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Sharp as a Blade

Summary: Virgil shows up to a filming session with a little bit of something on his face, much to his embarrassment.

Word Count: 1990

Warnings: none! maybe some minor anxiety, but otherwise it’s pretty dang fluffy

Pairings: none, though everyone has their little moments with Virgil that could be read as romantic probably


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favorite beauty products 💖

sharing a list and a general description of my favorite beauty products that i feel works well on everybody!

  • glossier skin tint- i have oily skin and this tint is watery but i love for everyday use when i’m going to class or running quick errands so i don’t look completely dead. it really hydrates my skin and feels super soft. there are only 5 shades but i have to say that they’re pretty universal and since they’re watery, they don’t look too transforming when it’s on the face.
  • milk holographic stick- absolutely love putting it on the high points of my face. it gives the skin a nice celestial glow. depending on the skin, it can look like a shimmery silver to an iridescent lavender. great for #sadgirlclublooks
  • wet n wild icon glitter singles- only like a dollar and perfect for going out. normally, people put it on their lids with a primer but i like highlighting my cheekbones with it. so many colors too, my favorite is the magenta shade called groupie.
  • too faced love flush blush- various colors from warm peaches to cooler pinks. also cute af packaging, long lasting, and compact.
  • anastasia bh lip gloss- a variety of shades from pale pinks to spice colored nudes. gloss is great for people who want a little extra pout but also great to highlight for people who have beautiful big lips.
  • tarte maracuja oil- great for all skin types and vegan friendly. i always use this before applying any kind of full coverage foundation. it gives me a radiant glow and most importantly, it keeps me from looking like a corpse.

Please share your favorites because I would love to know and learn more! Makeup is life tbh.

Today’s goal? Rock an ultra-pigmented eyeshadow look with an easy breezy makeup hack.

1.Use Outlast All-Day Ultimate Finish on lids as an eyeshadow primer 

2.Use a golden shade from the truNAKED Jewels Palette all over lids 

3.Use a darker shade from the palette in crease and outer corners

4.Line lids with the darkest shade in the palette and sweep into outer corners 

5.Load lashes with So Lashy! Mascara for a bold, sexy look


Urban Decay Electric Palette Demo, Swatches and Review!

I am a little tardy in giving the Electric Palette a test try. I have to say the colors are incredibly fun. All aside from a couple of the shades (Chaos and Gonzo) were very smooth and easy to apply evenly.

Chaos is an ultramarine pigment, which is a pain in the behind to use in any form because it goes on patchy and uneven and refuses to stick to the lid without primer. Also, remember that a lot of these neon pigments are not meant for use on the lips, so exercise caution if you want to use any of these on your lips.

Pigmentation-wise, the proof is in the pudding. Just click to expand all the images (and right-click to open in a new tab if they don’t open at full size for you). Most of them apply smoothly aside from the 2 I mentioned above.

Aside from a little black kajal and mascara, everything else  I used to create these 2 looks is from the palette, including the brush. I didn’t use any primer.

But honestly, it’s going to be hard for regular people to use the shades here that often. There are zero neutrals in here to mix with the bright shades, so I really think this is more of a pro palette for artists who need a convenient set of bright strong colors for more editorial looks.

If you love super bright rainbow looks and will wear them out however, then by all means go for it. This is great quality. Even the brush is usable, though it’s better for packing on color intensely and not so good for blending out edges. (I had to use my finger to smoke out the wings.)


How To Keep Your Makeup Fresh in the Heat

Spring is here and the weather is heating up. Here are a few easy tricks and tips to help keep your makeup from sweating off your face (we’ve all been there) and to help keep it in place during a dip in the pool or a swim at the beach.

1. Prime: Before applying makeup, prep with primer. This sets your face you up for a fresh, dewy complexion for the rest of the day.

2. BB or CC cream: It’s lighter than foundation, but gives more coverage than a tinted moisturizer. They also have several skin benefits, such as sun protection and anti-aging effects.

3. Eyeshadow Primer: Even if you’re wearing a barely noticeably eyeshadow color, it can be clearly visible as the weather warms up. Avoid the crease of excess color gunk and prime your lids with a good primer!

4. Waterproof liquid liner or mascara: Whether you plan on going for a swim or just going for a walk, a good waterproof liner or mascara will keep everything in place!

5. Set with translucent powder: Find a compact powder with brush set to stash in your purse to touch up as oil tends to build up throughout the day!

