glow as Pidge smirks evilly as the hand shakes and points to a hole underneath Love.

Pidge uses her lenses to zoom in as she explains, “The sludge is coming from the demons, but the demons are coming from what seems to be a well.”

“Or a vault,” says Hunk as he looks in that direction as well. The Paladins look at him weird. “You know the mental vault the place where you keep the-”

“'Bad things’,” finishes Keith finally understanding what they need to do. “Okay, I think we can each take one demon. Lead them to the vault. Save Love.”

“How do you know its love?” asks Pidge with a teasing smirk.

Keith grabs the heart rock as he says, “Uh this kinda gave it away.”

“Why’s it broken?” asks Allura curiously as Keith shrugs placing the rock back inside a pocket.

“Alright Team, let’s do this for him,” says Shiro as he places a hand in the center.

“For our best buddy,” says Hunk as he places his hand on Shiro’s hand.

“For our family,” adds Pidge putting her hand on Hunk’s.

“For our Blue Paladin,” adds Allura placing her hand on Pidge’s.

Keith looks at the hands as he finishes, “For our Lance.”


They all look at each other from different sides as they all let out a mighty battle cry rushing to the inner demons.

Hunk rushes the Sludge-Baku, Pidge wraps her Bayard around the two headed demon, Allura uses her whip to grab the puppeteer, Shiro tackles the tree, and Keith shows the Hermaphrodite it’s hand as a taunt.

The demons hiss in annoyance as they rush to each Paladin as they each run in different directions.


Hunk leads the Sludge-Baku near the vault as he forms his cannon as he shoots at it. The Sludge-Baku wraps around Hunk as it hisses at him. Hunk glares at the beast as he says, “You’re not an inner demon. You’re a reminder of the time my best friend saved me and entire planet.”

The Sludge-Baku hisses in pain before Hunk sees the tail in the vault as he slips out it holds as he climbs on the back as he aims his cannon as he says, “I regret not spending time with Lance more, but he’s like a brother me. I still care and love him. And I’m grateful that he still sees him as a friend!”

Hunk blasts his full blast as the Sludge-Baku hisses at him as it sinks into the vault. Hunk jumps off the head before he enters the fault as he sees the lid of the vault as he closes it and says through the comms, “The Baku is in the vault and I found the lid for it too!”


“Nice work, Hunk,” congratulates Allura with a smile. The Puppeteer swings at Allura as she dodges. She cracks her whip as she hears the whispers.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Allura shakes her head as she argues, “Lance wouldn’t do that! I’m sorry I dragged him into a war, but he is a great Paladin of Voltron!”

Lies! Lies! Lies!

Allura growls as a sense of protectiveness for Lance burns inside her as she lets out a battle cry tying the demon as she yells, “No! Lance is an important part of Voltron! He will always be an important member! And anyone who says otherwise hasn’t seen him in action!”

Allura throws the demon into the vault as Hunk opens the lid as she pants as she says through comms, “Two down!”


“Great job Allura!” congratulates Pidge as she tries to shock the two headed demon. She shots her Bayard trying to shock it, but the heads connect causing her to stick against demon. She growls in annoyance as she remembers what this demon represents.

She growls as she twists her body and kicks the two heads at once as she says, “I know what Lance probably thinks I think of him, but it’s completely wrong! I tease him because he reminds me of Matt! And I guess instead of telling him I’m joking I forget cause he reminds me of Matt….”

Pidge glares at the demon as its shuddering in pain as she finishes, “So yeah Lance is everything I say but he’s something special too… he’s family!”

Pidge then runs around the two headed demon as she ties and shocks it as she whistles to Allura and Hunk to open the vault. She slides the demon in with cheer, “Two heads is in! Two more boys!”


“Great work, Pidge,” congratulates Shiro as he smiles seeing less and less sludge in the mind. He actually sees real mind trees as he hops on one as he tackles the demon tree. “Now to deal with you.”

The demon tree swings at him back and forth as Shiro dodges as he punches and kicks the tree as he tries to think of the words that he mentioned earlier as he says, “Lance isn’t a disappointment! He’s not a burden! And certainly not a waste of space!”

