Blind Date - Kagehina Ficlet (Rated T)

Second 1k FOLLOWER FICLET FEST ficlet (FFFf) for @ofcrowsandkings​! This was so lovely to write, I really enjoyed kind of leaping into this little AU for just a moment. I am REALLY amping up the fluff factor in these ficlets, tbh. We’re catching Tobio right after he lets his guard down, so he’s a little less… prickly than he could be. I HOPE IT DOES THE TROPE JUSTICE! >w<

“He seems grumpy but he’s actually a good guy, okay?” 

Hinata jiggled his leg nervously as he watched the tall, scowly guy across from him poke at his food and try to smile at a joke Hinata had just told about working in marketing. 

It was this sort of wobbly thing. A wavy line across a face so used to frowning, framed by a strong jawline and topped with a nice long nose and high cheekbones and dark eyes in a pleasing shape and even more pleasing blue. It pulled at the corner of his mouth like a tremulous string. Like he’d never seen another human being smile at him and was trying to work it all out on his own. It made Hinata’s heart hurt a little bit. 

Hinata rubbed at his sternum and took a sip of his beer. 

“You’re funny. I’m no good at jokes,” Kageyama muttered self-deprecatingly. “Or talking. Unfortunately.” He looked up at Hinata again and, unfortunately also, Hinata was charmed anyway. “Fair warning.” 

A laugh bubbled up exactly from that spot behind Hinata’s sternum. “Well, I’m pretty okay at jokes and I’m really good at talking so…” Hinata winked. “Fair warning. I’ll chat your ear off if you let me.” 

“Give it a chance.” 

Kageyama’s smile was a little more confident, this time. He brushed finger over the shell of his ear, quick, like he thought Hinata would try it now. It got Hinata thinking about some things he should not be thinking about in the middle of a first date—a blind date, for that matter. Like biting the soft shape of his earlobe, maybe, or licki—SLOW DOWN, SHOUYOU. 

“I can talk about volleyball,” Kageyama offered. He licked his lips and grabbed his beer a little aggressively. Hinata wondered if he was always this clumsy or if he calmed when he got to know people a little better. Maybe awkward and scowly were his default modes until you pulled that vulnerable bit of him out and got a thready smile for your efforts. 


Hinata happily watched him transform as he talked and talked about volleyball, how and when he’d started, what position he played, how he was adjusting to his new team after college. All with the underlying implication that this sport was super important to him.

It was kinda goofy. And kinda cool. 

“So, you play in a league…?” Hinata tried, remembering Yamaguchi’s strained attempts to convince him to go on this date, even though Hinata did not do blind dates. He wasn’t dating right now. He was focusing on his job and himself and stuff, please don’t ask again. 

Kageyama snorted. “I play for Japan,” he replied. 

Hinata’s jaw dropped. 

“BWAHHHH! What?! That’s incredible!” he nearly shouted, and waved apologetically at the table next to them when the couple glared at him. “I mean, I figured you were like, good—in shape and stuff—what with all the muscles…” Hinata gestured at Kageyama’s shoulders and gulped when Kageyama blushed. “So, you gotta be like, so awesome at volleyball!” 

Kageyama nodded, and his smile turned into a smirk. 

“I’d love to see you play, that’d be so cool!” 

Kageyama blinked, and then his smirk fluttered back to that tentative little wobble again. “I’ll get you tickets.” 

Hinata smiled and leaned over the table, food completely forgotten. “Yeah. And we could get drinks after you win.” 

Kageyama’s eyes bore into Hinata’s, like if he looked away the spell would be broken and Hinata would stop being agreeable, stop liking him so much. 

“I promise you’ll like him!” 

Hinata owed Yamaguchi a big old bottle of liquor, because Kageyama Tobio was something out of a clumsy, lovely, athletic dream. 

“That sounds good,” Kageyama said quietly. 

“Good,” Hinata replied, leaning into the palm of his hand and trying to let Kageyama know with all his might that the spell was definitely not broken. He was really reconsidering the not-dating-right-now thing. And the not-thinking-about-kissing (or touching or biting) thing. “That can be our second date.” 

Kageyama ducked his head, cheeks adorably red.

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I have a question about the glorious duo. The public needs to know; Are Papaya and Cucumber kissers? If not, will either give kisses when asked?