6. Lip stain: Rather than a thick gloss or lipstick, a lip stain is gives off a more natural and springtime appropriate look.

I’ve been loving this look so much lately.

On the eyes:

+ Prime the entire lid with Urban Decay Primer Potion.

+ Pat Urban Decay’s Naked 3 “Trick” to the first half of the lid.

+ Blend UD “Nooner” through the entire crease.

+ On the outer half the lid, blend MAC’s “Embark”.

+ In the inner corners, pat UD “Dust”.

+ On the lower lash line, smudge UD “Nooner”.

+ Highlight the browbone with UD “Strange”.

+ Line the eyes with ELF’s Liquid Liner.

+ Apply one coat of Too Faced Better than Sex mascara and one coat of Maybelline’s One by One mascara.

On the Face:

+ Mix together Revlon’s ColorStay foundation and Maybelline FitMe foundation and apply with a foundation brush to the face.

+ Blend in the foundation with a beauty sponge.

+ Apply Maybelline’s FitMe concealer anywhere you need it and Physician’s Formula Touch of Glow concealer under the eyes.

+ Buff on Rimmel’s Stay Matte powder to set your makeup.

+ Contour cheek bones with Tarte’s Park Avenue Princess bronzer.

+ Add a pinch of color with MAC’s Beauty Powder in “Pretty Baby”.

+ Highlight with Too Faced’s Candlelight Glow powder.

On the Lips:

+ Apply the L'Oreal Collection Privee “JLo” lipstick.

+ Apply a coat of the NYX Butter Gloss in “Creme Brulee”.

Does concealer work as an eye primer?

Using concealer as an eyelid primer seems relatively harmless, it really won’t cause you any harm, but will it actually work?

Concealers are great at covering dark circles, blemishes, acne, scars, broken capillaries and redness, heck they even do a fabulous job at covering visible veins and discolouration on the eyelids, but that doesn’t mean they make great eye primers … Concealers (especially those designed for under the eyes) often contain oils to help them blend over the skin easily and look natural so if you want your eye makeup to last they won’t help oily eyelids the slightest. Eye primers are designed to mattify the eyelids and “zap” any oils so that eye makeup doesn’t crease, smudge, run or fade and make colours appear brighter. Using a product that is creamy and oil based to prep the eyelids simply won’t work; and using a concealer as an eye primer can actually cause your eyeshadow to crease, not stay put.

Those who don’t have super oily eyelids and use a dry concealer may find this works but If you want your eye makeup to last and your eye shadow to appear more pigmented there are plenty of great budget friendly options, none of which include concealer. Try: ELF Essential Eyelid Primer.

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“I do up to ten smoky eyes a day!” says Lawrence Lim, a senior artist at Sephora Powell Street in San Francisco, who created the look shown here. His first step? “I explain that it’s called a smoky eye because of what actual smoke from a fire looks like: it’s darker at the base and lightly transitions up. And a lot of the time, clients get confused and think it’s just liner on the top and liner on the bottom, and it just looks…dark.” Follow the steps below to your desired intensity for a classic smoky eye—and if it continues to elude you, sign up for one of our Day-To-Night Smoky Eye classes, free for Beauty Insiders. HOLLY SIEGEL

Prep lids with primer all the way up to the brow. “If the client is on the oily side, I like Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye primer because it is humidity-resistant,” says Lim. “The Urban Decay Anti-Aging Eyeshadow Primer Potion is another favorite.”

Apply a neutral tone that complements your eye color across your lids, avoiding the very center to create a highlight. For our model Tara, Lim used an orange-tinged shade to work with her blue eyes, adding that browner shades work for other eye colors.

Add a gray shadow to the crease with a brush that isn’t flat to avoid harsh lines. Lim likes SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Crease Brush #10.

With a darker color, shade the outer two-thirds of the lid, concentrating the color underneath the crease.

Add depth to the upper lash line by drawing small strokes with the side of the pencil tip, lightly blending upwards. “It’s going to look messy at first,” warns Lim. “Blend it out before it sets with a small flat shadow brush.” Go over this line with black shadow and blend more.

Highlight the center of the lid, inner tear duct, and undereye area with a light and/or metallic shade. Follow with concealer. “I like using it after I do the eye, so I can fix any mistakes first,” explains Lim. Yes, even a master makes mistakes!


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Sephora Collection / Pro Crease Brush #10

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