Guitar Tips on Choosing a Pick

LickLibrary Team member Levi Clay’s gives some advice on choosing the right guitar pick for you!

Picks are one of the most important tools for a guitarist because it’s what we use the make our strings sing, but what pick is right for you?

I’m sure you’ll agree that you seem to lose so many picks each week that you’re convinced there’s some pick stealing goblin in your house or plectrum black hole. This may result in you having a mish mash of picks, all colours shapes and sizes - well here’s my top tip of the week.

Get yourself lots of the same pick. This is obvious when you think about it, but when you practice something you learn to execute the idea with your setup, your guitar, your string gauge, your tone and you pick. Going from a 1.5mm sharp pick to a paper thin nylon pick with no point is as silly as wondering why you can’t execute all of your best licks on an acoustic guitar with 5 rusty strings like you can on your prized SG.

You don’t have to go expensive either - in fact, if you buy a bag of 50 picks you’ll save a lot of money instead of buying them for 40p a pop. Grabbing a bag of dunlop picks is pretty cheap, so why not settle on one type of pick and bring some consistency to your practice?

As for recommendations, you don’t want anything to thin - a thin pick is like writing with a pen made out of rubber - you want efficient transfer of energy to the string. So try a 1mm dunlop pick (the blue one) to see how you get on. Or how about the ever popular Jazz III? I personally use a 2.75mm V Pick and couldn’t be happier!