While punching he sees the faces in tree more clearly. He’s seen those before, during the mind meld training. It’s his family, but obviously not all of them just some. That’s when it clicks.

Lance thinks he’s a disappointment to everyone. He growls as he holds two branches like arms as he shoves the demon towards the vault with each word as he says, “Lance, I don’t know if you can hear me, but I’m sorry. For everything. Every time I told you to be like Keith or something like that. I shouldn’t have said that. You’re the best Lance we got.”

With a final push Shiro pushes the demon in as he says through the comms, “Only you Keith. Go save Lance.”


“Thanks, Shiro,” says Keith as he wonders what could possibly be the demon’s weakness or what part of Lance it is connected to.

The demon hisses as it says, “Pick one! Pick one! Pick one!

Keith yells in frustration as he keeps swinging at the demon. He slashes as the demon keeps hissing at him as it causes Keith to drop the hand as it forms back. Keith swears under his breath as the demon throws him against a pillar as he groans in pain.

Pick one! Pick one! Pick one!

Keith mutters through the comms, “Guys! I’m at a lost. It keeps saying 'pick one’.”

“Pick one?…. His sexuality,” he hears Hunk whispers in a drastic tone.

“His what?” asks Keith shocked they’re even talking about that as red tints his cheeks.

“Keith, I’m about to share something that I swear by Lions that if any of you say something to Lance without him saying to you first I will personally hurt you,” starts Hunk through the comms as Keith dodges another attack.

“Please, Hunk, tell us! I know how to keep a secret. I just want to save Lance,” says Keith as he ducks and swings another attack.

“He isn’t straight Keith. He’s bisexual he likes both boys and girls. He’s been ashamed of it since his Abeula and Dad dissapporved and got hard core rejected by a boy he liked. That’s always been an issue for him,” explains Hunk as Keith’s heart breaks slightly.

How could someone so happy and kind have this much anguish and hardship. It makes Keith sick. Keith stares at the demon as he says, “You know what! So what if Lance is bi? Who cares?! It all depends on the people that really care for him… like us. We’ll accept him. Lance is… dare I say, perfect the way he is.”

Keith stabs the demon as he quickly drags it to the vault before the wound heals as he kicks it into the vault. They all lean on top the lid as the demons try to break out again. Pidge says, “They’re still fighting! What are we missing!?!”

Keith looks at the lid it’s missing the lock. A heart shaped lock. He goes through his pocket as he finds the heart shaped rock as he mutters, “This better work Lance.”

He shoves the rock on the lid as it forms a lock as its finally done. Keith looks in the direction of Love as he rushes over as the broken heart statue reforms as Love begins to fall. Keith catches him while the Paladins follow him as he asks, “Lance? Are you okay?”

“Keith? Guys?” asks Love as he blushes he’s in Keith’s arms before he smiles and grabs Keith’s hand. “You guys did it.”

Love sits up as Keith asks, “Are they gone… for good?”

Love looks at Shiro who sighs sadly as he answers for Love, “Keith, inner demons, no matter what, they don’t go away. They’re just repressed.”

“So, Lance will always feel this way? No matter what… we can’t help him?” says Keith as his eyes are downcast.

Love grabs his arms causing Keith to be gasp in shock as he reassures, “You can always help repress it out there. You don’t have to keep fighting in here. Lance is strong with you guys not without you. I promise Lance will be fine.”

Keith smiles as the other Paladins smile with him at the comforting words.

Allura then notices her hand is fading as she points out, “Looks like it’s time to go.”

The other Paladins look at their own bodies to see it’s going from fading and solid.

Love looks at them as he says, “Don’t worry. Lance is all right. Plus, I think you know how much he already loves you all.”

The Paladins chuckle as Love looks at Keith as he blushes, “Oh and Keith… I know you’re having doubts on what Lance feels for you so here’s a hint.”

“What do you me-?” asks Keith as he’s cut off by Love kissing him on the lips. He hears 'ooo’s of shock, gasps of embarrassment, and snickers of future teasing.

Love pulls back as he winks and says, “Go easy on us and be patient and see you in the real world.”

Suddenly Keith as well as the other Paladins see darkness.

