A votive candle not only gives a gorgeous scent to any room in the house, it can also add a subtle decorative touch to your decor…even more so when you put a lid on it a la this rockin’ Eduardo Garza-inspired project. The rough beauty of raw gemstones combined with a gilded accent make for a striking moment well before you even light the match! 

To create: Use a gold leafing pen to cover the bottom half of each gemstone in gold. P.S.- we used lapisprehnite and amethyst. Adhere each gemstone to the top of the candle lid with hot glue. We used our favorite D.L & Co candles. Repeat and stack three to five stones per lid. Set the mood and light up your new DIY creation. 

All of the “zones” of a carnivorous pitcher-leaf are clearly visible here on this unopened Nepenthes x “Rokko” upper pitcher. The clearly defined middle line at the pitcher “hip” is the division between the slippery zone and digestive zone of the pitcher, and below that the digestive pitcher fluid is marked by a slightly less defined line.  Towards the top of the pitcher, the peristome, or “lip” of the pitcher is visible as a thick, dark curve. Once the pitcher’s lid pops open, the lip will dry slightly, fold into proper postion, and the trap will be open for business. What an intricate adaptation!