licorice candy

a list of 3oh!3 lyrics that r better than anything twenty one pilots will ever write:

  • tell ur boyfriend if he says hes got beef that im a vegetarian and i aint fucking scared of him
  • i dont go ham i go corned beef
  • i got ocd when it comes to that pussy
  • shes on her knees over there but it aint a religion
  • im gonna have a house party in my house im gonna pour booze down my mouth 
  • i wanna touch ya in a parka in russia 
  • it aint over til the fat lady sings and adele aint on this track
  • if our shits so bad why’s ur sister tryna fuck us
  • we can do an album or we can do it viral spread it like an std u got back in high school
  • reading braille off her garter strap
  • i could be your dad. actually i probably am 
  • bitches on the dick give em 3oh!3 poppin motherfuckers like you know me
  • i used to have two girlfriends now i got none bc my number two girl found out about one
  • she said she heard of me from that album Want she used to bump it in the target parking lot in a ‘97 dodge well that’s hot if her friends get together maybe i can watch
  • lips like licorice tongue like candy, excuse me miss but can i get u out ur panties 
Gorillaz as candy
  • 2D: Probably Redvines- some people like them, some people don't- they're still super sweet, though.
  • Murdoc: Probably some black licorice/cheap dollar store candy- some people live for it, others... Not so much. The natural chalkiness of dollar store candy suits him.
  • Noodle: Most likely spicy jelly beans. They look appetizing, and yea, for the most part, they are... But for people who can't handle heat, I would make sure there was distance.
  • Russel: He would definitely be a Hershey kiss. Simplistic, yet sweet. Maybe he's not a fan favorite, but he's always in out hearts.

“Americans Try German Food For The First Time”

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the seven, nico, and reyna but trickster mode

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