Kissing The Clouds

Word Count:

Genre: Smut

(gif credit)

  Jimin climbed up ten flights of stairs to the small apartment he shared with you. By the time he reached the door, a new layer of sweat was covering the already dried one on his body. He was in desperate need of a shower after the hours he spent practicing the dance he was preparing with Hoseok’s help. The dance company he set his mind to work at had rejected his auditions two times already and he was determined to get a yes this time. That’s why his muscles were aching and his body was covered in hours’ worth of sweat at this very moment, but he didn’t care as long as all his hard work went into achieving his dream.  

Jimin took his shoes off by the door and was about to head for the bathroom when he heard music wafting from your room accompanied by your off-tune singing. He chuckled to himself and decided to pay you visit before showering, thinking that this would be a perfect opportunity to embarrass and tease you. And if he was being extra honest with himself, he might admit that this was also an opportunity to talk to you and get you to notice him.

Ever since he had put up that flyer saying he was looking for a roommate after he had had enough of his asshole old roommate and his hobo lifestyle, and you showed up asking if he was still looking for one, he had spent every day trying to find a way to get you to like him.

You were friendly enough, sure, and there was no awkwardness between the two of you the way new roommates are timid around each other, but he had the biggest crush on you since freshmen year and now you were both seniors and living together but he still couldn’t muster enough courage to ask you out. So he settled for the few lucky days when you would be too lazy to go out with your friends and decide stay in and watch a movie with him.

The closer he got to your room the more your shrill voice pierced into his eardrum. A scathing remark about your singing was already on the tip of his tongue but when he got to your door, which was wide open, his voice seemed to have been sucked out of his body.

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Festival of Snails - Part 3

@batcrooks@duskthicketbonepicker@missblindbat-fr​ ;)

Lore update is under the read-more! Things are progressing for Snastle and her clutch, only three days until something incredible happens…

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I had a little aphrodite
and kept her in a marvelous pearly box;
every time I took off the lid in the form of the human curly ear,
she started singing,
but nothing except for foam came out of her small red mouth.

A New Horizon (Soldier:76 x Reader)

Characters: Jack Morrison, Reader

Word Count: 1461

WARNING: This includes my own personal timeline into the future of Overwatch; where friendships can be mended, and no one is completely morally evil. <3

Dedicated to the wickedly talented, spectacular friend of mine, @heldensterbennicht. I’m sorry, but also, I’m not I really enjoyed writing this one.

The gentle glow of the morning sun peered through the shaded windows, the room illuminating with a soft orange and yellow hue. Summer mornings were the perfect temperature; just about the same as your room, except just a couple of degrees lower, with a calm and constant breeze. The sunrise in Grand Mesa was gorgeous; a constant. A consistent thing in this line of work, no matter how small, could change everything.

Sleep was infrequent, however; sleep with Jack Morrison was even less frequent. Jack had the entire weight of the organization on his shoulders; not only did he succeed in his negotiations with the U.N. to bring Overwatch back to a legal status of operations, but he also succeeded in his personal goal- redeeming Talon’s members. After a long and tiring battle, Morrison and Reyes were able to reach a standstill, and entered a conversation that was said to last for five hours. Once the debate ended, the two men left the room as brothers once more, and Reaper swore to bring Blackwatch back to its former glory. Trust was not easy to earn back for Gabriel, but he had swore off the life he once had known, and began to build his family once more.

Amelie was resistant to the change. Overwatch operatives, led by Commander Lena Oxton, were able to incorporate the Widowmaker, and she was brought to a remote, safe location in Switzerland. Through exposure therapy, self acceptance, and many other forms of therapy, Widowmaker was no longer, but Amelie remained. She maintained nearly all of her skills from her former life; disappointed in her newfound shortcomings, but happy in the life she knew now. Her heart would never return to its former state, however. Her fate was to remain blue forevermore.

Sombra was a mercenary; despite her beliefs in the corruption in Overwatch, an introduction to Winston and Zenyatta, Angela and Mei, was able to sway her enough to believe in the cause. She was kept on payroll, of course, but she was able to find a more fulfilling purpose in her newfound home.

