Lid vid! One of a few lid demos from @flowerpottery: This lid drops down into a vessel, measure more carefully than I did for this demo. The wall at the base should be angled so the lid can’t get stuck inside
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*scream in the distant*

MC: Huh?

Louis: Come on, let’s see what happened!

*more screams*

*MC and Louis hurry into the direction of the screams*

Sid: *is screaming and running around because Nico pulled a prank on him and now a lot of birds are following him*



MC: Should we help him?

Louis: Nah, it’s just Sid.

Louis: *turns around and leaves*


Sid: *screams*


Been working on some new merch,  stoked on these new engine hats, came out super clean,  including Cone and Genny Shovel, which Shovel riders sure appreciate.  Working on other stuff too, I’ll post when I get a chance, time to go on a spin on the scoot, and fresh up my whiskers.

Hats start at $12 on KILLSCUMSPEEDCULT.COM

Commissioned by @lustfullyleocrawford:  Midnight Cinderella/Kingdom Hearts crossover! Louis x Roxas; Sid x Axel; customized weapons

Louis’s weapons: Dual Keyblade - the Lucia keyblade consisting of wings, feathers, the handle is a scroll (signifying messages), and the charm is Lucia’s golden birdcage. The other keyblade is the White Flower, with the bookmark as its charm.

Sid’s weapons: Blue Chakrams accessorized with belt, chain, and fur. The handle is the top of a wine bottle (lol)