With me: NOPE. (Priya is not a licky sort. Chalo loves to give kisses if given half a chance, but I reallllllly don’t care for canine lickiness, so I don’t allow it.)

My dad allows Chalo to lick his hands, and that has transmogrified into: IF YOU’RE A MAN, AND IF CHALO LIKES AND TRUSTS YOU, HE IS GONNA TRY TO MAKE OUT WITH YOU. 

Wade was sitting on the sofa, watching Bridget Jones when Peter came in through the window. Peter himself made no noise at all, but the window screeched a little as he opened it. The first few times that sound had always alarmed Wade, but by now he was used to it and knew it was only his boyfriend entering his flat.

Only a few seconds later, a black figure appeared in his field of vision and gracefully sank onto the sofa right next to him. Wade smiled as Peter snuggled up against his side and placed his massive arm over his lover’s shoulders.

“Hey, babe,” he greeted him softly. “Didn’t expect you already.”

“I hurried,” Peter purred and rubbed his face against Wade’s shoulder like a cat. “I wanted to be with you.”

Wade’s smile widened and he pulled Peter closer against himself. He felt a smooth substance wrapping around his arm to keep it in place and had to grin at the coincidence of himself wearing his ‘I <3 Tentacles’ shirt right now.

“How many was it tonight?” he asked while he caressed Peter’s arm.

“Four,” he young man replied.

Wade breathed out a chuckle. “Holy shit, Baby Boy. You’re going to outdo my kill count if you keep going like that.”

Peter shrugged. “They’re bad, so I kill them,” he stated, the self-righteous conviction cold in his voice.

Wade hummed lowly and nodded. “I know,” he replied. And he did. He knew why Peter killed the bad guys instead of just hunting them down. And he knew why Peter wouldn’t let go of the darkness that had settled in his mind and soul. By now it was a choice, not just a circumstance.

The merc bent down and nuzzled his nose in Peter’s wild mob of hair. “You’re a great superhero,” he muttered. “I’m proud of you.”

Peter grunted comfortably and wrapped his arms around Deadpool’s waist. Wade smiled again and leaned his head against Peter’s that was resting on Wade’s shoulder. The smell of his shampoo settled in Wade’s nose and left a feeling of adoration and belonging.

“What are we watching?” Peter asked. “Is that Bridget Jones?”

“Yeah,” Wade sighed. “I lost my virginity to that movie. It opened my eyes to the gorgeousness that are hot, well-mannered, British men in suits.”

“Mmh, you should watch Kingsmen then,” Peter advised. “Because in that movie, a hot, well-mannered British man in a suit slaughters a whole church full of racist, homophobic fanatics.”

“Ooooo, I heard about that,” Wade nodded. “It’s on my watchlist. You know what else is on my watchlist?”

“My ass?” Peter guessed.

Wade laughed and squeezed him. “You know me too well, Petey pie,” he chuckled.

“You’re easy to read,” Spider-Man claimed.

Wade hummed and softly grabbed Peters’ chin to guide his head back to be able to kiss him. His lips tasted cool and sweet and were so smooth against his own.

Peter kept his head laid back after the kiss and looked up at his boyfriend. His eyes were brown, which meant he was completely himself right now. Sometimes, when the darkness in him took over too much, they turned black and cold. The worst version of him Wade had seen yet had been when even the white of Peter’s eyes had turned dark and his teeth had grown sharp, his fingers ending in pointy claws. When Peter looked like that, even Wade was afraid of him. But usually, whenever the merc was around, Peter was calm and easy. And if not, Wade always managed to soothe him somehow.

The doorbell interrupted their intimacy.

“That’s the pizza!” Wade exclaimed. “I ordered it for me but we can share. I’ll just tell the guy to bring in another one.”

“I hope you put nothing gross on there,” Peter commented and sat up so Wade could go answer the door.

“I never do!” Wade claimed as he got some money and pulled his mask over his head. He gave the pizza boy a big tip to make sure he would come back with another pizza as fast as possible and then went to the kitchen to get Peter and himself something to drink.

“Catch,” he ordered and threw two cans of coke over at the sofa. Peter’s reflexes reacted lightning fast and he snatched the cans right out of the air. He opened them while Wade sat down next to him again and put the pizza box down on the living room table. His mask landed somewhere on the floor.