Akande was more complicated than the other three. He was one of the highest operatives in Talon, and he would not be changed. He was a good man somewhere deep inside, but he stuck to his values, and could not abandon the group he swore to fight for. But, with most of his close operatives gone, and a stronger Overwatch, he was eventually persuaded to go easier on the team. He would not kill many, if any, Overwatch “heroes”; he would rough them up and knock them out cold, but blood would not be spilled. He wanted society to move forward through conflict, and that’s what he would do- non-fatal conflict. He encouraged his squadron to do the same, but many were not convinced. Overwatch attempted to show similar respect by bringing in many Talon operatives and showing them the light of harmony (as Zenyatta put it), thus lowering the death ratio. There was still brutal and fatal conflict, with tragedies on both ends, but the head-honchos pulled punches when it came to each other. Akande believed in a better society through conflict, while Jack wanted justice. Justice did not equal killing.

In-between the reconstruction of Overwatch and Blackwatch, plus the U.N. Debate and redemption of Talon members, Jack was tired. He was exhausted, and some nights, he couldn’t continue to work while he knew that you were still home, anxiously awaiting his arrival. You knew that he wasn’t on the battlefield most of the time, but that didn’t protect Jack from ambushes, sleeper agents and difficult political steps. Last night, Jack had come home earlier than usual, giving credit to Ana’s strong leadership and… ahem… strong encouragement to the upkeep of his mental health.

First your right eyelid flickered up, then your left. Most of the light escaping from the window shades was covered by the figure of your boyfriend, his shoulder covered in scars. Rubbing the crust from the corners of your eyes and letting out a strong, silent yawn, you gently began to trace the markings across Jack’s skin. Two strong gashes had healed on his tricep, but due to the scarring process, they grew to resemble tiger stripes. Dozens of miniature scrapes crisscrossed his back, creating a broken glass effect. Jack occasionally claimed to be a broken man, but that you had sealed him back into something better than he was. It was corny as hell, but it was endearing that he felt so passionately about you and the change you had made in his life. The silver scruffy hair that swayed in waves across the back of his head needed a good trimming, but you were capable. He also needed a shower; grit from the garages of the base covered the top of his neck and patches of his face, but he was still the man you loved. He still smelled of his signature-vigilante leather jacket and of some sort of manly cologne or shampoo. Was it Old Spice this time? You weren’t quite sure. Hana insisted on removing all labels on items to prevent copyright claims on her daily vlogs, but why she would be in her teammates’ personal spaces, you would never know. Either way, it smelled strong, but subdued.

Jack Morrison never snored, but he always had a strong breathing pattern. When you awoke from a weak nightmare, and didn’t awaken with enough energy to disrupt his slumber, you would always follow his breath. In four seconds, out four seconds. In four seconds, out four seconds. It was dependable. It was reliable. It was Jack Morrison.

With a slow but steady inhale through the nose, Jack began to stretch out after a deep dive into his dreams. As his arms reached towards the headboard, you could here his joints popping and his muscles stretching, the wear and tear of day-to-day work finally beginning to disappear. Slowly as to not wake you up if you were asleep, Jack turned to face you, pulling the cooling blanket over his shoulder. He met your gaze, those dazing hazelnut eyes becoming covered by his lower lids as his mouth formed into a small grin.

“Hello, dearest.” He whispered, his voice lower than usual. Sleep tended to do that to the poor boy, and at this octave, he could almost be the sound of a tuba.

“Hello, savior.” You whispered back, a smile peaking at the end of the sentence. Chuckling gently, Jack raised his hand to your cheek and began to stroke at the hair just above your ear.

“I’m no savior. That’s Angela’s job.” He didn’t give himself enough credit. You constantly told him that, trying to make him believe it, but he was one of the most humble guys you had ever known.

“Jack, when will I be able to tell you how much you mean to me?” You asked, shifting in bed so that you were at exact eye level with the man.

“What do you mean, y/n?” Jack asked gently, one eyebrow carefully lowering itself downwards while the other reached for the heavens.

“Every moment that I spend with you makes life that much better. How do you do that?”

“Gee, hon, that’s a tricky one,” Jack chuckled, “I am not entirely sure. I just know that you have the same effect.”

