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The Blue Beach House - Part 2: Dreaming out Loud

Characters: Reader (Y/N Singer), Charlie Bradbury, Dick Roman, Uriel McCain, Castiel Novak, Meg Novak, Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer, Bobby (OC)  

Pairing: Sam x reader 

Warnings: Mention of adoption, Controling ex boyfriend, past abuse, small panic attack, crappy crappy ex (can not stress that enought!), implied smut, angst

Wordcount: 2700ish

A/N: This is an AU and it is done for @teamfreewill-imagine and @latinenglishfandomblog SSJJ challenge. Sam is a preschool teacher in this one and it is my very first Sam series. This is part 2 of 5. Hope you guys will like it!

Thanks to @blacktithe7 for betaing this



Every morning for the past couple of weeks, you had walked down on the beach with your coffee in your hands and sat down to feel the cool breeze that lingered in the air. And every morning when your cup was almost empty, you saw him in the distance enjoying his morning run with his dogs in tow. Every morning he stopped, smiled, and waved as he saw you. Every morning you waved back and smiled silently in hopes that he would come up to you and talk before he disappeared into his house to get ready for work. And just like every morning, he did.

“Good morning, Y/N!” he smiled as he stopped right in front of you, his dog playing with the crashing waves on the shoreline.

“So I feel like I should apologize in advance,” he grinned at you and ran his hand through his long hair.

“For what?” you asked as you as tried to keep your eyes on his rather than his tone chest and lickable hip bones, a daily struggle you were all too familiar with by now. If he noticed your, at times, wandering eyes, he was classy enough to never comment on it. For which you were eternally grateful to him.

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Loki & His Mate

By:  ShaitaanLove

A/N: This story/lemon is based on the dom loki & sub reader imagine/confession posted here a few days ago. Loki is a man eating mermaid who hunts fishermen. He sees the reader on a boat and chooses her for his mate. He kidnaps her, takes her to his island and claims her. (Tell me if I forgot something.)

My knowledge of mermaids is solely based on the pirates of Caribbean movies. Please ignore my spelling or grammar mistakes. English is not my first language. And, I do not own anything. Actually Loki owns us all. *smiles cheekily*

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