“Mmmh,” the merc hummed as he opened the box. “Melted cheese is an actual kink.”

He grabbed a piece of pizza and flopped down onto his back, swinging his legs behind Peter to stretch fully over the entire sofa. Spidey took a slice himself and then draped his lean body over Wade’s, half on his side, half on his stomach.  He was still covered in the symbiote’s black substance that built his Spider-Man suit. Only his head was free, the material forming an irregular collar around his neck.

“This is perfect,” Wade announced as he took a huge bite of his pizza and began to caress Peter’s hair with his free hand. “You, Colin Firth and pizza. That makes for one happy Deady Pooly, let me tell you.”

“I’m glad you put it in that order,” Peter replied. “Otherwise I would have gotten very jealous.”

“I would never dare!” Wade exclaimed. “You’re always my numero uno, Baby Boy!”

“Yeah, better,” Peter stated.

Wade smirked and entwined their legs. Peter handed him the crust of his pizza slice when he was done and Wade devoured it in two bites. It was kind of funny that a fierce killer like Peter didn’t eat the crust on his food. But whatever Peter liked or disliked, Wade loved him beyond words. Whatever quirk his boyfriend had, for Wade he was just perfect.

“You gonna have a shower with me when we’re done?” he asked and licked some cheese off his lower lip.

“After I’ve made sure you will get covered in come and sweat so it will be worth it,” Peter agreed. The promise sent a soft shiver through Wade’s entire body.

“That sounds fair,” he said. “We have a deal.”

“Good,” Peter nodded and handed Wade another piece of crust. “Though I’ve got to warn you: I’m not gonna treat you like a well-mannered, British gentleman.”

Wade laughed. “Oh, that’s what I’m hoping for, Sir Tentacles,” he assured. “Whatever you have to offer, I’m up for it, 100%.”

“Mh, I think tonight I’m gonna make you tear the bedsheets,” Peter mused. “I always love the sound of that mixing in with your desperate moans.”

The merc shivered once more and wrapped one arm around his lover to press him closer against his body.

“Damn, you know how to make a girl happy, Petey,” he rumbled, voice husky. “Who needs a British gentleman when they have you.”

“No one,” Peter stated. “But you’re the only one to have me, so they’ll have to make do.”

Wade smiled warmly and pressed a tender kiss onto Peter’s fluffy hair.

“I love you, my un-British little Sex God,” he announced lowly.

“Mmh, I love you too, my un-British hunky Sex Slave,” Peter replied. He turned and pressed a kiss to Wade’s lips, greasy from the pizza. Wade smiled even wider and stroked his boyfriend’s cheek with the back of his hand.

“Hey, are you gonna use the tongue on me?” he asked in sudden excitement. “I’ve been a naaaaughty boy today, I deserve the lashing!”

“Careful what you wish for,” Peter warned him. “I might actually grant it to you.”

“Just one full body lick!” Wade begged. “Please, please, please! Pleeeeeaaaase, Baby Boy!”

Peter sighed affectedly and turned back into his prior position. “Ah, very well,” he agreed. “But I demand pancakes in the morning and a glass of fresh orange juice.”

“Deal!” Wade cheered and wrapped both arms and legs around Peter to give him a tight, firm squeeze. “Love you so much, thank you!”

“You’re welcome,” Peter chuckled. “And now let me go, Mr. Licky-Kink, I want to eat more pizza.”


I love old boyrats so much. I like girls & I like baby boys, they’re cute & they’re playful & pretty much anyone would think they’re adorable because they are.

2+ year old males are rarely attractive. They are either too fat or too thin, they more often than not prefer not to groom themselves, sometimes they’re too lazy to get up when they have to pee, & even someone as obsessed with rats as I am would have to admit that they’re not exactly cute like they were a year or so prior.

but they are sweet & squishy & licky & I love them & I always can’t wait for my bouncy hyperactive boys to turn into lazy old cuddlebugs. <3

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Decided to post this, even though itstechnicallynotfinishedyet

Thank you all for 700+! This was supposed to be a three-parter, but I’ve been super busy this summer, so I’m just posting the first part! If I end up finishing the other two parts, I will post them too.

Included in this picture are the blogs who have been there for me no matter what, and have supported me the entire way here! Tags + sentiments are under the break!

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