“Shut up, I do not.”

“Yes, y/n, you do. You make every action worthwhile. You make sleep bearable, you make meetings more impactful, you make me so… so happy. I love you. I love you so damn much, y/n. You are so blasted important.” By the time he had finished pouring his sleepy heart out, you had already began to tear up. Wrapping your arms around him; one under his neck, and one over his shoulder, you moved the hair from the top of his forehead and pecked him with a kiss.

“I am lucky to have such a strong man be the one that I love. Now, let’s get some breakfast, okay?” You kissed him once more on his left cheek, and pulled yourself out of bed. Stumbling to the wardrobe, you pulled on pajama pants and a t-shirt, when you saw it…

“Hey, look alive, soldier.” You called, causing Jack to turn and look at you. He began to laugh- a deep strong laugh, one that would awaken anybody in a room- as he saw his jacket over your shoulders. It was much too big for you, no matter how big you were. Jack’s jacket was nearly a trenchcoat on anyone else but him, and he would not tell the secret how.

“I love you, you goofball. Hurry up, we gotta enjoy our day off.”

Kinktober #5: Humiliation

Back to some very gentle NSFW, 2nd year KageHina

The ride home from a tournament game is always quiet. The bus has some kind of soporific effect on the already exhausted Karasuno team, and almost nobody stays awake past the ten minute mark. Tanaka and Noya usually bet to see who can hold out longer, but they’re almost inevitably the first two to knock out cold, heads bumping against each other.

Kageyama’s usually right behind them, not least because he’ll take any chance he can get to fall the fuck asleep at the first available opportunity. But today, he’s wide awake, in no small part thanks to his usual seatmate.

Today, he has his head tipped back against the seats and he could be sleeping, but that would be next to impossible, with Hinata pressed up against his side, whispering into his ear. Across the aisle from them, Tsukishima and Yamaguchi are sound asleep, and Tsukishima (thank god) has his headphones on, tinny music drifting from them. Kageyama thinks he’d probably die if the blonde bastard woke up and saw what was happening.

“You were so—incredible—” Hinata breathes, so softly even Kageyama can barely hear him. His words are interspersed with kisses, lips fluttering, pressing lightly against Kageyama’s ear, his cheek, the curve of his jaw. “Your serves—that last set—you were so, so good…

Kageyama squirms in his seat. He’s been together with Hinata for about a year, now, almost by accident, since they both found out their first year Hinata liked getting his ass smacked by Kageyama just a little more than expected. Nothing about their relationship has slowed down from there, so it’s not that he doesn’t like when Hinata does this—actually, he really, really likes it—it’s just that they don’t ever do it when there are other people around. But something about the last game seems to have destroyed what little restraint Hinata has.

“Kageyama…” Hinata whispers in his ear, before he—fuck—he bites, teeth grazing along Kageyama’s earlobe. “Can I stay over tonight?”

Kageyama’s breath all leaves him in a woosh, because he knows what it means when Hinata asks him that question and his voice sounds like that. He can sense he’s being watched, and after a moment, he gives a quick nod.

But if the thought the prospect of more, later, would have deterred Hinata from whatever he’s doing now, he just really should have known better.

Instead of being satisfied with more, later, instead of settling back into his seat and maybe getting some sleep like the rest of the team, Hinata slides his fingers through Kageyama’s, lifting Kageyama’s hand to his mouth so he can kiss each of his knuckles, soft, pink lips brushing over them one by one, slowly, tenderly. His eyes dart up, wide and amber, staring at Kageyama unabashedly, like he’s drinking in the sight of him. Kageyama stares back, and swallows hard, and his breath comes short.

When other people look at him, they see a genius setter, a volleyball idiot, the king of the court. Hinata looks at him and sees all of these things, and so much more.

And Kageyama has a very hard time hanging on in the face of that.

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Calcite canopic jar; lid in the form of a human head; three columns of
incised Hieroglyphic text on the body including the cartouche of Queen

She was the Great Royal Wife of Horemheb, the last Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty, and is thought by some to have been the sister of Nefertiti. She died in her mid 40s, and was buried in her husband’s unused tomb near Memphis.

With her was the mummy of a stillborn, premature infant, meaning it’s highly likely she died in childbirth. Analysis of her mummy showed she’d supposedly given birth several times, but Horemheb had no children at the time of his death.

He was succeeded by his vizier, who would be known as Ramesses I.



“You’re down by one vote.” / “I…I count myself up by one.” / “No, you lost a Republican.” / “Who?” / “Chuck Hodges.” / “The war hero? No. No, he’ll never vote for torture.” / “No, he had to leave. He’s not there.” / “Wait, what? What happened?” / “I don’t know.”

BrainDead 1.07: I Knew He was Trouble the Minute I Walked In

Breakfast Scenes

gift for: @kingedmundactually

A/N: Merry Christmas - I really hope you like it!

rating: K+ (it’s literally pure fluff)

word count: 1,559


“I just don’t understand why those two can’t work things out!” Sirius slammed his glass of pumpkin juice onto the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall and let himself fall on the bench next to Remus. It was a Wednesday morning, two months after the new - and their last - school year had begun. The October had been golden and sunny, but November had greeted them with rain and storms so far. The ceiling of the Great Hall showed no sign that the weather would improve anytime soon - grey clouds covered the sky, and a light drizzle fell down onto the castle.

“Is it bad that I don’t even have to ask who you’re talking about?” Marlene grabbed an orange and started peeling it. She had given up on peeling spells over a year ago, after an unfortunate incident during her Charms O.W.L that involved a pear and a ministry examination official with a very long beard.

Sirius huffed. “I doubt that anyone in this school would have to ask. It’s pathetic, really - how much more oblivious can you get?” His agitated mood didn’t stop him from filling his plate with a double serving of French toast.

“That prefect meeting yesterday must have been a real gem. Lily came back all flustered, and she didn’t even attempt to do any homework afterwards.” Alice grinned and shot the others a meaningful look while taking another sip of her tea.

“Was it really?” Sirius looked at Remus questioningly, who sighed.

“Sixteen prefects were third-wheeling, basically. But it’s also almost scary how well they work together. We got through the meeting in under an hour, and I don’t think that’s ever happened before.”

“Look, there they are.” Marlene nodded towards the big doors at the back of the hall, through which the Head students were approaching the Gryffindor table for breakfast, seemingly engaging in friendly conversation. Even though they were smiling and laughing, they still emitted authority - and not just because of the Head student badges that shimmered on their cloaks. Lily carried a light blush on her face that she never seemed to get rid of these days, and James was smiling so broadly that his face looked like it would split in half any second.

Sirius scrunched up his face in distaste. “How do they not see it? It’s literally so obvious, I’m sure even the teachers have bets running on them.”

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After watching “Big Bad Sneezy”, I realized that the other 6D hadn’t really managed to cheered Sneezy up like they planned they would. This got me wondering if Sneezy still regretted his sneezing trait?

So I made a fanfic to continue the story.

(WARNING: Emotional feelings ahead & slight spoilers.)



“….So, do you think it’s even fixable?”

The trip back home had not been too long for the 7D. In fact with all the extra excitement in outsmarting the Big Bad Wolf the journey back only seemed half as long as before. However, as they rounded the corner out of the woods and into the outskirts of Jollywood, already an obvious  problem had arisen among the group.

“Of course Sneezy can fix the house Grumpy! He did it back in Pig Sties, didn’t he? We’ll have our house back in no time!”

A grunt in reply was all Grumpy gave to Happy’s blissful attitude. He really was not in the mood to be fixing houses, let alone ones that needed more then just a fresh coat of paint.

No, the 7D cottage (or what was left of it) could only be identified as being mangled pieces of timber, twisted metal and smashed shards of glass and pottery strewn into large heaps on the hill they called ‘home’. It could even have been mistaken for a dump if you didn’t look close enough.

“Well, the sooner it’s fixed, the sooner I can lock myself away from your none stop jabbering!” growled Grumpy in annoyance as he poked the happy dwarf intimidatingly.

“Now fellas, let’s not start quarreling” announced Doc, as he casually separated the two. “Now is not the time. We should get started on the work at hand before it gets too dark to see anything.”

He was right. The sun was already starting to make it way towards the far horizon. In less then an hour, the sun would disappeared over the hills, ending the day.

“Okay, fine!  Let’s get this over with. HEY, Sneeze Man! Could you please start putting that nose of yours to good use?”

When no reply was given however, it only seem to shorten Grumpy’s already thin patience. Upon turning around, he was surprise to find that not only was Sneezy missing, but so was the remainder of the 7D group. They had lost the others.

“Oh for the love of CHEESE…”


A few minutes earlier, the four younger 7D had been trailing behind Grumpy. Each one of them was chatting happily about the elaborate trick they had pulled on the nasty jerk of a Wolf.

All except one, that is.

The walk home had been a mix of both anxiety and sadness for poor Sneezy. After the adrenal of defeating the Big Bad Wolf had began to died down, an uneasy feeling had started to settled in the pit of his stomach.

With a small inaudible sigh, he sluggishly followed his friends back home; only half listening to their repeated chatter. This feeling was not new to the little dwarf. In the passed few day especially, it had actually been quiet frequent.

How could he have been so blind? Did he not see how his sneezes were effecting people while he had been working for Huff & Puff INC.? No matter what he did, his nose always had a way of coursing more unwanted trouble to his friends, family and everyone in general.

He began slowing his walking pace down from the other 7D. He hoped the distances would help clear the guilt that had seemed to broil its way up in his chest from the last few hours. However, It gave little to no comfort in doing so, just like all the other times before.

“Hey guys! Look we’re almost home!” Bashful’s timid voice brought Sneezy back into the present as they neared the turn out of the woods toward Jollywood. Looking at his friends from behind, he could already tell that Sleepy was starting to pipe up at the idea of getting home.

‘Probably can’t wait to go back to sleep’ thought Sneezy with a small smile. His drowsy friend always had a way of finding the fun in sleeping and dreaming all day. Perhaps a good nights rest is all he needed as well.

That thought however, was violently grounded to a halt as he laid eyes on said ‘house.’

He had forgotten about his ‘accident’ with cottage, but the guilt he had felt earlier was nothing compared to how he felt now. There was nothing left of their home. The home that in his eyes had symbolically united them all together was now just a pile of rubble. Broken and destroyed.

…and all by his hand.

The longer he looked at it, the tighter the pressured knot in his chest seemed to become. An ice cold numbness washed over him. His legs felt like they could giving way at any moment.

It was almost to much to handle.

With a sharp turn, he blindly run away from the destruction he had coursed, unable to look upon the faces of his family and the disapproval that was sure to follow.

That is, until he smacked and bounced straight off someone in his path, which forced him to gaze up at the face of none other then a very startled Dopey.


Bumping into Sneezy suddenly was a bit of a shock to Dopey. He had been distracted by a rather beautiful butterfly when the older dwarf stumble into him forcefully.

At first, Dopey feared he had coursed jury to his rather allergic friend. However, it only took a couple of seconds more to figure out that was not the case. With a concerned whistle Dopey extended a helping hand out to his fallen friend. In return, this some how just seemed to make the situation worse.

Staring at Dopey outstretched arm, his body began to tremble ever so slightly.

“Hey! Is everything OK? What happened?” The approaching drone voice of Sleepy reminded them both of the others now close by.

“Is everyone-Oh Winkers! Sneezy, are you OK?!” he gasped in surprise.

“Oh no!! Did you hurt yourself?! squeaked Bashful from behind. “N-No. I’m fine guys. R-Really! I was just…j-just trying to….umm-m…” Every word came out croaky and forced. He had to keep it together.

Sleepy frowned at this. “Come on Sneeze man. I know somethings bothering you. Please tell us what wrong?” “I-It’s nothing r-really.. it’s…it’s-!”

“HA! There they are Grumpy! I told you they couldn’t have gone far! And it looks like they’re playing a game! This is so much Whoopty Doopty Schmoodily FUN!” The figures of both Happy, Doc and Grumpy advanced towards the small group hovering over a rather pale looking Sneezy.

“It’s about time we found you guys! I thought we were going to fix the house, NOT play games of hide-and-seek!”

At the mention of the house, Sneezy looked away and squeezed his eyes shut. He had been dreading this moment for most of the journey back. He had course so much trouble and the destroyed cottage was the icing on the cake. Whatever was his punishment, he deserves it.

Doc began to chuckle like he always did. “Hehe. Come on fellas! Let’s all go home! The sooner it’s fixed, the sooner we can all sit down for a nice hot meal together.”

It wasn’t until they started moving, that they all realized Sneezy had made no effort to move from his curled up spot on the ground.

Doc paused. “Sneezy? Aren’t you going to come with us?” Everyone turned. Waiting for a reply. Wide frightened eyes starred back up at them. Barely visible tears had swelled up; threatening to flow down his cheeks. The next words that were spoken from Sneezy were small; almost a whisper even, but were nothing the others ever expected to hear.

“….y-you…still w-want me?”

“…WHAT! Of course we want YOU! Why of all things would you think that we would NOT want you?!” Grumpy bellowed. “Yeah Sneezy! Why would you ever think that??“ The six had already surround the poor dwarf, confused and shocked at their friend’s downcast feelings towards himself. I didn’t seem to make any sense to them?!

“I-I-I j-just thought…y-you k-know…I…I j-just don’t d-deserve…” Sneezy averted his eye as his voice cracked.

Slowly, he felt a gentle hand slid under his chin and lift it to meet the eyes of none other then his best friend Sleepy. All of them knew that although Sleepy was always the most tired and drowsy out of the group, he had a gift of being able to observe others better then anyone else.

His steady half lidded gaze slowly formed into one of realization and warm understanding. Sneezy quietly let out a gasp! He knew.

“You are not a burden Sneezy. You never have been, and you never will be….”

It was all to much.

Before he could stop, hot tears had already began streaming down his face while chocked sobs escaped his throat. Latching onto Sleepy, he wept bitterly into the shoulder of his friends pajamas.

Sleepy quietly hushed his distort friend, rubbing small circles on his back soothingly. It didn’t take long before the once painful built up of guilt; fizzled up into almost nothing. With his last bit of energy spent, he drifted into a welcoming peaceful dreamless sleep.


It wasn’t until much later that Sneezy awoke again feeling refreshed and a little groggy. However, when he tried to get up, he found that he couldn’t.

Puzzled by this, Sneezy scanned his surroundings. It was dark and he was lying outside under the stars. He must have been asleep for a few hours judging by the star formation. This however was not what caught his attention the most.

Opening his eyes more he realized with surprise that the rest of the 7D had also falling fast asleep, laid curled up all around him in the form of a group hug. Sneezy was confused by this, until the events of earlier came flooding back to him.

They had stayed with him. They had not abandoned him or sent him away. His family stayed with him and they loved him. ALL of him. A wide smile grew on his face. He really did have the best family any dwarf like him could possibly ask for.

Before, he would have been ashamed of the fact his sneezes could accidentally affect the people he’s supposed to protect. Now however, he now knew that his family excepted that, but still loved him for who he was. Plus, the accidents his sneezes course were only a small portion compared to the good it had accomplished. Touching the tip of his nose, he felt something he had not felt in a long time. Pride.

Tomorrow he would help rebuild the 7D cottage with the others. But in the mean time, he felt content as he drifted back to sleep in the arms of his brothers embrace, knowing that he was safe under their watchful protection.



okay so you guys know how i love tacky bullshit, right? well i saw this thing at the dollar store:

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it nearly ejaculated root beer all over my laptop how did this happen what kind of crazy drink lid science did they use. i am going to poke a hole in it with a safety pin and hope for the best but as you can see i have been deeply scarred by this incident.

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Dark soundlessly prowls toward you, the dim lighting making shadows ripple hypnotically across his bare chest. His mouth slips into a predatory half smirk, just a hint of fang protruding from his full upper lip as he pads closer to your frozen form. Half-lidded eyes seem to glow as they roam across your body drinking in the sight as if it was a masterpiece displayed in the Louvre. "Oh you do like to tease, hmm?" he raspily purrs deep within his throat, rapidly closing the distance between you.